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At James Eno Tutorials we provide test-preparation services for the ACT, SAT, PSAT and SAT subject tests. Established in 2007, James Eno Tutorials helps Bay Area students reach their goals and gain admission to the colleges and universities of their choice.  We are located in North Berkeley, and are easily accessible by public transportation.  There is ample street parking available.

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Hello - just came across this post from December.  If you are still interested in SAT prep, my two sons had great success with James Eno Tutorials 510-499-2283.  My sons took a sample test of the SAT and ACT and chose to take the ACT.  Both improved their scores dramatically and actually enjoyed the learning process.  I highly recommend James Eno Tutorials.

In answer to your question I used James Eno for Sat and ACT tutoring for my daughter who has a mild learning disability and was very pleased with the result. You can contact him at 510-499-2283. 

I’m sorry that this separation and isolation is taking affecting your daughter. I hope she finds a great match in a therapist.

I can help with the SAT preparation, though! Honestly the only choice is James Eno in Berkeley. He owns the most nurturing, caring, professional preparation support anywhere in the bay area. He will meet with you to know you better and give your daughter a choice of tutors that he thinks are the best match. They are each exactly like him – kind, super intelligent, flexible and incredibly effective. James will tailor the tutoring to your needs in every way.

Both of my boys prepared with James and earned absolutely remarkable scores. They worked hard, but felt rewarded. I cannot recommend him highly enough. You can reach him at jetutorials [at] gmail.com

All the best to you and your family. 

RE: SAT tutors - Mo Rahmoun? ()

I don’t know Mo Rahmoun but would highly recommend James Eno, 510-499-2283. My daughter ended up taking the ACT but Mr. Eno does offer both ACT and SAT tutoring. She did very well and ended up at her 1st choice. 

RE: SAT tutors - Mo Rahmoun? ()

We used James Eno in Berkeley for both of our boys and I we have only the highest praise for he and his staff.  He is amazingly kind, professional and organized, and produced beautiful results.  He is priced fairly, but in the end saved us a great deal of money as both of our boys only needed to take the SATs once. He is very flexible and can definitely work with your child's schedule. You will never regret having your child work with James Eno.  His website is https://www.jamesenotutorials.com/  

RE: Online SAT prep this summer ()

My two sons had great success with James Eno Tutorials.  First step is to determine if your student will perform best on the SAT or ACT.  James will provide your student with a sample SAT and ACT test.  James will review the results of the sample test and your student and James will decide whether to prepare for the SAT or ACT.  My sons took the ACT.  James is an excellent teacher and developed a rapport with my sons which made the entire learning process enjoyable and very effective.  James was very organized and meticulous.  He would set goals with the student for each session and would monitor progress against the goals which kept my sons motivated and on track to improve.  You can find James at www.jamesenotutorials.com or 510-499-2283.  

RE: Online SAT prep this summer ()

Our family cannot recommend James Eno and his team highly enough for in person and online SAT prep.

James will speak with you and will personally match a tutor to your child. The tutor will get to know your child and immediately work in the most productive, efficient and expert way. We have used James and his team for both of my boys and they have both scored exceptionally well on the SATs.

James is very flexible and will schedule sessions in whatever manner works best for your family. Our sessions 6 months ago were in person at our home and our next set of session in the fall will be online.  

I do not think there is better SAT preparation than James Eno. He can be reached at jetutorials [at] gmail.com

Highly recommend! We hired James Eno's tutors for both our son and daughter; our goal was just that our kids would feel comfortable taking their respective tests.  James was very easy to work with, very organized, strategic and the tutors were great. Our first tutor for our daughter was not a fit and James quickly found us one who was a great fit.  I also loved that, unlike some other tutoring services, James does not push for a prescribed amount of test prep (one place's standard was 12 weeks; another 16 weeks); he works with you to figure out what your kid needs. There is no hard sell. Ps: Both of our kids did well on the test.

We used James Eno and his team for both my daughters for ACT tutoring.  (As did all their friends)

James was great!  He took a lot of time to meet with me and my daughter and asses her needs.  And then he matched each one with the best tutor fit.  And all his tutors are smart and good at understanding what high schoolers need to improve their scores.

I would highly recommend James and his team for any tutoring needs!

I cannot recommend James Eno Tutorials highly enough.  James makes sure to meet you in person, tries to really understand what you need, and makes you feel like you and your child are truly important to him. He helps you figure out which test is best for your child and is wonderful at matching your child with the appropriate tutor.  Both of my boys worked with his tutors for SAT prep and were incredibly engaged and motivated to learn and work.  Both of the tutors were exceptionally bright, wonderful with my kids, and so well prepared. James helped us narrow the focus of the tutoring to what would really benefit my sons and bent over backwards to fit a time and place for the tutoring into their lives which were already busy with school, sports and commitments. James has answered all of my calls and emails in a timely, polite, professional and personal manner.  James made what could have been a very stressful time into a comfortable, seamless and successful experience.

Elaine Lotus Chan would be an excellent choice to help narrow his list and work on his applications.  She has worked with all types of students.  She can tell you which schools you might want to apply to based on your son's ACT/SAT scores along with other factors. I know she helps with the essays as well.   www.elainechancollegeadvising.com.  Tina Boyer is a fantastic writing coach.  She works with kids on their essays and personal statements.  She was amazing and really helped my son take ownership!  https://www.boyercoaching.com.  James Eno Tutorials down on Milvia helped my son decide whether to focus on the SAT or the ACT and then helped him improve his score by a ton!  http://www.jamesenotutorials.com.  Good luck.  We have just finished the process and now wait to hear back! 

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April 2014

RE: Concentrated Prep Class or Tutor for ACT

This is to the mom looking for an ACT class/tutor. I highly recommend James Eno. He communicates really well with young people and is very knowledgeable about the ACT test. My daughter had studied for the SAT but was more comfortable with the ACT format. After meeting with James 6-7 times, she retook the test and increased her score to 34. She now attends Columbia University.
Satisfied mom

We've been looking into pretty much the same thing for our 17-year-old daughter and have found two options that seem good. A good friend recommended James Eno. We met with him and another of his tutors at our home (free first visit) a few months back and liked them a lot but haven't quite been ready to spend the money for the kind of intensive training you're talking about. He evaluated for both ACT and SAT. We also looked at Nurturing Wisdom, after a colleague at work recommended them. We talked to the owner, Pari Schacht, and really liked her. They're giving a practice proctored ACT test at the Jewish Community Center in SF in mid-May that we'll probably sign our daughter up for (you get an analysis of where to focus prep -- I think they also offer SAT and tests for high school placement too). Details here: https://ti.to/kinstantly/nurturing-wisdom-proctored-test. If that's too late for you, it would be worth it to talk to someone like James Eno. www.jamesenotutorials.com

mom of 6

Feb 2011


I highly recommend James Eno. He tutored my son on the SAT and could've done ACT tutoring. My son's PSAT scores were disastrous but his SATs were much better. He really liked working with James as did most of his friends! http://www.jamesenotutorials.com/

very satisfied parent

Sept 2012

RE: Freshman didn't make it into Honors Geometry

Our daughter went from a C to a B in Algebra 2 and improved her SAT math score almost 100 points with tutor James Eno jetutorials [at] gmail.com in downtown Berkeley. Don't know if he also does Geometry, but it's worth asking. All the best.

Feb 2011

RE: SAT prep for learning disabled son

I highly recommend James Eno of James Eno Tutorials. He offers a free introductory meeting that was very useful to us and allowed my son to get to know him. It was a good opportunity to discuss my son's needs (he has some learning differences)and his hectic schedule and figure out what was best for him. James helps him focus one step at a time, which is what he needs, and he is very patient and kind. My son is doing well. He has learned all kind of SAT tricks and strategies and feels much more confident about taking the test. James' rates are reasonable.I recommended him to a friend whose daughter is at Piedmont High, and they are very pleased also. You can check out his web site, www.jamesenotutorials.com, or reach him at [email protected],com or 510-499-2283.

San Francisco Mom

Nov 2010

RE: Looking for SAT and ACT Tutor

Our son worked with James Eno in Berkeley. James helped him decide which tests and subject tests would be best for him and helped him gain confidence and improve his scores. I would also add, James' support and instruction increased our son's academic knowledge and skill in a number of areas that generally helped him overall in school.


I highly recommend James Eno (jetutorials [at] gmail.com, 510-499-2283). He worked with our daughter this past year. They had a great working relationship. He gave her lessons initially followed by several practice tests. James then analyzed her results and identified her weak areas so they could be the focus of further efforts. The result was significant improvement in our daughter's scores from her first effort to her re-test. Because of the focused approach, tutoring did not involve endless hours. James also gave good strategy advise on test-taking, including SAT v. ACT, based on our daughter's strengths and weak spots. There is no question our daughter worked hard but James is due significant credit for his work with her.


I highly recommend James Eno (510-499-2283 jetutorials [at] gmail.com) for SAT prep. We emailed with 3 SAT tutors and chose James because he was the only one to come out to our house at no charge, meet my daughter and propose a plan of action. His hourly rate was very competitive with the other tutors we spoke with. My daughter took the SAT once without any preparation but after working with James for a 10 week period with meetings once a week she improved her previous score by over 250 points. Best endorsement comes from my 17 year old who said, ''I like James and I don't mind the 2 hour session. It goes by fast.'' From my perspective, James was always on time (he came to our house which was very convenient), extremely well organized and made good use of every minute of the 2-hour session. He is low key, calm and encouraging which helped to keep the anxiety down in our household. We wanted to avoid the drama of the SAT prep but it was clear that my daugher would benefit from some guidance around test taking strategy as well as focus on specific parts of the test. James developed a custom program which fit my daughter's needs and schedule and we were very satisfied with the results.


April 2009

I highly recommend James Eno (510-499-2283) for private in-home SAT tutoring. My daughter was able to raise her score from the PSAT to the SAT by 330 points placing her well within reach of very selective colleges. James also worked with her to accommodate her very busy schedule and make the process go as smoothly as possible. mjk

For SAT prep, we recently used James Eno to tutor my junior year daughter. She raised her score 270 points from her PSAT score. She enjoyed working with James and felt that he had prepared her very well for the test; he is conscientious, responsible and obviously a skilled tutor. He has a great easy-going manner that is very appealing to my daughter and helped calm anxieties. I would highly recommend James. He can be reached at jenoone [at] hotmail.com or 510-499- 2283.


Dec 2008

James Eno tutored our son, a Junior, and raised his SAT test scores by 310 points! He has a great personality, gets along really well (which is very important in working with a teenager) and he teaches not only the content but the strategy on taking the SAT. James was able to tailor his study guide to match our son's learning style, and by building his confidence, helped relieve his test taking anxiety. All this led to the big jump in his test scores. James has great communication with both our son and us (parents), he works on weekends, comes to our house, and he is extremely punctual and reliable. We highly recommend James for anyone looking for help to catapult their SAT scores.