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Car Mechanic (BMW and Mini)

July 2011

Does anyone know of a really great, honest, cost-effective mechanic that will work on Mini Coopers and BMWs? Thanks for any help. Lisa



  • Bay Bridge Motors Oakland (2)
  • H BMW Berkeley

    BMW repair shop in East Bay

    Sept 2010

    I'd love some updated recommendations for a BMW repair shop here in the East Bay. I am looking for another option besides Weatherford, thank you. anon



  • Bavarian Professionals Berkeley
  • Gavin's Autowerks Airport, Oakland

    BMW repair service shop near Oakland

    August 2010

    Any recent recommendations for a good BMW repair/service shop in the Oakland area? Reviews I found were several years old. Would like someplace that does good work, is honest and fairly reasonable (wouldn't we all?!). New to me BMW owner

  • H Beck Motorsports Oakland
  • Bridgeway Service Claremont in Berkeley
  • Moran Motosport W. Berkeley
  • Precision Motors Broadway, Oakland
  • World Imported San Leandro

    Retrofitting a 2002 BMW for safety

    Nov 2008

    My husband needs to retrofit his old 2002 BMW with rear safety belts/shoulder straps so that we can upgrade from the car seat to a booster seat for our son. He is a ''do-it-yourselfer'' but hasn't done it yet. Any advice on how/where to get this work done? Thank you. need a safety upgrade

    I would try M Service in Walnut Creek. They know EVERYTHING about BMWs!!! Fran
    First off, I don't understand how a 2002 vehicle does NOT have shoulder belts , is there some kind of crazy unsafe BMW on the road??.......Anyways,please don't let your husband do this himself. It involves the safety of passengers riding in your vehicle, namely your child. Is he a certified auto technician? If not I would leave it to the professionals. How will you know it was done correctly? Is he ready to handle the feelings of self blame if God forbid his seatbelt retrofit failed in an accident and your son was injured or worse?? -car safety enthusaist
    2002 BMW refers to the BMW 2002 model, not a BMW from the model year 2002. Since this vehicle was produced between 1968 and 1976, it's no surprise that it doesn't have modern rear seat belts. I take my '91 BMW (as in model year 1991) to Bavarian Professionals in Berkeley and recommend them. If they can't do it, they should be able to refer you to someone who can. prefer expertise to enthusiasm

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    BMW Repair shop

    Oct 2006

    Am looking for a BMW repair shop. I don't want to go to Berkeley Motor Works in Albany. I heard Bavarian's good and Berks in Oakland? Anybody have experience with Nippon? Thanks in advance


  • M Service Walnut Creek

    BMW maintenance/repair

    May 2005

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a good auto shop for standard BMW maintenance and/or repairs. The few postings I saw were quite old. Anywhere East Bay is fine but El Cerrito, Richmond, Albany, etc. would be fantastic! amy


  • Bavarian Professionals Berkeley
  • Berkeley Motor Works W. Berkeley (3 reviews)
  • Henry Chin Auto Care Berkeley
  • H BMW Berkeley (2 reviews)
  • M Service Walnut Creek

    2003 & Earlier

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  • Bavarian Professionals
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