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  • Hello BPN!

    I am seeking personal references and recommendations for a reading tutor for our 6-year old.

    She loves stories and being read to! It seems like she wants to read herself, but claims she “can’t read.” She can be stubborn about it. I’m not sure what happened in her Kindergarten year at home or school that resulted in this feeling. But I’d love to find a way to possibly turn this around.

    I’ve looked at the tutor section but personal experiences and reliable references from others are more what I’d go on and very much appreciated! Thank you.

    If in person, we are in North Berkeley and willing to travel for a good fit. 

    I recognize that this is not the advice you asked for so feel free to ignore it but it seems a bit early to jump to a reading tutor. I have a 6-year-old first grader who also loves being read to. He is in the very early stages of learning to read, and can sound out single-syllable words (most but not all of the time) but would certainly tell me he can’t read if I asked him to read something himself. Both his kinder teacher last year and his brand new first grade teacher say he’s perfectly on track for his grade level. Maybe just let your 6yo move at the pace she’s at? There’s nothing worse than kids resenting/hating reading which can happen if forced too early. Good luck.

    It might be worth having her get a full vision exam at the UC eye clinic. Our child wasn't reading as well as we expected from their other literacy skills, and it turned out to be a binocular vision problem. There turned out to be another visual/motor LD as well. Once the binocular vision was corrected, reading (and copying from the board) was fine, and they became a devoted reader.

    We have had a great experience with Lise Narath (also found on BPN) this spring and summer, she did magic in turning my 6 y.o. reading resistance around. She is based in Albany.

    As the parent of a dyslexic kid who loved to be read to as well, I'd encourage some testing before you head to a tutor. Ours had a 1st grade teacher who told us our kid was just fine, but even at 6 we suspected something was up. We wasted a year by listening to her. A qualified Educational Therapist (not a tutor) can do an assessment for you, and if it is just reluctance, can still help you. Good luck!

    Before going the tutor route, you might consider asking her teachers if they're noticing anything at school.  It could be nothing; it could be a vision issue; it could also be dyslexia.  Educators are generally pretty hesitant to raise the possibility of dyslexia because of how parents sometimes react early on, but if you ask a teacher and convey your openness to the possibility, you might be surprised what you learn.  If anyone thinks there's a possibility it's dyslexia, have your child tested. It's not hard, and if they do have dyslexia, dealing with that early makes a HUGE difference in a kid's academic experience.  We were in that spot 4 years ago, and getting our 6-year old daughter early help was transformative.  She now reads above grade level and is thriving.

    If you do need a skilled reading/writing specialist, I'd HIGHLY recommend Cindy Miner Kapelke. She's fantastic. 

  • I am looking for a tutor for my 8 year old daughter who is in a special day class in the Castro Valley school district. She is at least 2 grades behind in her reading, and her math is not at level either. I'm focused primarily on the reading part for now. Can anyone recommend a private tutor/reading specialist? She has ADHD the inattentive type and I'm positive that she has dyslexia although the school is unable to officially diagnose her. She has all the signs, though. I'd love to find someone trained in the Orton-Gillingham method. 

    Try to find an Educational Therapist.


    I'm not a tutor, but I do know something about dyslexia and ADHD!  I just wanted to let you know about Irlen syndrome.  It sounds scary, but it's not.  It is a visual-perceptual problem experienced by some folks that causes the letters to appear to float, fade, shake, shimmer, etc.  This obviously makes reading hard!  It is easily treatable with overlays or tinted glasses.  Check out or to find out more.  Contact me for more information if you want.  Good luck!

    First of all, it's great you are being so proactive. Our daughter was diagnosed around the same age. Although it is expensive, if you can afford it I would recommend having a neuropsychic evaluation. This proved so helpful to us! It sounds like she may also have dyscalculia (math disorder) which our daughter had as well. The other piece of advice I want to offer you is to find a qualified Educational Therapist, and not just a 'tutor.' This makes a HUGE difference! You are right on track with OG method, but ET's receive much more training. It made all the difference to our daughter - who is graduating a college prep HS with a 4.0+. and is waiting to hear from Cal, UCLA and Stanford. Good luck to you!!!!

    We have worked with Reading Coach Susan Sandoe, M.Ed, RSP who is based in Rockridge for the past year for my son who has similar struggles in reading. It's been a game changer for his reading abilities and his confidence. Susan is patient, focused, and child-centered in her approach. PM me for her contact info if you can't connect via LI.

  • I have twin girls in 2nd grade who both have dyslexia. They need an experienced, skilled tutor to do in-home tutoring twice a week with each of them, separately. We are located in Albany. Seeking referrals. I have exhausted many, many leads and come up empty handed. Thanks!

    I know this is not exactly what you were looking for but I would highly recommend seek out a Educational Therapist.  A skilled Ed Therapist can work with both your daughters at once OR do a back-to-back session.  This has been such a game changer for my child that has dyslexia.  He started with an Ed Therapist at the beginning of the school year and the results are pretty mind blowing (we are just seeing this now Dec/Jan).  It is expensive but if you can combine the girls sessions, probably not much more than a tutor.  There is a large network of Ed Therapists in the Bay Area, you just need to get knitted in.  Depending on where to live, I am happy to give you some recommendations.  Good luck!

  • Reading Tutor for my 8yo?

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    I'm looking for someone to help my 8yo daughter with her reading.  She's in the after school program at Ruth Acty and someone that could come and pull her out for 30 minutes a couple times a week around 3pm or 4pm or even 5pm would be fantastic.  I'm sending this note in search for a tutor directly, or someone to help direct me to a program or group that might have available resources.

    Any help is appreciated!


    Hi Toby,

    I also have an 8-year-old with reading issues.  We see Joyce Kelley once a week (510-206-1821).  She is located on the Berkeley/Oakland border.  It is helping.  He also gets support at school (there are teachers offering the Wilson method and he gets pulled out once a week). I am not sure the school support would be enough on its own.  

    Good luck!  

  • My daughter just turning 7 is going into 2nd grade. She was reading below grade level in 1st despite her best efforts and reading extra at home. I’m looking for a tutor 2x a week after school. Any recommendations in Oakland? Also any idea what the going rate would be?

    I would recommend Inspire Behavioral Learning for tutoring in reading. Our son has received tutoring in both reading and writing for 1st and 2nd grade and improved his skills. His classroom teachers also noticed improvements. He also enjoys reading more now. The rate is $45/hr-$50/hr in person or $38/hr online. Good luck!

  • Hi Bay Area Parents, We are looking for a highly skilled, independent reading specialist with experience with children with complex communication needs, knowledge of structured literacy curricula, and ideally some background in special education. We'll either pay for it out of pocket or request an evaluation at district expense. We're looking for someone who is not tied to a particular curriculum or business model (e.g., LMB) but who can really do a thorough, comprehensive assessment of our child's actual early literacy skills (identify gaps, strengths and weaknesses) and make independent recommendations for interventions, curricula, and setting based on our child's individual profile/needs, not based on what is available. Our child is 7 and has trouble tracking text and translating isolated basic skills to reading activities. Does anyone know of such a person? Thank you! 

    A family member of mine does such work at the Raskob Learning Institute in Oakland. You might check out their Diagnostic Assessment program.

  • Reading tutor for 7 year old

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for a reading tutor for my 7 year old son. He is in 2nd grade and very bright but struggling with reading. I suspect he may have Dyslexia but I haven't had him formally evaluated yet. His teachers suggested that I look into Orton-Gillingham tutoring outside of school. Does anyone know of someone good in the East Bay? Thank you!

    Google the Barton Method, then use the contact page to emails susan barton.  She will send you a list of certified Barton tutors in the area.  We have used several different interventions for our dyslexic daughter and this one has been hands down the best.  Good luck!

    Jane Ashley did miracles for our Dyslexic son. Patient, kind, and successful! Thanks to her he learned to read. She used Sllngerland which is a similar research proven method for Dyslexia.She Iives in South East Berkeley. (510) 601-9780

    My 8 year old son is a bright kid and also dyslexic and I all too well understand how difficult it is to see your child struggle. Even if you haven’t had him formally evaluated for dyslexia, Orton-Gillingham based tutoring is the right way to go as it helpful whether a child is dyslexic or not. I found a great teacher, Heather Hamiliton, that works as a learning specialist by day and tutors during the afterschool hours. My son has made significant progress and now reads at grade level and the bonus is he LOVES to work with her. Before working with Heather my son attended LindaMood Bell, which helped somewhat but reading was still a struggle for him. She really makes learning fun and focuses on building their resilience to handle the work. Heather's email address is msheatherhamilton [at]

  • 7-year old needs a reading tutor in Albany

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    My 7-year old son is having a difficult time reading. He is reading at kindergarten level. He seems to have problems with phonics and sounding out letter together. They are teaching the Orton Gillingham or Lindamood Bell based approach at Marin school. I am looking for someone in the area who might be able to help him possibly once or twice a week.

    Thank you,

    Ian Ransley

    Hey Ian,
    I can highly recommend ClassRoom Matters. They are based in Berkeley on Sacramento St. They Also have a great after care program out of St. Alban's church in Albany - Both my kids went there when they were at Marin and loved it.  The staff at ClassRoom matters are great. They will listen to what your child's individual needs are and connect you with a tutor that's the right fit.  My older son needed 1 on 1 tutoring and they paired him with the perfect tutor who has really helped him gain confidence in school and worked with him on strategies to help him study, learn and deal with challenges on his own.

    Hi Ian,

    I can recommend a woman in Berkeley named Jordan Burns who does in home tutoring for reading. She worked with my son who has also struggled with phonics and sounding out words. Her method is Orton-Gillingham based - It's called All About Reading. She's very personable and connected well with my son - he made great strides and is now reading on grade level! She has a website - You can also email her: Jordan [at]

    I can also recommend Jamie Keller- She worked with both of my reluctant readers in the elementary years. They are now in fifth and eighth grade and both reading above grade level and more importantly they LOVE reading.  She was great at figuring out the specific skills they were struggling with.  She also made it fun with games, found the right books and topics that engaged them.  She is super positive and I think they felt like she was their "biggest fan" which struggling readers really need.  As a parent, it was a huge relief to off source the support so that I could just enjoy reading with them and not feel like I also needed to be the tutor and the reading enforcer.

    She is an experienced reading specialist with a lot of training and years of working with all different kinds of learners. I highly recommend her!


    I highly recommend Lise Narath at

    She's located in Albany just off Solano and is a great reading coach. She uses both the techniques you mention as well as others. My son benefitted greatly from his time with her. She's warm and fun to work with. He always looked forward to his sessions with her even though they came Friday afternoons after a long day and week in school. Please give her a call. You won't be sorry. 

  • Reading tutor for 8 year old?

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    Hi BPN community, I'd love to get some advice and referrals possibly for how to help my 8year old, (3rd grader next year) with her reading skills. She has been tested as below grade level, and has trouble with reading fluency, related to rapid naming challenges. Reading practice has become a battle, which breaks my heart as I am an avid reader and would hate to turn her away from books! It's been suggested that over the summer she get 1:1 tutoring 3x a week to help build the fluency but mostly her confidence. What has helped your child if they have reading struggles? Do you have specific people you would recommend? Would love to hear.....

    Thank you!

    Did your daughter’s teacher tell you at what grade/reading level your daughter is reading at? I think that would help determine the Level of books you can get for her so that she is reading at her “just right” level. This would be the level where the text is neither too hard nor too easy. Also, there are first and second grade sight words that she should have memorized by now to help her along with fluency. If she hasn’t memorized those by now, she should continue or start. Finally, just reading to her each night, or having her read to you, and making it as enjoyable as it can be, will help her appreciate reading. Those are three things I recommend (as a 2nd grade teacher). 

    Hi--we had great experience with Deborah Newlen 510-691-6624 or deborahnewlen [at]  She has provided excellent reading instruction and is a kind and enthusiastic teacher.  She has guided children from 3rd grade through high school (provided on-going reading and writing support to my older child).  Deborah has numerous technics to help reluctant/challenged readers, is positive with help and feedback and very in tune with her students' needs. I would call her to discuss your child’s specific needs. 

    Hi, there. I would highly recommend Jane Ashley. Jane is a longterm special education teacher whose specialty is working with children with reading difficulties. In addition to teaching public school, she has a private practice in her South Berkeley home (near Ashby BART.) She uses the Slingerman technique. I know numerous families who have worked with her and really love her. janeashley [at] 


    I fully understand.  I am also an avid reader and my daughter struggled with reading.  There are several options in the Bay Area- you can hire a tutor, an educational specialist and/or sign up for a reading program over summer.  It will also depends on her temperament and finances.  I am happy to share my experiences and names of people we have used.  I am also in education and can refer based on my experiences as both an educator and parent:) 

    It is so hard and this is the time I got my daughter tested to find out more about why reading and other tasks we difficult.  It will get easier.  :)

    Just contact me and we can connect by phone if you like.

    Best, Nancy

    I suggest that you read to each other. Start with really easy picture books; you read a page, she reads a page. Let her pick books. Go to the library if you don't have enough books at home. Make it fun. Very slowly, you can work up to more difficult books. Set aside a time everyday. 

    My daughter at the beginning of third grade tested far below the mean in rapid naming.  The UC Berkeley Eye Clinic is the place that tested her, she was referred there by her regular eye doctor.  They also found tracking problems.  We did eye exercises/tracking exercises 10 minutes per night for about 4-6months.  We also did tutoring 1 hour per week for about 6 months.  We used but that was when Katrina lived locally.  She has moved to the East Coast and does work via Skype now though I am not sure how that compares to in-person tutoring.  The main thing I wanted to say is that my daughter stalled out in third grade, made good progress in fourth grade and fifth grade and now reads at grade level.  She reads more smoothly than before though not with the speed and smoothness of the best readers, and we are proud of her and she is proud of herself.  Another thing is that her silent reading comprehension was good although her out-loud fluency was not good.  But how often do you read aloud?  Good luck, it was one rough year and two better ones after that.

  • I am looking for a fun and engaging reading tutor for a fun and engaging 2nd grade boy. Anyone have any recommendations? Or suggestions of where I might find one? Could be a high school or college student, or a professional teacher. Thanks for any suggestions you can give!

    [Moderator Note: see Reading Tutors Available and Parents Reviews of Reading Tutors]

    Highly recommend Active Reading Center in Walnut Creek!

  • Early reading tutor needed

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    My family is relocating from Berkeley to London in the summer, and my 5-year-old will be starting school there in the fall.  Unfortunately after attending a Montessori/play-based pre-school for the past 2 years, he'll be playing catch-up with his peers at English schools, who started reading in Reception (aged 4/5) and will already be doing independent reading and writing by the end of this academic year.  I need an early reading specialist to work with him weekly until our departure in order to get him closer to where he needs to be in September.  Please send tutoring recommendations only! Thanks.

    College student looking to become teacher and will just READ with him daily/every other day would be great to start right off.  Colleges have posting sites.  Cal might be close to you. I used St Mary's to find after school and summer child care and wished I'd started that many years earlier - I found incredibly loving, likeable (it's not supposed to seem like work to your child) and qualified young ladies.

    Hi! My son needed extra help with reading in second grade and he worked with Bonnie, a former Crocker Highlands teacher in Oakland. She taught him strategies that really helped him leap forward. He is not only reading at grade level but he devours books now! I'm not sure if she will go to Berkeley but if you want to check, here's her email: 

    Piggle3319 [at] good luck!  

Archived Q&A and Reviews


Reading tutor for 6 year old

March 2015

My son has been not progressing much with his reading. I know that he likes stories and loves books but he struggles with reading. He is in a private school and I don't think he is getting what he needs. I don't want to pressure him to read but I do want to see if there is someone who can help him. My son also seems to get frustrated and seems to forget the sounds or letters he is using---and then his frustration leads to a bad approach/attitude and a feeling that he can't do it. I want to find someone who can help teach him but also help give him/teach him tools for approaching learning so that he doesn't get frustrated but will embrace a challenge. I try to tell him that the important thing is to try hard. Sometimes we don't get it right but we learn and can do better the next time. And that's part of learning and part of the fun. He has also had problems learning math but we seem to be overcoming these a bit better.... I'm including this in the 'advice' to get thoughts on how to deal with this and also in 'recommendations' to see if I can get some names and numbers of people who can help. And my focus is not to pressure him but to help him feel empowered and teach him in a way that is effective for him. Thank you!!

Hi, I would highly recommend Ilyse Gordis for reading tutoring. She is really great at making kids feel good about themselves and at making reading fun.

Just a side note: our child struggled with reading for a few years, and after getting his vision checked a few times with an opthalmologist and being told he had 20/20 vision and was fine, we found out he had vision issues and needed vision therapy. After doing vision therapy for 6 months, he is back with Ilyse and on his way to reading. She groups words together so that we know which words to work on for the week.

Ilyse also has really fun book clubs where she creates a conversation about the stories in such a way that every child relates to the story on a deep, personal level. She is sure to help your child love literature. She can be reached at: Ilyse [at] and she is in Berkeley. Mother to 9 yr old in Oakland, CA

Reading Tutor Needed for Second Grader

Feb 2015

I am looking for a tutor that utilizes a variety of methods including Linda Mood-Bell. Ideally the tutor would be in Berkeley.

I highly recommend, Shari Leskowitz. She works with children in Berkeley and Oakland. I'm not sure about your request for a particular method but I know she is wonderful about listening to the concerns of parents and children and would be open to thinking with you about any particular approach you think might be helpful for your child. Shari can be reached at 510-872-2369 or shari.leskowitz [at] Kimberly

When my daughter was in second grade, we had the opportunity to work with an excellent reading tutor. Lise Narath has taught reading for many years-as a classroom teacher, reading coach, and as a private consultant. I met her when she was a reading coach at BUSD; so she knows how to navigate the public school system, which can be a real plus. Lise is well qualified to support students with dyslexia or those who learn differently. She is trained in both Orton-Gillingham (multisensory word work) and Lindamood Bell. But most importantly, both my daughter and I found her a delight to work with. She is extremely skilled in all aspects of learning to read, kind, patient, and fun. She really does love to teach reading! Lise Narath: (510-388-8803), website ( and email (lnreadingconnection [at] Lois

June 2014

I'd like to recommend Ilyse Gordis - an amazing reading/writing tutor. She has tutored 2 of my daughters, ages 6 and 10, with their reading. I was amazed with how much she was able to help them progress with their basic reading, reading comprehension and writing. She was great about recommending books they were interested in and they really enjoyed working with her. She also hosts book clubs for different age groups. ilyse [at] or 510.524.4318 Tammy

Reading tutor for first grader

April 2014

My first grader is below grade level in both reading and math. Although she has yet to be tested, she might have some learning disabilities. She did learn to read while in Reading Recovery, but has not made much progress since leaving that one to one situation. We are weighing our options as to what to do outside the classroom. She gives us a lot of pushback when we try to help her at home so we are looking for some outside services. We could afford about $100 a week for either a tutor or a tutoring service like Kumon or Classroom Matters. Has anyone else gotten help for their young child? What has been the most helpful? Thanks. Concerned Mom

I would highly recommend that you contact Bonnie Mitchell, and see if one-on-one tutoring might be the answer. Bonnie is a retired (OUSD) teacher who inspired *many* little Crocker Highlands kids (1st & 2nd grade, primarily - at least, in the years we knew her) to love reading. She is patient, and LOVES kids! Give her a call, meet with her - your child may love her as much as mine did! 510.482-4716 Mom of some very happy kids who LOVE to read!!!!

Reading help for 1st grader

June 2011

My child is just finishing first grade. He is below grade level in reading and writing, had trouble holding a pencil, is starting to get that he is below other kids and it is starting to affect him in that way as well. His teachers have said that there is a gap between his verbal, math and social skills and his reading and writing skills. I would like to get him a tutor this summer or send him to some kind of program for extra help. I am looking at a few programs but don't know how good they are. Please if anyone has any experience with this please let me know (positive or negative). Thank you!!! Don't Know If I Should Be Concerned Mother

My daughter saw a private educational therapist in our home. His name is Bill Baldyga. We were thrilled with the progress our daughter made. In less than three months she jumped several grade levels in reading. All the experts say that the earlier you intervene, the easier it is to correct any issues that your child might have. You can contact Bill through his website at: MW

I would recommend calling Dr. Ann Gordon of Educational Services Associates on Grand Avenue. She has a real gift with children, and many years of experience. 873-0801 anon.

June 2011

Hello, my family has worked with a tutor named Rachael Berger for a year. She is an English teacher and also provides private in-home tutoring. She has been a ton of helping our kindergartener with reading; support with phonics and lots of word sorts. She is patient and kind and my daughter loves her! Her number is 510-418-6495. I know she works with kids of all ages. Madeleine

June 2011

I would like to recommend my 9 year old son's tutor. She works with him in reading and writing, phonics and comprehension sentence writing, punctuation, grammer, and penmanship. My son is reluctant to work with me but is so willing to work with her. She is patient and kind with him. She uses positive reinforcement. And is really encouraging to him when he is having a hard time. We have been working with her through the school year and are very excited about his progress. Her name is Lauren Bassard. lbassard [at] 510-921-4911

Tutor for 3rd grader reading below grade level

April 2011

I have a 3rd grader who is reading below grade level and is behind in writing skills. I am looking for an experienced Ed. Therapist / tutor ASAP who is patient, creative, and has excellent credentials and who is effective! I live in Berkeley and would like to find someone local. Susan

My third grade son has been working with a tutor here in Berkeley twice a week for the last year and half. He was working on writing and reading skills with Peggy Connell and has made tremendous progress. She has been extremely flexible, used her great sense of humor to keep him motivated and always used his interests as a vehicle to teach varing content. When starting with her, he was extremely reluctant to even write a paragraph, and has since then developed the skills to organize and carry-out short assignments independently. Part of his issue is his lack of organizational skills surrounding writing which were greatly helped through her use of graphic organizers and brainstorming. She always provided a warm and nurturing environment, which helped keep distractions to a minimum. She holds a masters degree in special education and educational therapy. You can contact her at (510) 644- 1010 or peggyjconnell [at] mom who has been there

Reading program for 4 year old

April 2011

I am looking for a Saturday reading program for my 4 year old. Does anyone know of one that is located in Oakland or Berkeley? Thanks.

My son attended the Cal State East Bay's fall 2010 reading program and loved it! He not only learned a great deal, but he had fun doing so and made some friends in the process. He learned how to read shortly after completing the reading program! The teacher is great at engaging the students and truly understands literacy development for 4 and 5 year olds. I highly recommend this program. I dont recall the exact name of the program, but it is also being offered during the summer. Good luck! Happy Mommy

Reading tutor for 2nd grader

Dec 24 2009

I would like to highly recommend Sharon Lawless for tutoring reading. Our daughter was struggling to learn the basics of reading after kindergarten and we hired Sharon to tutor her over the summer between kindergarten and first grade. Sharon was amazing with her! She was very encouraging and we credit her with teaching our daughter not only to read, but also to enjoy it and she is now thriving. Her reading words per minute have continued to climb and she is now one of the best readers in her 2nd grade class.

Sharon can be reached at slawless18 [at] or 510-336-1201.

Here is more information on Sharon: She works mainly with students who have reading challenges. She uses The Susan Barton Reading and Spelling System which is a research-based program that teaches students phonemic awareness in a sequential manner. She can help students with the writing process and elementary math. She has 30 years of teaching experience, Robin

Literacy tutor to get son to grade level

March 2009

Can anyone recommend a gentle, patient, intuitive literacy tutor? My son is having some trouble keeping up with his grade-level reading and seems to get frustrated easily. I'm really hoping to find somebody to work with him one on one (hourly maybe?), and I don't want to use any of those big ''tutoring companies''. Also, what type of fee should I expect to pay for such services? Thanks so much for any info-- regina

You could try Ariel Lenchner. Her office is near Broadway and Piedmont in Oakland. She worked with my son one on one, did a lot of fun games with him, and helped him quite a bit. He really liked her, and now reads extremely well. She's very patient with young children. I believe we spent about $65 an hour with her, a couple of years ago. Her website is Karen

You should call Lyra King at 510-706-3041. She helped my daughter immensely. Lyra is a talented and compassionate tutor. She charges $60/hour and it is well worth it. Best of luck! Kelly

Our family has been blessed to find Jamie Keller to work with our son. He needed a great deal of help with his literacy issues. She is patient, caring, intuitive and most importantly, my son loves working with her. check out her site at and you will see just how qualified she is (and creative too!) My son is doing great and we are now working with Jamie on study skills to prepare him for middle school. She has a great summer program that I highly recommend. You can email her directly at jamiekeller1 [at] michelle

I think Ivy Sandz / Literacy Access is just who and what you are looking for. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Ivy. My daughter has been seeing her for many years, doing individual sessions, group writers' workshops, homeschool support, art journaling, altered books. Ivy develops rapport easily with students, and is very versatile in using all kinds of techniques to help with reading and writing. She works well with kids of all ages and kinds of learning styles too.

I know someone who has worked with a student at Carl B. Munck for just about a year taking most of the summer off. The student is now caught up and thriving. The sessions were about 45 minutes each, reasonable price. Great bond between student and tutor which helped make the difference. Call Arlene Pimentel at 409-3829 or email arlenepim [at] Happy Reader

Speech, development, reading therapist for 5 year old

Feb 2009

Hello dear parents, Do you have any referrals for a speech therapist and a reading tutor who would work with a five year old pre-kindergarten boy in our home in El Cerrito? A student speech therapist or a developmental student teacher would be fine too. Thank you very much !

I highly recommed Bill Baldyga of Halcyon Learning as a reading specialist. My kid loves him, and now he reads! He comes to your house too. His website is and his phone number is on the site. Been There

Extra reading help for kindergartener

Feb 2008

As a mother of a kindergarten boy who is not yet reading - just why did the state change to this model 5 years ago? I'm wondering what kind of extra help is available through the schools for boys who don't pick it up by memorizing. We are in Oakland Unified School District. Independent recommendations of outside tutors also welcome, thanks. -concerned mom

I learned w/a bit of shock this fall that kindergarteners are supposed to learn to read. So now I'm looking for a tutor with experience with kindergarteners. nc

You might consider enrolling him in a summer program. My son attended one taught by a reading specialist named Ariel Lenchner last summer and it helped him quite a bit. You can find out about her on her website at And I'm sure there are other such programs out there. Karen