Online SAT prep this summer

I'd like my rising high school junior to do an online SAT prep class this summer--any recommendations? Something that meets at a specific time (rather than videos you can watch whenever) would work best, and that meets a reasonable number of times (like, say, 8 rather than 20 times, because I know if it's too many my kid will just refuse). Thanks!

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I don’t know if you are aware but UC schools have eliminated the SAT requirement for the next 4 years. You may still want to have your child take it if you have other schools in mind. But thought you might want this information 

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My kid did and benefitted from the Princeton review
One. Ultimate sat or something like that. Something like 25 hours in 2 or 3 hour chunks.

He would prefer not to do school stuff, generally, but he actually thought the classes were helpful and interesting.
A big part of preparation is taking practice tests.
You need to get in the habit of a certain sort of question, and recalling the appropriate skills in the clock. So is recommend any program you consider include that.
The 25 hours might not include the testing times, I don't remember.
Good luck!

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Our family cannot recommend James Eno and his team highly enough for in person and online SAT prep.

James will speak with you and will personally match a tutor to your child. The tutor will get to know your child and immediately work in the most productive, efficient and expert way. We have used James and his team for both of my boys and they have both scored exceptionally well on the SATs.

James is very flexible and will schedule sessions in whatever manner works best for your family. Our sessions 6 months ago were in person at our home and our next set of session in the fall will be online.  

I do not think there is better SAT preparation than James Eno. He can be reached at jetutorials [at]