Reading tutor for 7 year old

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a reading tutor for my 7 year old son. He is in 2nd grade and very bright but struggling with reading. I suspect he may have Dyslexia but I haven't had him formally evaluated yet. His teachers suggested that I look into Orton-Gillingham tutoring outside of school. Does anyone know of someone good in the East Bay? Thank you!

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Google the Barton Method, then use the contact page to emails susan barton.  She will send you a list of certified Barton tutors in the area.  We have used several different interventions for our dyslexic daughter and this one has been hands down the best.  Good luck!

Jane Ashley did miracles for our Dyslexic son. Patient, kind, and successful! Thanks to her he learned to read. She used Sllngerland which is a similar research proven method for Dyslexia.She Iives in South East Berkeley. (510) 601-9780

My 8 year old son is a bright kid and also dyslexic and I all too well understand how difficult it is to see your child struggle. Even if you haven’t had him formally evaluated for dyslexia, Orton-Gillingham based tutoring is the right way to go as it helpful whether a child is dyslexic or not. I found a great teacher, Heather Hamiliton, that works as a learning specialist by day and tutors during the afterschool hours. My son has made significant progress and now reads at grade level and the bonus is he LOVES to work with her. Before working with Heather my son attended LindaMood Bell, which helped somewhat but reading was still a struggle for him. She really makes learning fun and focuses on building their resilience to handle the work. Heather's email address is msheatherhamilton [at]