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Need to replace broken buckles on my shoes

Oct 2014

Hello - I need to replace the buckle on a few mary-jane-style Sanita clogs (like Dansko). I've got three pairs I can't wear because the buckle has popped on one of the shoes. Obviously my first preference would be to replace the buckle with one that matches the other shoe, but I'd be willing to replace both buckles with something close if that made more sense. Do you have a cobbler you trust? Someone with experience with Swedish clogs? And how much should I expect to spend on this? Thanks, Sarah - Shoeless

Ike's on Lakeshore Ave in Oakland is the best! My family and I have been going there forever. His prices are reasonable and he can fix anything. Anoush

Model Shoe Renew on Shattuck should be able to do the job. They also sell Sanita clogs and the like. I had a pair of old boots re-soled and re-stitched and they look great! Cost about $30 but considering the price of new high quality footwear it's worth it. Model Shoe Renew

Shoe repair place to lower height of shoe heel

Feb 2014

Seeking a recommendation for a shoe repair shop in the Berkeley/Oakland area that is good (IOW, knows what they're doing, yields good results) at lowering the heel of women's shoes. I have a pair of women's ankle boots with 3 3/4'' heels and would like to have them lowered by 3/4'' or 1'' without drastically altering the appearance or balance of the shoe. It is a wood heel..or at least it looks that way. Hoping to salvage the shoe rather than having to give them away... Towering over everyone I've been happy with repairs done at Model Shoe Renew. anon

I have never tried to have the height of a heel lowered, but I've had good service from Model Shoe Renew on other projects. At the very least you will get good advice. They're on Shattuck at Hearst. Jennifer

I had a pair of heels lowered about half an inch a few years ago at Shoe Renew on Shattuck Ave near University in Berkeley. I would suggest that you take your shoes there and ask them what they think. They do good work and I trust their judgement. Sharyn

High quality shoe repair in Berkeley or nearby?

Dec 2013

I recently had an expensive pair of shoes damaged by a shoe repair who refused to accept responsibility for the damage and on top of that wanted to charge big bucks to fix their own damage. (I'd rather not name them.) Now seeking a truly high quality shoe repair in Berkeley or environs. I don't mind paying premium if they do an excellent job. Thanks. Brian

Kensington Cobblers is the best shoe repair shop in the Bay Area. I'll be honest: the owner can be rather rude, especially if he thinks you've misused a good pair of shoes. As far as I can tell, though, it's just that he likes shoes more than people. That said, he can breathe new life into any pair of shoes, and he'll tell you exactly what to do to keep your shoes happy forever. If you love your footwear, or if you just want to get your money's worth out of an expensive pair of shoes, go to Kensington Cobblers! Kathleen

A really good shoe repair place?

Oct 2010

I'm looking for a really good place to take my beloved shoes for repair. I would prefer the East Bay, but will happily trek to San Francisco (or beyond) if necessary. I used to take my shoes to this Russian couple on 2nd Street in SF and was always more than happy with them, but they closed their shop. I've tried Anthony's in SF but was not happy with both their quality or manners. Any recommendations will be highly appreciated! THANKS BPN!

I started taking my shoes to Peter at Model Shoe Renew on Shattuck between Hearst and University (West side of the street) in Berkeley when I first moved to the Bay Area. His work is fantastic, and now my parents bring their shoes (and even a coat that needed some leather repair) to take to him when they are visiting. I've had shoes stretched, died, re-heeled, re-soled, and protective soles put over leather ones and everything he's done has been great. Hope that helps! Carmen L.

There's a place on Lakeshore, near the natural foods store... I think it's called Ike's. We take our shoes there and have been happy with their work. M

Hi, I don't know of a good place, but I know of a really bad place for you to avoid. The Shoe Stop in Newpark Mall ruined a pair of Camper boots of mine and the owner Nick was extremely rude (yelling when I expressed my disappointment in the job). The Shoe stop has a few shops in the bay area, but I would steer clear of after my experience with Nick. There are several bad reviews on Yelp for him, which I wish I had read before taking my boots there. Good luck! Sylvie

Try Model Shoe Renew in Berkeley (Shattuck just north of University). They are awesome at revitalizing shoes you have worn into the ground! A fan

Where to get leather boots cleaned

Nov 2007

Does anyone have a recommendation on where I can take a pair of leather boots to be cleaned? I wore a pair to Pt. Isabel a couple weeks ago and somehow they got mud all over them that I can't remove... Dirty

Shoe Cobbler on Piedmont Avenue, near Linda Avenue. They are excellent, a bit pricey, but worth it. I had leather sandals--expensive ones that were totally in need of cleaning and they actually were able to take my sandals apart and put these back together--and no smell afterwards! I have taken everything from my tap shoes to my daughter's UGGS there. They did an outstanding job of waterproofing my daughter's UGGS--the water just rolls of the UGGS! THEY ARE SIMPLY THE BEST! Shoe Cobbler Fan

Shoe Repair for High-end Shoes

June 2006

I am looking for a shoe repair service to repair both my husband's and my shoes. The shoes we want to repair are both on the expensive side. We would prefer a shop that can make the shoes look just as they were when we purchased them, as opposed to ''refurbished.'' Thank you

Ike's Shoe Repair on Lakeshore
-Shoe Maven

I used a shoe repair shop in Berkeley (sorry, don't remember the name), located on Shattuck between University and Hearst on the west side of street. I got very good results on an expensive pair of boots. The sole was very worn and I had damaged the heel of one boot, but the uppers were in good condition. They came out looking like new. They also did a minor repair to a pair of sandals where the velcro for the closure had torn away from the leather

I won't get into all the details of my shoe repairs and need for a certain pair of Pliner sandals to be completely washed and redone from the bottom up and have several pairs of shoes repaired over the years. I always use the Piedmont Cobbler on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland. Their phone #510-654-1471. I have been delighted with their work.

Vintage Shoe Repair

June 2005

I'm looking for a great shoe repair person who can mend the leather ankle straps ona pair of 1940s shoes. susan

Ike's shoe repair at 3311 Lakeshore Ave in Oakland. I've only had them do new (well, non-vintage) shoes, but they always do an AMAZING job and are extremely reasonably priced. Everything from re-soling to cleaning to repairing a seam rip on leather shoes. Really really fantastic work. shoe lover

Ditto the recommendation for Ike's Shoe repair on Lakeshore in Oakland. I've been going there for years. I call them ''shoe magicians'' because they really are. You'll never throw away a pair of shoes again! I make the trek from Berkeley b/c it's worth it. shoe happy

Shoe repair in El Cerrito/Albany/N. Berkeley

June 2004

I need a pair of leather sandals repaired, and the only shoe repair shop I knew of doesn't seem to be there anymore. (There are only a handful of notes about shoe repair on the website, and they date back to 2002) In the El Cerrito/Albany/North Berkeley area, do you know of any shoe repair shops? Thanks! Molly

Try Jay's Shoe Repair, near the Oaks Theater at the top of Solano Ave. in North Berkeley. I've gone there for years and have been very happy with their work. anon

Jay's Shoe Repair at the top of Solano Avenue in Berkeley just did a great job on my husband's work boots. He did the job as it needed to be done, instead of just doing what I asked him to do.... (and he charged me a couple of dollars extra, which was very fair). Instead of the 6 days he said it would take, he had them done the same afternoon (slow day in the shop). He also does zipper repairs and other useful jobs.

I'd encourage you to patronize him, as his is one of the last ''real'' businesses in that part of the street... wedged in between restaurants and wine shoppes. We're hoping he'll stay put awhile. Heather

Shoe repair in Berkeley

Feb 2004

Can anyone recommend a good shoe repair shop in Berkeley? Other than the one near the top of Solano. I've looked at previous recommendations on the site but they're few and old, and there's only one in Berkeley. A shop on or south of Market St. (or not too far north) between Embarcadero and 5th St. in San Francisco would work for me too. --Dana

Model Shoe Renew on Shattuck (half block north of Berkeley Way) is great. The staff is a tad chatty, but they do great work, and it's quick and reasonable. anonymous soul

I've always been happy with the little hole in the wall shop next to the movie theater on upper Solano. Jay's, I think it is. He's resoled any number of shoes for me. They look nice and hold up well.

There's also a little shop next to (in the same building as?) the parking garage at 1st and Mission in SF -- right across from Golden Gate University. Haven't used him for shoes, but he did a very nice job replacing the zipper in a leather rucksack.

I just got some shoes fixed at the shoe repair store on Shattuck between Kittredge and Bancroft (near the music store & the small Thai restaurant). I am not even sure the store has a name. It's not the most tidy place in the world, but they did a great job on my shoes, and it is very convenient. There were also lots of other people in there getting shoes fixed, so they must be doing something right. SM

There's a shoe repair place near the corner of Shattuck and Ashby (on Shattuck) that I have used--efficient, good work. Ilene

I highly recommend the Kensington Shoe Repair place across the street from the Kensington Circus Pub. This guy came highly recommended to me by neighbors in Berkeley as well as from Rabat, the fancy shoe store on 4th Street. Stand warned: the man is the Shoe Nazi. He has been unpleasant to me on 2 different occasions. Why do I go back? Because he is the best shoe repair guy I have ever experienced - and I am very into maintaining my shoes. So, I put up with him. Good luck! Nancy

I've taken several dog-chewed sandals and shoes to the repair shop on Shattuck/Ashby... I think it's called sundance's? He's a very nice man as well as doing good quality work and relatively inexpensive. I highly recommend him. Susan

The recommended Berkeley shoe repair place ''on Shattuck between Kittredge and Bancroft'' actually does have a name: Paul's Shoe Repair. I've been going there for almost 20 years, because their service is skilled, cheerful, and courteous. (I don't know how they compare on price, since I don't take my shoes anywhere else.) Melanie

Shoe Repair in Alameda

March 2003

Can anyone recommend a shoe repair shop in Alameda? Much thanks. Nancy

There is a good shoe repair place on Park Street - its on the left side if you are going towards Oakland - I think between Central & Santa Clara. Its a very small shop but he has worked on my shoes and I have been pleased with the result.

I use the shoe repair shop on Webster street, between Taylor and Santa Clara. I have had soles replaced at a reasonable price ($20) and fairly good job. Cash only. Cindy

Response to recommendation for shoe repair in Alameda: I went to the shoe repair on Webster in Alameda which was recommended i n the March 31 posting, however no business name was given. He did a great job, so I'm forwarding the store name etc:
Pat's Shoe Repair shop 1440 Webster Alameda 510-522-1445

Reasonably priced shoe repair Berkeley or N. Oakland

May 2002

I was hoping someone could recommend a reasonably priced shoe repair shop in Berkeley or the North Oakland area. Thanks in advance,

Try Ike's Shoe Repair on Lakeshore Ave. in Oakland. They are shoe magicians. I've been using them for over 10 years, and I have shoes just as old, that look nearly new, thanks to them. They are the best. I've taken shoes elsewhere only once and been very disappointed. I make the drive from Berkeley these days, and it's well worth the trouble.

I don't have a specific recommendation, but I would stay away from the shoe repair on College Ave in Rockridge, near Taft Ave. It used to be terrific, but now has new owners who do very sloppy work that doesn't last, and they are not very pleasant. I took some things there that were reparied badly and broke again in less than 2 weeks. Raissa

I haven't used them in a few years, but I've had several good experiences with the kind men at Paul's Shoe Repair on Shattuck in Berkeley. Good luck!

I would NOT go to the shoe repair store on College at Taft Avenue in Rockridge. I brought in several pairs of shoes one day. A woman behind the counter quoted me $7.50 a pair, a man then came up and said it'd be $7.50 per shoe and thus doubled the price. I pointed out the woman's original quote and was told that she was new -- which was untrue because I'd had the same shoes repaired at $6.50 a pair 6 months earlier and she took care of my order. I think the ''old'' owner of the store retired.

I then took my shoes to Tony's on Geary at Kearny in downtown SF and they did a good job. They charged me $10.50 a pair to replace the worn-out ''lips'' (on the heels) after I asked specific questions about their quotes, which were $8.50, $10.50 and $12.50. While I was there, a woman brought in her shoes, which looked a lot like mine, for the same repair job. She didn't ask any questions and was told directly that it'd be $12.50.

I think the bottom line is that it's always a good idea to first discribe what you want done and ask how much it'd be for the job. Chris