Shoes for High Arches

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Good shoes needed for high arches

Aug 2012

Hi. I have very high arches. I also have plantar fasciitis. My doctor says I need to get better shoes that are made for high arches which will also help my plantar fasciitis. Any recommendations for where to go? I need both casual and semi dressy for work. shoeless

I have high arches and narrow heels. The shoes that work for me are Josef Seibel and New Balance. New Balance has lasts that work for high arches. I do have one pair of SAS shoes that work fine. I've gone to the Walk Shop in Berkeley and got my first pair of New Balance shoes at the sporting goods store in Montclair. I've also bought New Balance online at Joe's New Balance Outlet. REI fit me with a good pair of hiking boots. It isn't easy to get a good fit and I make sure to get shoes that are long enough. Good luck. Anon

I don't have a recommendation of a place necessarily, but as a fellow high archer, I can recommend Danskos. They're worth the money. I have *such* a hard time finding shoes to supply enough arch support for my feet. For tennis shoes, I like Adidas. I'm not usually a very brand loyal person, but these two brands have my loyalty in this department. Danskos can be found many places in the Bay Area. Also, I've ended up buying Super Feet inserts to put into other shoes, especially boots, and they make a huge difference for me because they supply arch when there isn't one there already. Super Arched

Try the Walk Shop on Vine St, between Shattuck and Walnut. Expensive, but they do have sales and now I only buy my shoes there. cocosar

I like Dansko. Lots of places carry them. (I have the same issues as you.) Good luck!