Seeking skilled reading tutor for 2nd graders

I have twin girls in 2nd grade who both have dyslexia. They need an experienced, skilled tutor to do in-home tutoring twice a week with each of them, separately. We are located in Albany. Seeking referrals. I have exhausted many, many leads and come up empty handed. Thanks!

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I know this is not exactly what you were looking for but I would highly recommend seek out a Educational Therapist.  A skilled Ed Therapist can work with both your daughters at once OR do a back-to-back session.  This has been such a game changer for my child that has dyslexia.  He started with an Ed Therapist at the beginning of the school year and the results are pretty mind blowing (we are just seeing this now Dec/Jan).  It is expensive but if you can combine the girls sessions, probably not much more than a tutor.  There is a large network of Ed Therapists in the Bay Area, you just need to get knitted in.  Depending on where to live, I am happy to give you some recommendations.  Good luck!