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Stylish pregnancy shoes?

Aug 2012

Hi! I'm halfway through my first pregnancy and my feet and ankles have started to give me grief. I have been trying to find a pair of comfy, supportive shoes that don't look like something my grandmother or father would wear (I have high arches and wide-ish feet). It would be great if I could wear them to the office (I don't work in a super formal place, but can't get away with tennis shoes), as well as out-and-about. I don't mind spending a bit of money on the perfect shoe, but would prefer they didn't cost a fortune. Anybody have a good recommendation? Thanks! Twinkle Toes

I'd suggest Aerosoles, which used to be nursing-type shoes but at some point they got an overhaul and now they have many cute styles but are still very comfy. For wide feet you may want to look for the Miz Mooz brand, which are carried at Shoe Biz in SF and probably elsewhere. Clarks are also solid and are carried at many department stores and other walking stores. I think there's a Clarks store in Walnut Creek too. Hope those help! Holly

8 month pregnant and my feet hurt all the time!

May 2005

Let me start by saying that I'm sure it doesn't help that I'm 8 months pregnant. Regardless, my feet hurt ALL the time. I no longer walk around the house without shoes, as I feel like I need support more often than not. So that being said, who can recommend one shoe brand over the other? Are Birkenstocks really the way to go, or is there another brand that's even better? Thanks a ton!

Well, you can go to the Walk Shop in North Berkeley, or Elmwood Shoes on College Ave, and get a really nice comfortable pair of shoes that will last a long time and cost at least $100. Or you can go to Bancroft Clothing and pick out a pair of flip-flops with spongy soles for under $20 and in a few weeks they will be broken in and molded to your foot and so comfortable! I have both kinds of shoes - nice expensive German shoes from the Walk Shop, and cheapo flip-flops from Bancroft Clothing. I wear my flip-flops a lot more, especially now that it's hot, and I can even walk a mile or two in them. The best part is you don't have to bend over to put them on, which is a big plus when you're pregnant! And since they are in style right now you can wear them almost everywhere. Ginger

Dansko clogs!! They are THE most comfy shoes I've ever worn. They take some getting used to, but they are great. Good luck. clog lover

Foot pain during the last half of pregnancy and the postpartum period is actually quite common. The arches of the feet are, for the most part, supported by ligaments, which become lax in response to pregnancy hormones. Good for your pelvis and lower spine, not so good for your feet. Increased body weight during pregnancy also contributes to foot strain and/or pain. Your goals are to avoid situations that aggrevate the condition, and to reduce pain and inflamation during flare-ups. First, always wear shoes that fit well, and that have a contoured foot bed. Feet swell during pregnancy, and it could be that the shoes you have been wearing are now too tight. Get your feet measured to see if this is the case. Wearing shoes that have a contoured foot bed is critical. This type of shoe will support the arches of your feet from underneath, so your ligaments and intrinsic foot muscles will not have to work as hard.

Stop wearing all shoes that make your feet ache. This is a tough one, but very necessary. Oftentimes shoes will breakdown, and then not give proper support long before the outsides look shabby. If you continue to wear shoes that cause pain, you will never break out of the cycle of strain, pain, and inflamation. You need to break the cycle in order to heal.

When you have a flare-up, instigate ''R.I.C.E.''. Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.

Rest: get off your feet. Avoid long periods of standing and walking. Take rest breaks during the day, before symptoms worsen.

Ice: use chemcal ice packs, or make ice packs from bags of frozen peas. Do not place ice packs directly on skin. Wrap ice pack in a kitchen towel, or other cloth to prevent burns. To keep ice in place, wrap an ACE bandage around the pack and your foot to secure. Ice for 10 - 20 minutes at a time.

Compression: If you, or someone in your family, knows how to wrap for compression then do it. If not, skip this one.

Elevation: Use a foot stool to elevate the legs during rest and icing periods. Better yet, lie down on your back with your lower legs and feet supported on the ottoman. As you ice and rest in this position, do gentle ankle circles to help increase fluid drainage.

FYI, I'm a big fan of RYKA athletic shoes. They are the only athletic shoes built on a women's last, (pattern). All the other brands are considered ''unisex'', which means a male last. Women's feet are generally thinner, a lot less ''beefy'', and have aproportioanlly smaller heel, compared to men's. Ryka's can be a little hard to find in stores. Lady Foot Locker used to carry them. I buy them online at And no, I don't get a kick back from the company. Just love the shoes. Helene Byrne

For achy feet or backs try shoes made by Keen. I bought a pair after friends raved about them, when I was recovering from a back spasm and needed comfy shoes for a trip to NYC . I walked miles on hard pavement in the city in my new Keens and my back continued to improve throughout the week-long trip. And usually my NY trips make my feet ache. Not this time! dd

Sorry to hear you are's almost over! That said, Birkies are good and comfy and can be adjusted for swollen feet. I also like both Chacos sandals and Keen's sandals. Both of these brands can also be adjusted and seem to have a tighter (in a good way) fit. Keen's can be found at the Rockridge shoe store on College Ave and at Earthly Goods on Vine St. in Berkeley. Chacos are available at Any Mountain in Berkeley. Shoe lover

Naots got me through both my pregnancies. I've learned to pay a bit more for shoes and I don't regret it. All three pairs of Naots I've purchased have looked and felt great for years. Hope you get many chances to put your feet up! happy feet now

I have had several problems with my feet (bunions, surgery, neuropathy) and they are very sensitive and hard to fit. I recently bought a couple pairs of very comfortable shoes at The Next Step, 902 San Pablo Ave., Albany, ph. 528-3938. The shop is run by a man who is trained as a pedorthist (or something like that), similar to a podiatrist but trained more in the biomechanics of walking. There are some nice looking shoes, not just big clunky things. I bought some walking shoes that don't look too bad; the clogs I got look pretty good and feel wonderful. Nancy

When I was pregnant last spring I discovered Keen shoes. I have worn almost nothing else since. I especially recommend the Santa Cruz clogs. Like (supportive) pillows for your feet! kitrena

I have found some comfortable shoes & they are so cute. Aeorsoles & Dr. Scholls. I remember when to me those shoes were so ugly, now they come in some nice styles & are so comfortable. If you can't find a store you can look on line. I believe there's an Aeorsoles in the emeryville center & I found the Dr. Scholls at Macys. Shelly

About 5 or 6 years ago I was having so much pain in my feet I quite gave up walking. Just going to the YMCA three blocks away was getting really painful. My feet would throb (especially the big toe meets foot joint) at night and I could not sleep. I was not pregnant, but had purchased inexpesive shoes all my life and I don't mean high heels or anything. Mostly I wore tennis shoes or sports shoes, boots and such. Then a friend took me to The Walk Shop on Vine and Walnut and had me try on a pair of Dansko clogs. Just the plain black ones with the back. I put them on (the $100 price was a shock to me who had never spent more than $20 on a pair of shoes). But I tried those shoes on and then stood there oohing and aahing while my feet had an extasy fest. I refused to take them off. My feet stopped hurting completely within two weeks. That was over five years ago. Today, all my shoes are dansko clogs. I have open sandals and dressier shoes and last month I replace my original pair. I get about one pair a year. Now I go to the store on Vine and Shattuck as they have more selection, but I also shop online as I know my size. I walk to work (and home again) which is two miles each way and I would never wear anything but my clogs. I hope your feet feel better and congratulations on your baby. Happy feet