Precision Motors (Oakland, CA)

Archived Q&A and Reviews

August 2010

Re: BMW repair service shop near Oakland
I recommend Erich at Precision Motors, 3068 Broadway, Oakland (510-444-5353). He has worked on our cars for years and we have always been pleased with his service. He specialized in German cars, and has maintained three Mercedes Benz's of ours. I always see BMWs in his shop. Erich always has kept our budget in mind, and helps us forecast and schedule work on the cars in a most cost-effective way. Joshua

March 2010

Re: Volvo mechanic for ELECTRICAL system
I know a great mechanic for electrical issues and he specializes on Volvos and German make cars. His name is Eric and he runs Precision Motors at 3068 Broadway in Oakland. He is very straightforward and will tell you what you NEED to take care of and what you can wait on. He has always taken the time to explain what is going on with my car and I have never felt taken advantage of there. Their number is 510-444-5353. Clara