Bavarian Professionals (Berkeley, CA)

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Sept 2010

Re: BMW repair shop in East Bay
I have been taking my 97 328iC for 10 years now. It has 216,000+ miles and runs perfectly. The team at Bav Pro is simply amazing. Michael

May 2005

Re: BMW maintenance/repair
We take our BMW to Bavarian Professionals. They are very knowledgeable and practical. My husband is very particular with cars and for him to like BavPro, they must really be good. 1218 Seventh St. Berkeley, CA 94710 Telephone: 510-524-6000

May 2002

We've been very pleased with Bavarian Professionals. Bavarian Pro's gave us a reliable second opinion. sonya

My husband has found Bavarian Professionals in Berkeley to be excellent. He got a recommendation from a BMW enthusiast for them, and has not been disappointed. Good Luck!