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July 2011

Re: Car Mechanic (BMW and Mini)
I have had nothing but positive, honest expertise from H BMW on 4th Street in Berkeley (510-548-1515). I have been using their services for the last 10 years and they have only been thorough, precise, and honest for every problem I have ever brought to them. They have squeezed me in when I called with an 'emergency,' provided me with loaner cars free of charge, picked me up and dropped me off to work, and never failed to provide wonderful service repairing my car as needed at every visit. My cars were tuned to perfection, washed nicely and a complete explanation of services/labour explained to me. I would never go anywhere else with my BMWs (I have brought them 3 different cars: 318, 325, 330i over the years). Excellent, professional service and I cannot recomment them more highly!!!!! Would never go anywhere else!!!

May 2005

Re: BMW maintenance/repair
I've owned two BMWs. My original car was no longer under warranty when I bought it, and I used H BMW in Berkeley, which I can recommend quite highly. They're very professional and do quality work.

The current car is new enough that I have to take it to a dealer for service (which is to say that my last experience with H was a few years ago, now). I've had very bad experiences with both Weatherford (in Berkeley) and Sonen (just across the Richmond Bridge). Weatherford in particular botched several repair jobs (in one case, after four tries that did not fix the problem---they even tried to charge me for the three failed attempts---I took the car to H who fixed it without difficulty. The part was simply installed incorrectly). Just last month, Sonen took three tries to fix an airbag light. anon

I've been very happy with H BMW in Berkeley. I've been using them exclusively on the two BMWs I've owned over the last 7 years. They aren't inexpensive (kind of comes with the BMW territory, I think) but they are very professional and seem quite knowledgable and competent (not that I can really grade them). They offer free loaner cars, too. (Saturns, not BMWs).
Love My 540i