Shoes for Big or Wide Feet

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Where to buy womens' wide shoes

May 2015

I am blessed with big & very wide feet and have such a problem finding wide dress shoes for work. I am hesitant to buy shoes online due to always having a hard fit and having to go through the hassle of returning them. Where do you get your wide shoes? Thanks in advance! 9.5 double wide foot

For years, I've loved SAS: San Antonio Shoes, the only brand made in America. Big, wide, wonderfully comfortable. Sold at some shoe stores like The Walk Shop in Berkeley. Their own large stores in Pleasant Hill and San Jose. John

Hi, I'm a 6 1/2 wide, and the only places I find wide soes are the discounters Db Shoes, in Emeryville, and Nordstrom's Rack in San Leandro. As they're discounters, the selection is hit-or-miss. For a wider selection, pun intended, I go to Nordstroms. Ann

I used to buy all my shoes at Payless and Nordstrom (sometimes Nordstrom Rack). I also hate the hassle of online shoe shopping, but I've recently discovered zappos. It might be worth it since they really make the returns easy. (Check out Easy Spirit and Aerosoles for wide sizes.) A fellow WW

I too am blessed with wide feet and shopping for shoes is a PAIN! Wide shoes have all but vanished from stores.
  • The Walk Shop in Berkeley usually has a nice selection, although at high prices.
  • The Clarks discount shoe store in North Petaluma and had a good selection last time I was there, and the prices were good, too (around $60-$80).
  • Once in a great while Ross has wide shoes, but not reliably, and many are not leather. I recommend before you actually drive to some of the stores people may recommend that you call first and ask if they carry a selection in your size.
  • Otherwise, I'm told Zappos pays for shipping both ways. Still a hassle, but not so expensive. --Wide Footed Woman

Where to buy men's shoes in a 14-15

April 2013

My husband is looking to find a brick and mortar store where he can find shoes that fit his size 14-15 feet. Most local shops only seem to be able to special order larger sizes -- is there any store that consistently carries them in stock?

By the way, yes he knows about Zappos and has done this on occasion... but what he really wants is to try on different styles of shoes in the store. Big Foot's wife

My brother is a size 17-18 and we always got his shoes at Big 5 Sporting Goods in Pinole. Anonymous

Where to buy high-quality women's shoes for wide feet

April 2013

I'm a woman with wide feet and usually wear men's shoes (Joseph Seibel, Finn Comfort, Born). Previously I've ordered off of Zappos, but in the past couple of years I seem unable to get a pair of shoes that fits well through Zappos, and I don't have the time to do a lot of returns. So I'm looking for a brick and mortar store in the East Bay that has a great selection of decent shoes (I usually wear around a 9D). Where are the best East Bay stores for shoes? - wide feet

Check out Red Wing Shoe Store in Richmond. Their in-store selection has dwindled over the years since they've started to really cater towards the working man and woman (i.e. boots, steel toes, etc.). But they do have a catalog and can order you something that you might like...It's worth a peek and service is very friendly. We've been going there since I was a kid. Anonymous