Shoes for Feet with Bunions

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Professional Shoes for Bunions

Sept 2013

I am looking for comfortable professional black flats and other shoes to wear in a corporate environment that accommodate my bunions. I am not looking for a shoe store, but rather specific shoes I can find online, most of the bunion shoes I see are either very ugly or not professional looking enough. Thank you. Anon

I know you didn't ask for a store, but I have same prob and have found that the Clark's shoe store carries a line of shoes 'Unstructured' that works great not exacerbating my bunions. Maybe they also sell on-line? anon

I have fairly pronounced bunions and cannot buy shoes online. That being said I have gotten great comfortable shoes made by Joseph Siebel. I got them at the Walk Shop in N. Berkeley. I also have a great pair of very comfortable shoes by OTBT- Off the Beaten Track, Springfield style which comes in many colors including black. I got these at Shoes on Solano.

When I look for shoes not only do I look for comfort and fit, but its even better if the bunion is not apparent in the shoe and that is the case with these shoes. I also recently bought Ahnu Karmas at REI but they may be too casual but they are a great sandal alternative as I cannot find a sandal that works with my bunions. Also because I have a narrow heel I have discovered sling backs work best for me, especially for a dressier shoe. The OTBT 's are sling backs.

Good luck on your search. Still love shoes

Shoes for feet with bunions

August 2005

Any suggestions for shoes that are wide in the bunion area or front of the foot but still fit the back of my foot. I am comfortable in athletic shoes, Keens, Clarks. Any other suggestions, casual or business casual? Blessed with bunions

I do not know specifically about bunions, but these shoes are so great and they appear to be wider - Mephisto. They are expensive shoes, handmade, and recommended by orthopedists and physical therapists. There is a Mephisto store off of fourth street in berkeley. margo

My friend who has bunions wears Rieker and Ecco, which you can get at the Walk Shop in North Berkeley or Elmwood Shoes on College Ave.