SAT prep for daughter with mild learning disability

Hi, this is a two part question.  First, my daughter, who has a mild learning disability, is going to need some help in preparing for the SAT and I wonder if there are classes or tutors out there who specialize in helping kids with processing challenges who need extra time with test taking.

Also, I need a recommendation for a female therapist at Kaiser for my daughter who's a high school junior, and exhibiting some signs of depression that are connected to all the isolation of distance learning.  We are closer to Richmond but with everything on screens, open to Oakland based therapist as well.  My daughter has never been to therapy and doesn't open up easily, so looking for someone who would be really good with a kid like this.

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I’m sorry that this separation and isolation is taking affecting your daughter. I hope she finds a great match in a therapist.

I can help with the SAT preparation, though! Honestly the only choice is James Eno in Berkeley. He owns the most nurturing, caring, professional preparation support anywhere in the bay area. He will meet with you to know you better and give your daughter a choice of tutors that he thinks are the best match. They are each exactly like him – kind, super intelligent, flexible and incredibly effective. James will tailor the tutoring to your needs in every way.

Both of my boys prepared with James and earned absolutely remarkable scores. They worked hard, but felt rewarded. I cannot recommend him highly enough. You can reach him at jetutorials [at]

All the best to you and your family. 

I'm sorry to say that Kaiser's mental health services are abysmal in the best of times. I also have a daughter in 11th grade. I paid out of pocket for therapy for her when she started high school. After trying the Kaiser route for my own mental health, I decided I couldn't put her through that, knowing that months can be wasted in that system with no relief. I actually love Kaiser for many things, but their mental health services are simply awful. I can highly recommend my daughter's therapist - he was really kind and helped her through so much. He was really easy for her to talk to, but he was out of pocket, and $140 a week adds up. 

In answer to your question I used James Eno for Sat and ACT tutoring for my daughter who has a mild learning disability and was very pleased with the result. You can contact him at 510-499-2283. 

Hello - just came across this post from December.  If you are still interested in SAT prep, my two sons had great success with James Eno Tutorials 510-499-2283.  My sons took a sample test of the SAT and ACT and chose to take the ACT.  Both improved their scores dramatically and actually enjoyed the learning process.  I highly recommend James Eno Tutorials.