Moran Motosport (Berkeley, CA)

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August 2010

Re: BMW repair service shop near Oakland
Highest recommendation for Steve Moran at Moran Motosport. He is the most honest person I have ever met in the automotive industry bar none. One of the last times we took our car to him, he figured out that our car was still under warranty and told us to go to the dealer to get it fixed for free. We had already been at the dealer (Weatherford) and they initially said it wasn't under warranty. They reluctantly admitted that is was under warranty and did the work. Steve keeps a close eye on your car, tells you what repairs are coming up so that you can bunch them up to save on labor costs. I have been taking my cars to him for over 20 years and he has never let me down. His number is 510 548- 7171 beemer owner