Bridgeway Service (Berkeley, CA)

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August 2010

Re: BMW repair service shop near Oakland
I've been taking my 2001 BMW to Steve Carvalho at Bridgeway Service for 8 years. He has taken excellent care of it, and I'm always confident about the services he provides and the recommendations he makes. And his charges are reasonable. Bridgeway is near the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley at 3009 Ashby Avenue. Steve can be reached at (510) 549-0234. BMW owner

Jan 2009

Re: Solid repair shop in Oakland/Berkeley/Alameda
Call Bridgeway in Berkeley (by Claremont Hotel) - (510) 549-0234. My family has been taking cars there for literally decades and Steve has never steered us wrong. Between my extended family we must currently take about six cars there. He will always give you solid advice and you wont' spend any more than necessary. Don't be overly cheap or you won't have a safe car. You can read his reviews online and you'll hear the same from others. Fan of Steve!