SAT - Mo Rahmoun

I read good reviews and tried to email and call but he has not responded.

Does anyone know if he is still teaching?

Thank you.

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RE: SAT - Mo Rahmoun ()

We used James Eno in Berkeley for both of our boys and I we have only the highest praise for he and his staff.  He is amazingly kind, professional and organized, and produced beautiful results.  He is priced fairly, but in the end saved us a great deal of money as both of our boys only needed to take the SATs once. He is very flexible and can definitely work with your child's schedule. You will never regret having your child work with James Eno.  His website is  

RE: SAT - Mo Rahmoun ()

I don’t know Mo Rahmoun but would highly recommend James Eno, 510-499-2283. My daughter ended up taking the ACT but Mr. Eno does offer both ACT and SAT tutoring. She did very well and ended up at her 1st choice.