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A Career and College Advisor with a UC-Berkeley Certificate, Elaine works with students to identify the "best fit" for them, whether that be career exploration or college advising. Elaine also supports teens locally by volunteering at Berkeley High and Y-Scholars.

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The best part of the college application process was deciding to work with Elaine Chan! Our daughter, a senior at Berkeley High School, worked with Elaine on her college essays. Elaine has the expertise to help students through the entire process, from choosing schools to applying, with expert guidance at each step of the way. Another writer described Elaine as knowledgeable, approachable, trustworthy, and kind. We would add the words passionate, excited, and efficient. It’s clear she cares a lot about her students, makes a connection with each one, and helps them identify their accomplishments and what makes them unique. Our daughter always looked forward to her meetings with Elaine and felt inspired and confident afterward.  

Additionally, their partnership meant that we could play a supporting role in the process and all enjoy the journey towards this important milestone. During this process, the independence empowered our daughter to truly understand what she has accomplished thus far and is capable of in the future. 

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Look no further than Elaine Chan, EMAIL: elainechancollegeadvising [at] gmail.com.  Here is her website:www.elainechancollegeadvising.com.  Elaine worked with our son since 11th grade.  He is a BHS AC student (a current senior) but I know she has worked with students from the IB program (and music/arts students) as well.  Elaine knows Berkeley High inside and out.  Her two children graduated from BHS and she has volunteered in the College Career Center and the Y-Scholars on top of working as an advisor for many Berkeley/Albany families.  Elaine is super flexible, knowledgeable, personable and dedicated.  She will help your son at any level you need from coming up with various colleges to consider/visit, advising on meaningful summer experiences (that might be interesting for your son not just random ideas), essay brainstorming and editing if you like, filling out applications etc....  If you decide part way that you need more or less, she is flexible.  On a side note, Elaine was our second college advisor.  We had someone different for our older son and it was much more rigid and expensive.  If I had a quick question to ask Elaine, she would get back to me as soon as she could and NEVER complained or charged me extra for those moments, like other advisors will do.  Yes, she will work hourly or otherwise, it depends on what you need.  Every family is different and Elaine understands that.  My son was finished with his applications by November 3rd - way ahead of the deadline. Although you didn't mention this as a requirement, Elaine was able to connect with my son in a way that made him feel comfortable sharing what he thought about different schools and programs so that the list they made together wasn't about us but about him.  She was great and I highly recommend Elaine without reservation.  My last word of advice, contact her now b/c she fills up quickly!  :-)   

We highly recommend Elaine Chan!!!  She is a wonderful experienced college counselor and college essay writer- Knowledgable, approachable, trustworthy and kind.  With her expertise, she makes a daunting process enjoyable! As a parent of a teen, I appreciate stepping back and allowing Elaine to create a great rapport with my daughter. She is working with my daughter on her college essays and activities list through zoom, and inspiring my daughter to write her college essays over summer. Elaine’s comments are insightful and positive, with a quick turn around time. Most importantly, she makes sure the student finds and keeps their unique voice in the essay writing process. My daughter commented, “ Elaine is a great listener and understands what I am trying to convey.” Overall, Elaine Chan goes above and beyond and it was truly a pleasure to work with her. We recommend her without hesitation. 

We used Elaine Chan for our daughter, a senior at Berkeley High. She did a great job. From developing a list of colleges, many of which we would not have thought to consider,  to structuring the entire application process, Elaine made this daunting task run smoothly and successfully. She communicated each stage of development along the way and was always available for questions and advice. She worked with our daughter effectively from the beginning, transforming a challenging process into an engaged and enthusiastic collaboration with our daughter.  It was fantastic to be able to step back and watch it unfold. I have no hesitation recommending Elaine.

Our daughter was accepted into several excellent private colleges with generous scholarship awards. Elaine Chan's services were an excellent investment. 

My daughter, a BHS senior, and I cannot say enough about how invaluable Elaine has been throughout the college application process. Elaine immediately developed a rapport with my daughter when they first met and deepened a supportive, kind, patient relationship as they continued to meet. As Elaine got to know my daughter's personality and aspirations, through her extensive knowledge of colleges in California and throughout the US, she was able to make suggestions of colleges where my daughter would thrive. Once my daughter decided where to apply, Elaine kept us on schedule. She is a wiz at navigating all of the different college applications and created a college "application tracker" for us to stay organized. My daughter applied to many colleges which required writing multiple essays. Not only was Elaine an indispensable writing coach for my daughter's writing process, but Elaine is an expert on college and career essay writing and knows what the colleges are looking for. Elaine also assisted my daughter in creating and submitting art portfolios and artist biographies which were additional requirements as an Art major.  We are now beginning to hear from colleges and are thrilled that my daughter will have many options to choose from. Elaine was invaluable for keeping my daughter on track and she was invaluable to me for keeping me calm when I would get stressed out. We could not have gotten through the application process without Elaine's expertise and sincerity. 

Elaine is fantastic! My daughter really enjoyed working with her. Elaine is very positive and kind and put our daughter at ease with the stressful college process. She was extremely helpful in matching colleges to her interests, preferences and and strength, considering her personality and academic skills. My daughter is a senior at Berkeley High and Elaine's background as a former BHS mom was very helpful in understanding the high schools coursework and systems. She patiently introduced us to the various platforms used throughout the application process and was always available to answer our many questions. Elaine provided detailed documentation about college choices, an organizer to keep applications on track and supported us at every step of the process. She was very fast, responsive and positive. Elaine is an experience essay writing coach and pushed our daughter to dig deeper and get out of her comfort zone to further develop her writing. We are excited to have Elaine start working with our younger daughter who its currently a sophomore at BHS. She is truly amazing and we can highly recommend her! 

We came to Elaine through the Berkeley Parents Network website. She has been a breath of fresh air and a boatload of help for steering our daughter in the right direction regarding college choices and applications. Our daughter is well on her way. The best thing is that we know that if our daughter needs more guidance Elaine knows her and is there to help. This has really given us parents a peace of mind we were not experiencing prior to Elaine. Our daughter is not finished with the process yet, but thanks to Elaine it appears we will all survive!

Elaine Lotus Chan would be an excellent choice to help narrow his list and work on his applications.  She has worked with all types of students.  She can tell you which schools you might want to apply to based on your son's ACT/SAT scores along with other factors. I know she helps with the essays as well.   www.elainechancollegeadvising.com.  Tina Boyer is a fantastic writing coach.  She works with kids on their essays and personal statements.  She was amazing and really helped my son take ownership!  https://www.boyercoaching.com.  James Eno Tutorials down on Milvia helped my son decide whether to focus on the SAT or the ACT and then helped him improve his score by a ton!  http://www.jamesenotutorials.com.  Good luck.  We have just finished the process and now wait to hear back! 

Ditto to everything in the post by Miya.  I would like to add that Elaine is very flexible.  She is willing to help your child with the process of applying to college no matter what stage he/she might be in.  So whether you are just starting out and getting information or you need help with the actual applications, Elaine will be able to help you out.  She will help you and your family come up with a plan so that the entire process is less stressful.  She also has experience with the essay writing process and makes it a point of really trying to get to know your child.  She has experience as an essay-reader and has a very good sense of what colleges are looking for.  With just a little brainstorming, she will be able to help your child find his/her unique voice.  Elaine has been a huge help to me my son who was overwhelmed and stressed.  When she finished working with him, he was confident and relaxed.  He will be applying way ahead of schedule, thanks to Elaine!  Go to her web site for information:  https://www.elainechancollegeadvising.com/new-page/

Elaine is a certified college counselor who is extremeley knowledgeable with the Berkeley High system and how it applies to getting into both private and public universities all over the US. Having had kids of her own who graduated from Berkeley High and successfully were accepted to schools like Berkeley and USC you can trust her insight as both a mother and an advisor. She is easily accessible, super patient, diligent, thoughtful, sincere and knows her stuff. Elaine worked with my son on the Common app, Cal State app, & UC app. She also helped pin point and narrow down the ideal college list for him. She is very approachable and I would definitely recommend her services to anyone applying for college.