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Trendy shoes - East Bay

April 2006

I am looking for a hip store that sells shoes for Adults in a variety of styles and from a variety of manufacturers - preferably in Oakland, Berkeley or Emeryville. Does anyone have a favorite store they recommend?

Rabat on 4th Street, Berkeley. Twenty-two (or is it Twenty one?) Across from Zachary's Pizza on College Love Hip Shoes

Earthly Goods at Shattuck & Vine in North Berkeley has good selection, or for high end and very trendy, Twenty-Two on College in Rockridge. shoe mom

As a shoeaholic, I confess that one of my favorite hip shoe stores in the East Bay is Rabat on Fourth Street in Berkely. I love the variety of styles and manufacturers. Another favorite is Earthly Goods on Vine, especially the Camper styles.

veteran shoe shopper

- Rabat on 4th Street in Berkeley

- the shoe store associated with Ideas for Elements (might even be the same name) at Solano and Colusa

- Feet of Dreams (I think that's the name) a block up from Colusa on Solano shoe lover

Feet of Dreams on Solano!

Vine Street (just off Shattuck) in Berkeley has several shoe stores you could hit within the same block. There's the store on the corner called Earthly Goods or something. Up the street is the Walk Shop or something. Then across the street are two more nice stores, RIKI (my favorite), and one right next to it (forgot the name). Between these four stores, you should have a hundred styles to choose from that range from hip/trendy to orthopedic. Another VERY hip shoe store is ''twenty-two'' in Rockridge on the corner of Chabot & College. They sell the very latest, and the prices usually reflect that. However, they have occasional sales that are really good. They are similar to the shoe store down on Fourth Street in Berkeley (forgot the name), which is yet another hip shoe store you could try. Picky about shoes

Try 21 Shoes on College Ave at Chabot (close to the Rockridge bart station). Really great shoes. Shoe Queen

Try: The Nordstrom Rack in San Leandro. They always have the trendiest shoes at rock bottom prices. You have to be a hunter but can be well worth the drive.

Rabat on 4th street. Totally different, stylish, comfortable, expensive.

Tootsies on College Ave. in Rockridge. Inexpensive, huge selection of heels to flats. Great colors.

Have fun. Karen

Do shoes and handbag have to match?

Nov 2005

After I became a mom I have not have time to keep up with fashion trends, but I do keep hearing fashion experts state with derision that you dont have to be ''matchy matchy'' with shoes and bags any more. Yesterday at Nordstroms I saw a gorgeous onyx (sort of a dull green)bag and really liked it. This is my question, under the new fashion rules can I carry this bag with black or brown shoes? I dont want this bag if I have to go and get matching green shoes (ugh!) If you are curious, the bag is listed on and is called ''Anise''. Please help, could really use some advice on this co-ordination thing :)
Dazed and confused :)

Oh, go for it. Bags do not have to match shoes. The only thing is to be sure they kind of match occasion-wise, meaning don't carry a beaded evening bag while wearing hiking boots...

Definitely wear it with different colored shoes! You're right about the ''rules'' changing. My 30 yo sister and I regularly guide my 65 yo mom away from the ''matchy matchy'' thing. Pick up an issue of Lucky magazine for some inspiration-- the magazine is targeted at 20 and 30 somethings, but they do a great job of showing you how to pull polished looks together -- and they show a lot of handbags. -- Closet Full of Handbags

Hello, I too have just started dressing for myself after having 2 kids back to back. But I have been watching co-workers & my mother dress fashionable around me. First I would like to say is you sure did come out of it with a nice looking bag. I have a black Monsac & love it. So to start off, you are doing good by having such great taste in purses. Anyway, here are some ideals of how to wear it. You can dress in all black or all brown, including the shoes. You can put on some jeans with a black top & black shoes or jeans with a brown top & brown shoes. You can just put on any kind of bottoms with a top that's all green or a top with other colors with a pinch of green in it. Lastly you accent an all black or brown outfit with a green crop top or a green blazer. So go ahead and splurge in style, us mothers deserve it! You go girl! skashan

I have a red handbag that I carry with everything - brown shoes, black, etc. I think the green bag is gorgeous - don't worry about matching! I would match and change bags when I was in high school, but no more! say no to garanimals

Your shoes and bag are best NOT matching. Buy the bag, have fun wearing it, and wear it with any shoes you like - with confidence. Ecclectic is in - ''matchy, matchy'' OUT. -Lovin' my green bag, too!

Matching bags, belts and shoes looks boring. My personal philosophy is that the handbag should introduce a new splash of color - it's an opportunity to pep-up an outfit. Buy the green bag and wear red shoes. Please don't be matchy-matchy. Nancy

So here's the new handbag/shoe rule. If you have a black handbag, black shoes. If you have a brown handbag, brown shoes. But if you have a handbag in an ''accent'' color, it's best not to try to match it at all, because as you said, that would be too matchy-matchy. I think a green handbag would look best with an all-neutral outfit (all black, all tan, etc) to let the green of the bag really pop. the lady with the purple purse

Buy the bag! You can carry it with almost any color shoes (black, brown, red--maybe even navy blue). If you don't trust my fasion sense (and why should you!) Nordstrom has wonderful (and free!) personal shoppers who can advise you. Sometimes Fashionable Mama

No reason to be dazed and confused if you don't let fashion rule over your brain. Leave fashion in the dust and develop your own personal timeless style that feels right to you and looks good on you. I dropped this senseless, commercially- driven game when I was done being a teenager. Since then I think for myself, create for myself, and make my own decisions. At peace

Think for yourself. There is no Fashion Police. --Orange Bag, Purple Shoes

You do not need to match your bag and shoes. Even if fashion magazines say you should! Donna

Buy the handbag! I have a large olive green purse and it goes with everything - never knew how versatile green was... Black or brown shoes look great with the bag and any color coat does too...enjoy. Happy Green Handbag Owner