7-year old needs a reading tutor in Albany

My 7-year old son is having a difficult time reading. He is reading at kindergarten level. He seems to have problems with phonics and sounding out letter together. They are teaching the Orton Gillingham or Lindamood Bell based approach at Marin school. I am looking for someone in the area who might be able to help him possibly once or twice a week.

Thank you,

Ian Ransley

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Hey Ian,
I can highly recommend ClassRoom Matters. They are based in Berkeley on Sacramento St. They Also have a great after care program out of St. Alban's church in Albany - Both my kids went there when they were at Marin and loved it.  The staff at ClassRoom matters are great. They will listen to what your child's individual needs are and connect you with a tutor that's the right fit.  My older son needed 1 on 1 tutoring and they paired him with the perfect tutor who has really helped him gain confidence in school and worked with him on strategies to help him study, learn and deal with challenges on his own. 

Hi Ian,

I can recommend a woman in Berkeley named Jordan Burns who does in home tutoring for reading. She worked with my son who has also struggled with phonics and sounding out words. Her method is Orton-Gillingham based - It's called All About Reading. She's very personable and connected well with my son - he made great strides and is now reading on grade level! She has a website - http://www.thejoyofreading.org. You can also email her: Jordan [at] thejoyofreading.org

Hi - My son started working with Jamie Keller as his reading tutor / educational therapist starting when he was 9. She has been great with him! Now in 8th grade, his reading is way above grade level. He now works with her on his writing, plus he just likes meeting with her so we keep it up, but with less frequency than at first. She did a lot of games to increase fluency. And she gave us a very do-able at-home program. She is very kind and patient, which is a very good fit for our son. You can find her contact info at www.learnwithme.com. She's in North Berkeley, so not far from Albany. Best of luck to you! Laura

I can also recommend Jamie Keller- www.learnwithme.com. She worked with both of my reluctant readers in the elementary years. They are now in fifth and eighth grade and both reading above grade level and more importantly they LOVE reading.  She was great at figuring out the specific skills they were struggling with.  She also made it fun with games, found the right books and topics that engaged them.  She is super positive and I think they felt like she was their "biggest fan" which struggling readers really need.  As a parent, it was a huge relief to off source the support so that I could just enjoy reading with them and not feel like I also needed to be the tutor and the reading enforcer.

She is an experienced reading specialist with a lot of training and years of working with all different kinds of learners. I highly recommend her!


I highly recommend Lise Narath at http://www.lnreadingconnection.com/

She's located in Albany just off Solano and is a great reading coach. She uses both the techniques you mention as well as others. My son benefitted greatly from his time with her. She's warm and fun to work with. He always looked forward to his sessions with her even though they came Friday afternoons after a long day and week in school. Please give her a call. You won't be sorry.