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  • Seeking Excellent Endocrinologist

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    My mother (66) will be moving to the Bay Area this year and is seeking to establish a healthcare network up here. 

    She will need a primary care doctor but also an endocrinologist as she has hypothyroidism and was recently diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism and severe osteoporosis. Does anyone have experience with an excellent, caring, and gentle endocrinologist they've had a good experience with? She is on Medicare Parts A+Band Cigna Supplement. 

    Thank you so much in advance!

    My mom likes Dr. McAninch at Stanford. 

  • I am looking for a non-Kaiser endocrinologist, preferably one the East Bay,  who will take an active role in managing my daughter’s Grave’s Disease (Hyperthyroid). She had a great doctor with Stanford Health but aged out. Her current doctor has sent her to hypo and dangerous levels of hyper. There is a two month wait for appointment and monitoring is only done by requesting a blood test (usually this is when it is way out of control). The poor management led her to have to drop her college classes this semester. Any suggestions are welcome and I will switch to Kaiser if there is someone there who will give her the attention she needs.  

    I had my thyroid removed 10 years ago so I totally understand your frustration with having your daughter going hyper/hypo. I recently moved to the bay and started seeing Dr. Linfoot. So far he's been the most knowledgeable endo I've seen in my 10+ years of being treated for my thyroid. https://www.yelp.com/biz/john-a-linfoot-md-lafayette Happy to answer any questions you might have.

    I’ve had graves for the past several years and seen a handful of doctors. I was recently at Stanford in Emeryville with Dr. Mani but left because she wouldn’t listen to my concerns or allow me to transfer to another doctor in the practice when requested. Because endocrine specialists are few and far between there aren’t many options and wait lists are long. Now I’m seeing Dr. Chakavorty in Sutter’s Dublin office and have had a good experience with her. They also allow you to transfer within the practice if you want to use someone different though all waitlists are long. Best of luck and when you find the right doctor stick with them!!

    I see the best doctor for GD. She is really amazing. The downside is that she is at Stanford Hospital in Palo Alto. I think it is worth it to make it happen to get to her. Dr. Dosiou. She has seen me through 3 pregnancies. I really can't recommend her enough. 

    Endocrinologists are not easy to find, I know. I don't know if my endocrinologist specializes or has expertise in Graves Disease, but you could inquire. His name is Dr. Omar Murad, office phone is (510) 984-0286, and his office is right next to Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley. He has a quiet demeanor, is attentive, and gives me more individual time than most doctors do. He also is really into follow up, scheduling every three months if something is going on. He will always have you do blood tests, and he is a believer in medication.

    Hi- I've been seeing Grace Eng (https://stanfordhealthcare.org/doctors/e/grace-eng.html) through Stanford in Emeryville and she is fantastic. It's difficult to get an appointment with her but if you say it's urgent they might be able to see your daughter soon. I've heard the other endos in her practice are great as well. 

    I also Saw Dr. Murad one time and have heard great things about him- https://www.sutterhealth.org/find-doctor/dr-omar-m-murad

    I hope you find someone who is a strong fit for your daughter. Best of luck!

    I saw Dr. Murad today and he said that yes, he works with Grave's Disease, and also he sees adults, not children. So he might be a fit for your daughter.

  • Hello,

    I am moving to Albany/Berkeley area and expecting my first baby in December so I need to find a new OB/GYN. Any recommendations? And is the only nearby delivery hospital Alta Bates?

    Also, will need to find a new Endocrinologist so looking for recommendations for that as well.


    Hi and welcome to the area and congrats on your first baby!

    I have been seeing Dr. Madhavan at East Bay Medical Foundation for my last two pregnancies - she and the rest of the group are great and deliver at Alta Bates. Depending on your health insurance you may want to consider EBMF.

    I have also been under the care of an endocrinologist for thyroid issues for 5 years and have had mixed experiences. It's really hard to find a doctor that understands endocrine issues in women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or postpartum. When I first moved here I saw Dr. Oman Murad who had little experience with women and no experience with pregnancy, breastfeeding or postpartum. Several times he would google medical journals for answers because I challenged a lot of his recommendations since they were not pre/postnatal-specific. I was correct most of the time so I left him. I then saw Dr. Nithya Mani at Stanford in Emeryville. She is more knowledgeable, but I'm in the process of leaving because she would not listen to my concerns. I frequently told her about symptoms of a prescribed medication but she brushed it off three times as "postpartum hormones."  This was my third baby so I'm well aware of what postpartum is like. Sure enough, after stopping that medication my symptoms went away. I'm scheduled with a third person down in Castro Valley and I hope they'll be the right fit. I had a fabulous doctor in Mountain View so I know what good endo care should look like.

    I love, love, love Dr. Clare Moynihan as my Endocrinologist.  She's with Stanford HealthCare in the fancy new(ish) location on Hollis street in Emeryville.  I can't say enough nice things about her.  I went through a pretty challenging time 2 years ago and she helped me through it.  I felt cared for, understood.  She's got a wry sense of humor.  She's kind.  She responds to emails.  As someone who will need life-long thyroid monitoring, I feel so lucky to have her as my endocrinologist.  https://stanfordhealthcare.org/doctors/m/clare-moynihan.html  I am happy to speak with you about her, if you want.  

    I just wanted to thank the parents that replied to my message. After looking at what is available to me through my HMO and location, I am also switching to Sutter and EBMF so it is reassuring to hear your advice. 

    I also can relate to your advice about thyroid care and was grateful to find out more about Endocrinology within the Sutter EBMF. I am sad to be leaving John Muir (since they only deliver babies now in Walnut Creek and I was not willing to drive that far in labor), because there is a really good Endocrinologist out of Concord, CA in their group named Yeran Bao. She is amazing and really helped me a lot early on in my pregnancy and really understands pregnant women with thyroid issues. I wish I could switch back to John Muir after I deliver but I don't think they have any local Berkeley pediatricians (or PCPs?) but I am going to double check. They do have OB/GYNs in Berkeley but won't deliver there. I would be really interested to hear how you find the Castro Valley Endocrinologist as I would likely be limited to them since I have to go to physicians through my Sutter medical group because of my HMO.

    And thank you Sharon for the recommendation for Dr. Moynihan! I will see if it is possible through my HMO.


  • I am recently diagnosed with primary hyperparathyroidism and am looking for a great endocrinologist who has experience with this disease. (The parathyroids are not related to the thyroid, they are only neighbors.) Does anyone have a top doc to recommend? I'm not looking for a surgeon, as I have one, but will need ongoing oversight by an endocrine dr. East bay is ideal, but I'm willing to travel in the Bay Area for the best care. 

    If you’re open to seeing a chiropractor, Dr. Matt Colman, Hayes Valley Wellness, treats all kinds of hormonal issues. Among other things, he’s helped me with adrenal fatigue, estrogen dominance, fibroids, preparing to conceive, and I’ve had a physically relatively easy pregnancy. 


    DrMattColman [at] hayesvalleywellness.com

    I was diagnosed with this about 10 years ago. Dr. Woeber at UCSF in San Francisco was excellent. He supported me prior to, navigating my surgery and even a year out from my diagnosis. 


    Dr. Jessica Gosnell was my surgeon  at UCSF-- amazing! Her skill (she's done so many hyperparathyroidectomies) and bedside manner put me at ease. I was essentially cured within 24 hours of surgery once they "bully" gland was removed. I've rarely even thought about my diagnosis or parathyroids since.


    You definitely want a doctor and surgeon with extensive experience since it's a nuanced surgery near your vocal chords. I've found a few doctors completely confusing this with hyperthyroidism, too, so there's that watch out.

    Feel free to contact me directly if you'd like more info.

  • Hi,

    I've had Hashimoto's for the past seven years and we recently changed insurance from Kaiser to a PPO. I am now looking for a great, highly recommended endocrinologist who has experience treating Hashimoto's, who will be open to doing periodic antibodies testing, and who will consider outside the box treatments (like dietary changes). I will travel to SF (curious if anyone recommends any of the UCSF endocrinologists?) and live in the east bay. Thanks! 

    I really like Dr. Grace Eng. She's a Stanford Doctor based in Emeryville. I highly recommend her. https://stanfordhealthcare.org/doctors/e/grace-eng.html

    I highly recommend Omar Murad in Berkeley, right off Telegraph near the hospital! He's very thorough, kind, really takes his time with patients and the office is professional, efficient, etc. He responds to patient questions via the online portal reliably. I've been under his care for thyroid issues for three years (Hashimoto's was ruled out) and we do regular testing--I'm sure he would be open to whatever you'd like done (I've made some special requests myself.) We've also discussed bodywork for stress (high cortisol) levels and lifestyle choices, and he pays a lot of attention to the emotional well being of his patients. Five stars! 

    Dr Christian Tuan is a wonderful, thorough, and kind endocrinologist. Really exceptional doctor. (415) 695-7661. SF office. 

    I have been struggling with Hashimoto’s for almost two years now. One thing I have learned, and had confirmed by a close relative who is a Stanford trained doctor, the medical establishment is not interested in, nor equipped to cure Thyroidosis of any kind. Their only arsenal contains drugs like Synthroid and Liothyronine, (or even desiccated thyroid) their only treatment plan is either increasing or decreasing dosage. Hashimoto’s is a very common syndrome, yet the medical establishment is shockingly unprepared to deal with it. Most endocrinologists will not prescribe nutrition or supplements.

    Unfortunately, established pharmaceuticals just treat symptomatology, and often not very well (the list of Hashimoto’s symptoms can be quite extensive), and the long term health consequences of these powerful drugs has not been well studied. Hashimoto’s is, in fact, an immune system disease, whereby your immune system attacks your thyroid. Why? In order to find a root cause, one has to find a practitioner who is willing to do the in-depth detective work, and then has the experience to treat the underlying issue with, either supplements, diet, medication or a combination thereof.

    I have gone through two highly respected endocrinologists:  one wanted to keep increasing my drug dosages, the other wanted to keep reducing them. I kid you not! Now I am starting work with an ND or Naturopath (whom my husband calls “not a doctor”) and keeping my last endocrinologist on hand just in case. (fyi California is one of a handful of states where ND’s are considered and can be called doctors)

    A few things to keep in mind when working with an ND:  insurance may not cover the cost and you have to be willing to take lab tests and alter your diet: supplements are definitely not covered by insurance.

    There is a great deal of information on line, some of it conflicting. Izabella Wentz has a site with good information, if you ignore her constant inducements to buy things.

    Since I have no experience yet with the ND, I can’t recommend him, but I would be happy to stay in touch with you. I have even considered a support group for Hashimoto’s sufferers. I wish you all the best of luck.

    My husband has seen Dr. Robert Ruschakoff at UCSF for over 15 years now for Diabetes 2. He is an outstanding endocrinologist. I am not sure if he still takes new patients, but if you can get in do. 

    Hi - I've had a wonderful experience for at least 10 years now with Dr. Eric Buxton. He used to be at UCSF but I believe he now just practices out of Marin, near Marin General.

    He's smart, thoughtful, well informed, listens well. I used to live in Berkeley and traveled to see him. Now I'm in Sonoma and continue to make the trip. I have recommended him to many of my friends over the years and they have all had excellent experiences.

    Good luck!

  • Hi BPN parents,

    My Endocrinologist, Dr. Avantika Waring (who I absolutely love), just moved to Seattle. I have some multiple, complicated endocrine issues, and am seeking out a new Endocrinologist who is stellar at both patient care and staying on top of the most recent research - and is taking new patients! One doc I was considering retired this month, so I am desperate to find someone. Does anyone out there have recommendations? Berkeley/Oakland preferred, but I am open to docs in SF and as far east as Walnut Creek. Would prefer a doc who accepts insurance (UHC PPO), but am open to an independent provider.

    Thank you in advance!

    Have you considered Dr. Eng she practices with Dr. Waring's former group in Oakland. I am a diabetes educator and have gotten good feedback about her from my clients.

    I recommend Diana Antoniucci.  She is youngish so not likely to retire soon; keeps up on latest research; really listens; and is open- minded about treatment options.  I recently switched to her from Allan Pont, who got me through a thyroidectomy for papillary cancer, but  I wanted someone who had the qualities aforementioned.  I am very happy I switched.  It took a while to see her the FIRST time, but worth the wait.  

    She is in San Francisco at Cal Pacific at 1375 Sutter just off Van Ness.  She is in network with UHC PPO -- which I have too.  Good Luck!

  • Looking for new Endocrinologist

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    Hello! I'm 35 weeks pregnant and am at my wits end with my endocrinologist. I've been seeing Dr. Wong at Stanford for 2+ years for hypothyroidism and while she's been adequate, my last appointment has me looking for a new care provider. To sum it up, she told me I may have cancer, but 'not to worry because thyroid cancer is slow growing'. All of this before an ultrasound or ANY diagnostic tests! She never mentioned the word benign (which 95% of nodules are - thanks Mayo Clinic) and just wished me luck on the delivery of my first baby in a FEW weeks, and I can deal with cancer after the baby is born. She's never been terribly sensitive or had good bedside manner, but the complete lack of options, discussions, or possibility of another outcome seems reckless - on top of saying this to a super pregnant person.  Any recommendations for someone in the East Bay not in Kaiser? Thank you in advance!

    I found Dr. Kimmel in Walnut Creek after trying and rejecting two other endocrinologists. 

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2010 - 2011 Recommendations

Endocrinologist for 17-year-old's abnormal thyroid function

May 2011

My 17 year old daughter was just told she has an abnormal thyroid function and needs to see a specialist. The following are in the practice recommended: Dr Anna Shurter, Dr Grace Eng, Dr Elaine Wong. Do you have experience with any of them, good or bad? I know nothing about this type of thing so really need a smart, patient and thorough Dr. thanks

My daughter sees Dr. Elaine Wong for thyroid nodules. She is very nice as well as good doctor. Dr. Eng was not taking new patients but I heard she was good too. I do not know the other doctor. Ellen

I started seeing Dr. Shurter when I got pregnant in 2009 and was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I can't recommend her highly enough. She is thorough and patient and has a great bedside manner. Good luck! Anonymous

I see Dr. Anna Shurter for thyroid disease, and I love her. I was diagnosed years ago in another city, so I saw about 4- 5 endos before finding Dr. Shurter, and I'm so glad I found her. I have autoimmune hypothyroidism (Hashimoto's), so really my treatment is about monitoring any changes and managing my dosage of the medication. What I love most about Dr. Shurter is that she listens carefully to how I feel and what symptoms I'm experiencing. A lot of endos don't care how you feel, as long as your numbers are within the normal range. But Dr. Shurter has been willing to work with me to get me on the right dosage so that my labs are normal AND I feel well. I'm sad to say that in my experience this is a rare quality among thyroid docs. I should add that this has been a larger job than usual over the past few years, because I have gone through a number of pregnancies and miscarriages and have needed a lot more monitoring/adjustment than I would ordinarily need, what with all the hormone fluctuations that accompany pregnancy. Dr. Shurter has been fantastic throughout.

Some other pluses...
--I've never once had to wait to see her. She's always been on time to my appointments.
--When I leave her office after an appointment, she gives me a written treatment plan, with details about when to get my next labs done, schedule a follow-up appointment, etc. As the onset of mommy brain in recent years has rendered me completely incapable of remembering anything, I find this incredibly helpful.
--She and her office are really great about making sure I and my other doctors get test results promptly.
--She is really personable and kind - also relatively young. I imagine she'd be great at connecting with a teenage girl. Hashimoto's patient

After more than a year of searching for a responsive doctor to answer questions about various symptoms I've been having, all of which pointed to an issue with my endocrine system, I finally booked an appointment with Elaine Wong. I was very disappointed. She was perfectly pleasant, but basically dismissed my concerns right off the bat without asking any questions or listening to what I had to say. One of my symptoms is unexplained weight gain, which I have tried unsuccessfully for over a year to fight with diet and exercise. Before examining me or doing any tests, she told me, ''Women always want it to be a problem with their endocrine system and it rarely is.'' Her professional advice was that I should join Jenny Craig. I left her office feeling dispirited and insulted. In the end, my test results came back slightly elevated but I am not going to her for follow-up. I learned more by doing my own online research and will find a more qualified and compassionate doctor next time. Frustrated patient

Endocrinologist that deals with thyroid issues

May 2010

Hi, Any suggestions for endocrinologists in the East Bay that deal with thyroid issues? Thank you!!!

Hi there, I had hyperthyroidism and had to have radioactive iodine treatment to fix the problem. I really liked Dr. Randall Ammon at 1 Country Club Plaza in Orinda. His phone number is 925-254-7450. He was extremely thorough, knowledgeable and patient. He was also very good at explaining the treatment. I now have hypothyroidism (the normal result from the iodine) and take pills daily but my levels are under control and I haven't had any problems. Good luck! bqn

Endocrinologist needed for a second opinion

March 2010

I need a second opinion from a good endocrinologists. My problem is thyroid related. If you have an excellent doctor and/or surgeon I certainly would like to know. Thanks! Marilyn

I really trust Peter Linfoot in Lafayette (www.peterlinfootmd.com) with my thyroid issues. His testing is very thorough, and he listens. I was quite frustrated with my PCP (who dismissed my problems because my bloodwork was ''normal''), and was relieved to be given careful consideration by Dr. Linfoot. Good luck. Anon

It's been a while since I read your post, and I don't remember your exact condition, but I have hypothyroidism and have been seeing Dr. Anna Shurter in Oakland for the past six months (regular visits as I am within the first year postpartum). I have been really happy with her. I have moved around a lot over the years and have had a number of different endocrinologists, and Dr. Shurter is definitely the most thorough in terms of checking in with me about how I feel (rather than just basing her recommendations on my lab results).

Incidentally, I switched to her after seeing Dr. Clinton Young in SF for a few years. He only answered my questions in vague terms and consistently refused to share my lab numbers with me, even when I asked - just told me they were ''normal.'' The thing that made me finally switch to Dr. Shurter was that after I gave birth to my daughter last year, my OB ordered thyroid testing, and my TSH was well below the normal range. I was concerned because I thought I might be getting too much thyroid and my medication might therefore be getting into my breast milk and getting to my baby. Dr. Young brushed my concerns aside and told me that ''low TSH means you are getting enough thyroid. You're fine.'' Which made me wonder, what is the normal range for if being outside of it is still fine? After my daughter started waking up 6, 7, 8, 10 times a night, I sought a second opinion from Dr. Shurter and found out that I was on too high a dose of the medication. We adjusted my dose and my daughter went back to sleeping through the night. Hashimoto's patient

Endocrinologist in Walnut Creek

Jan 2010

Hello, Back in 2008 I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism during the course of Fertility treatments. Lucky me, I got pregnant after I started the medication. Funny thing, I could not tell when my thyroid got all messed up. Since then, and during the pregnancy, my GP had taken care of it, with lots of blood tests, and many changes in the medication. I take the generic for Syntheroid. My GP had a feeling that may be my thyroid had returned to normal function after the pregnancy, so she took me off the medication. Let's add to it that I was recommended to take birth control pills (more bizarre things have happen after infertility treatments). Well, the combination took my Thyroid to hell. I was starting to think I was getting a super depression after 8 month of giving birth, my body was all messed up. I'm now back on Syntheroid (25mgr-low dose) and off the birth control pills. But I still don't feel 100% there. Having a really hard time losing weight, hair still falling and cold most of times. So, I think it is time I talk to a specialist... Any recommendations for a good Endocrinologist in the Walnut Creek area? I guess I could make to Berkeley or SFO, but I rather not. I have BCBS PPO so most doctors may be in the network. Thank you. Anon

I love my endocrinologist, Dr. Peter Linfoot in Lafayette. He takes the time to listen and does very complete bloodwork. My case isn't quite typical, and he was willing to work together to find a solution for my symptoms. His website is peterlinfootmd.com and his phone is 925-962-1240. Good luck! Anon

2007 - 2009 Recommendations

Endocrinologist for hormone imbalance issues

May 2009

Hello! I need to see an endocrinologist for some hormone imbalance issues and wanted to see if anyone had any recent experience good or bad, with Dr. Elaine Wong or her colleague Dr. Shurter? Or do you have another endo you would recommend? I really want the piece of mind that I am working with a competent, thorough clinician with a pleasant bedside manner. Thanks in advance. Hoping for some balance

It's true that no one doctor is perfect for everyone, but I'm very pleased with my endocrinologist, Dr. Randall Ammon in Orinda, and I recommend him highly. Dr. Ammon has repeatedly been listed in ''Best Doctors'', a national list of doctors who are selected by other doctors as the best in their field. Over the years I've seen him listed in Oakland Magazine as one of the best endocrinologists in the East Bay, and last year he was the only endocrinologist listed. If you want to see him as a specialist, though, you have to be referred by your own doctor. M.

Great endocrinologist you can recommend?

Feb 2009

Hello! I was wondering if anyone has any feedback, positive or negative, regarding endocrinologist Dr. Anna Shurter? Or if anyone has a great endo they could recommend besides Dr. Grace Eng as she isn't accepting new patients. I have been experiencing a hormone imbalance for several years now, but in the midst of having children it was chalked up to normal hormonal upheaval due to pregancy/childbirth. I know it's not normal and really want to work with someone who won't stop until we get to the bottom of it. Thanks in advance. Hoping for some balance

While I don't have any experience with Dr Anna Shurter I can recommend another Endo - Dr Yshay Shlesinger. He is very knowledgeable and has a fantastic bedside manner, really easy to talk to. His office is in Danville but worth the drive in my opinion. Another bonus is that he is not super busy as he is new to the area. I think he practiced in Vacaville before moving here. Phone number is (925) 552-5280. fan of Dr S

Endocrinologist that can help me figure out my symptoms

March 2008

I'm looking for a great endocrinologist that can help me figure out my symptoms. Has anyone used: Stephen Langer in Berkeley, Nathan Backer in SF or Quan-Yang Duh in SF. (non of them accept my insurance). Or can you highly recommend another one? I've seen Dr. Randall Ammon in the past, but didn't like him. Thanks. anon

I highly recommend Dr. Umesh Masharani at UCSF. UCSF takes most insurance. He is the top in the country, a great clinician, and is very nice. You do have to get past his front office staff. http://www.diabetes.ucsf.edu/EN/faculty/umesh_masharani,_m.d./ anon

Endocrinologist experienced with hypogonadism

May 2007

My husband has low testosterone (hypogonadism) and has been treated with injectable testosterone for over one year. We recently moved to the Bay Area and need to find a good endocrinologist with experience in this area. Ideally, we are looking for a doctor who is both familiar with testesterone therapy and compassionate to the problems that arise with low testosterone (impotence, depression, anxiety, etc.) when the condition is mismanaged. I'd appreciate suggestions from both wives and husbands. An endocrinologist in the Berkeley area would be ideal, but we will definately travel for a good reccomendation. anon

I can recommend Dr. Grace Eng in Oakland (Summit Medical Center). She is a wonderful woman and has given me great care with my health. I am not sure if she would be a good fit in your husband's case, but I am very comfortable with her. She came recommended to me as well. Good luck! Anon

Someone to test me for thyroid and hormone levels

Nov 2007

I'm looking for someone to help me rule out/get tested for thyroid and hormone levels. I'm a 38 year old woman and I've had PPD and a parent who had thyroid problems. I've heard that both Dr. Langer and Dr Becker are great. I'm curious about their different approaches, Dr. Langer seems more into alternative , but is also an MD, and Dr. Becker is an endocrinologist. Both have written books on Thyroid. I'm curious to hear from folks who've seen one or both. I have an upcoming apt w/ dr. langer and he'd be my 1st choice bc I live in the east bay. I'm looking for someone who has a full understanding of women's hormones from PMS thru perimenopause. Also, is there anyone else I should be checking out? Thanks anon

I highly recommend Dr. Becker. He saved my life. After seeing an alternative endocrinologist for many years I went to Dr. Becker, and he was a godsend. Though he is a traditional MD as well as a researcher he knows a lot about alternative modalities, and diet. He's very personable,and caring. He's mindful of the complexities of the individual. emmy

Do you have experience with these endocrinologists?

Oct 2007

Does anyone have any expereince with the following Endocrinologists who take Blue Cross? Dr. Grace Eng, Dr. Elaine Wong, Dr. Randall Ammon, Dr. Peter Linfoot
I have been working with Dr. John Linfoot (Peter Linfoot's father) for the last year to address Hashimoto's autoimmune thyroiditis and a pituitary tumor. I think he is adequate, but not great, and I have had several problems dealing with the office...endless phone tag, difficult to get an appointment, very long waits, and so forth, so I'd like to consider changing docs. Any information would be helpful. Thanks! Deb

HI, I have gone to Dr. Peter Linfoot, and he was ok, but not great. Now I go to Dr. Grace Eng, and she is so much better. Dr. Eng is very thorough and professionsal. I'm so glad I switched! Deirdre

I saw Dr. Randy Ammon when my GP discovered a somewhat rare endocrine imbalance last year. He and his office were very professional and always punctual. I have since heard that he is VERY good. Not much for the bedside manner and not much dialog about my care but ultimately, he said I needed surgery, recommended a great surgeon and 1 yr later, everything is hunky dorey. He is very competent and will manage your care very well. Feel free to email me if you want more info. sk

Endocrinologist for my mysterious thyroid issues

March 2007

I've been through the archives and am hoping for some more recommendations for a fantastic and thorough endocrinologist or internal med doc for my mysterious thyroid issues. I've seen two of the docs already recommended (Fitzgerald and Ammon) -- but am really hoping to find someone fabulous that is in the East Bay (Berk/Oak/Albany/Emery/ElCer) AND takes insurance(Blue Shield). I have an enlarged thyroid that fluctuates between normal and hyperthyroid -- and has done so since I was in college (about ten years now). My signs/symptoms seem to be increasing as of late -- and it's time for me to tackle this issue head on -- hopefully with a knowledgable and concerned doc. I am willing to see a General Practitioner/Family Practice doc with experience -- and am even open to seeing a mid-level practitioner who has dealt with this before. Any and all recommendations welcome! Thanks! Timebomb Thyroid

Dr Nathan Becker 415/681-7707

He may not be taking new patients, but his son-in-law is in his office and is also wonderful. Dr Becker is located in San Francisco but he is the best in the area. His office does not take insurance, but my insurance (Blue Cross PPO) reimburses me for 70 - 80% of the visits/tests. I could go on and on. If you want to discuss it with me, feel free to email me. He's the reason, I ever got pregnant. Good luck. Cindy

2004 - 2006 Recommendations

Dr. Eng for checking out lumps on thyroid?

March 2006

I've just been informed that I have lumps on my thyroid, and my primary care physician wants to refer me to Dr. Grace Eng (an endocrinologist) to have the lumps checked out. I'm wondering if anyone from BPN has any experience with Dr. Eng. I noticed in doing some online research that she recently was at Washington University in St. Louis, which means she may have recently graduated. This means she'll have the most up-to-date information, right? Here's hoping that it's not cancer!
worried BPN mom

While I do not have any experience with Dr. Eng, I agree that having a young endo may be a very good thing as far as being up to date on current treatments. There also are some great websites that you may already have found. Hopefully, you do not have cancer, but, if you do, I am a thyroid cancer survivor and would be happy to share my experiences with you should you need that. Good luck! ann

I saw Dr. Eng recently. I guess she's probably ok if you're a textbook case, but she freely admitted that when treating hypothyroidism, she goes only by your TSH, and ignores your T3, T4, and how you feel. She is concerned only with increasing your life expectancy (though she was unable to tell me how being under- or overmedicated might affect your life expectancy). Hypothyroid and underwhelmed

I am switching doctors my self because i do not like the weight and water gain from levoxyl. i have been trying to eat right and exercise. still nothing. the new doctor will be Stephen Langer- look him up in the white pages. he does all of the test. uses natural thyroid hornones and supplements . i heard he is the best on the about,com thyroid list. another place to look for doctors in your area. He also helps you with the diet. i dont think his office takes any insurance plans but to me it is important to feel better and lose some weight. annette

Is it worth paying out of pocket for Dr. Becker?

Jan 2006

I was diagnosed as hypothyroid many years ago, and have been on thyroid replacement (Synthroid) ever since, but lately I have been having issues that I think could be thyroid related. I always come out high on the blood tests, and my GP wants to cut my Synthroid dose even more (it has already been cut some). I don't have an endocrinologist, but I clearly need a good one who will listen to me and not just look at the test results.

I read the recommendations in the archive, and everyone seems to think Dr. Nathan Becker is the best thyroid endocrinologist, but I was shocked to discover that he charges $600 for an initial visit, $300 for followup visits, and doesn't take any insurance. I guess I've been spoiled by HealthNet, which has paid for all my medical care.

What I am trying to decide is whether it's worth shelling out the big bucks for Dr. Becker (if he really could fix me, I think it would be worth it), or whether to try to find a good endocrinologist who takes HealthNet. Does anyone have recommendations? Feeling hypo

I've been going to Dr. Ian McDougall at Stanford for nearly 10 years. (Even though I've moved to the East Bay, I still make the drive.) He is kind, thorough, and I think really good. The number for the clinic is 650-723-6883. Stanford Hospital's website: http://www.stanfordhospital.com/forPatients/financial/healthPlans SUH says they accept Health Net.

I am also hypothyroid, and was lucky enough to be referred to Dr. Douglas Zlock, in Walnut Creek. I have never met a kinder, more patient and open-minded doctor in my life. He is extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful and interested in all those little symptoms other doctors seem to think are hypochondriacal. He is also willing to try alternatives to Synthroid. I highly recommend him. Joni in Walnut Creek

I'm not sure if he takes health net, but I highly recommend Dr. Clinton Young in San Francisco. I had Graves Disease and an overactive thyroid. He treated my condition and monitors my thyroid levels and Synthroid use. His office is adjacent to California Pacific Medical Center. I live in Oakland but make the trip to see him. His phone number is 415-923-3101. Good Luck anon

Hi. I feel your pain. However, after trying what felt like a zillion endocrinologists, I've been seeing Dr. Becker for ten or more years. Yes, he's expensive. But he knows his stuff and is definitely worth it. I was virtually untreatable until I went to him. We've struggled a lot, but he keeps trying until he gets it right. He does not rely solely on test results, but on the patient's reported symptoms. Sometimes the tests just don't tell enough of the picture. Good luck, and if you have questions, feel free to contact me off list. Laurel

endocrinologist/diabetologist for Type 1 diabetes

May 2005

Can anyone recommend a good endocrinologist/diabetologist for Type 1 diabetes? I'm Type 1, on an insulin pump, and am still searching for a good endo in the area who has a good bedside manner as well as thorough experience with Type 1's and insulin pumping. My opthomologist recommended Dr. John Linfoot and Dr. David Estrich, but he says that they're both in their 70's and may not practice for very many more years. I don't want to find someone I like and then have them retire on me. Anyone know anything about them or anyone else? Thanks. Pam pam

I am also a pumping type I diabetic (for the past 5 years). i see Dr. Joseph Prendergast in redwood city. it's a pain to drive, but they do good work and are also very handy by phone and email once you have relationship available. i have seen dr. joe barrera, who left for LA, and Dr. Randall Ammon, but he was not so personable as i was looking for. i know some people who go to the UCSF diabetes center, also. feel free to contact me if you have questions. joshua

Dr. Ammon in Orinda is very respected. He's also a very quiet fellow, and some people find that a challenge. Dr. Kamrath, in Walnut Creek, is the best endocrinologist I've seen in decades, and I think he's worth the schlep out to WC. He has the kind of straightforward manner some people might call a bit brusque, but he's really just being direct and clear, and again, he's the best. I saw Lisa Snow in Linfoot's office and don't recommend her. Great manner, but my internist and I were both alarmed by her advice, which was outdated (I was telling her about treatements and options). We also thought she was not aggressive enough for how far my numbers had slipped at the time. After that I saw Kamrath and have been more than happy with him. Also Diabetic

I'm with Kaiser and I like my endo - Pamela Kershner, MD. Outside of Kaiser there are not a lot of choices, but you could try Randall Ammon, MD. I saw him once and liked him. I'm not sure if he's taking any new patients. There are more choices in Marin. I have a pump too. Melanie

endocrinologist for symptoms of thyroid

March 2005

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good endocrinologist. I have been having symptoms of thyroid (infertility,irregular periods, weight gain, panic attacks, shortness of breath, cold) and cannot find a doctor to take the symptoms seriously. I hesitate going to an endo who also will not take the time to listen to me. I feel like I am going crazy and these symptoms are in my head. My GP sends me to the OBGYN, who send me to an infert. specialist, who wants me to go back to my GP! Help

I strongly recommend Dr. Nathan Becker, in San Francisco. He's really hard to get an appointment with, but the wait is definitely worth it. He's fantastic. Good-ish bedside manner, but excellent listener and even better clinically. Ruth

I highly recommend Nathan Becker, MD for endocrinology. Several people on this list recommended him to me a while ago, and he has been a lifesaver in diagnosing and treating my somewhat complicated thyroid condition. He is extremely knowledgeable (has something like 20-30 years of experience), and I was impressed by how much he understood about the inter- connectedness of lots of different issues with my health history and thyroid. He is located in San Francisco at 350 Parnassus, and his phone is 415-681-7707. His only downside is that he doesn't take insurance, so you'll have to fight that battle yourself.

I am seeing Dr. Norman Rosen in Walnut Creek for a thyroid problem. I actually look forward to seeing him for my check ups because he seems like an old style physician. He really listens and takes time to explain why he does things. He clearly lays out next steps. I have a feeling he is winding down his practice, but if you are concerned that you are not being taken seriously, he is the person I would go see. roz

Dr. Paul Fitzgerald at UCSF is a wonderful endocrinologist. I went through three other endocrinologists before I found him and although he does not take any insurance (private patients only) and won't do a lot of hand holding, he is incredibly knowledgeable, patient and kind. He isn't the kind of doctor that just looks at blood work - he actually talks to you AND listens. You can find out more about the philosophy of his care and credentials at www.fitzgeraldmd.com anon

endocrinologist for thyroid replacement meds

Dec 2004

I'm looking for an excellent endocrinologist in the bay area (preferably SF or the east bay, but I'm willing to travel). I've been taking thyroid replacement for hypothyroid and hormone replacement (estrogen and progesterone) for 15 years, after surviving cancer treatment. My regular GP has followed my treatment, but in the past year my thyroid med has been adjusted several times and I still don't feel right. I would like to find a specialist who not only looks at blood test results, but understands how nutrition and other lifestyle factors impact hormonal and thyroid balances, and can work with me to regulate my med levels and minimize any long-term negative side effects. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, rachel

I have been going to Dr. Nathan Becker in San Francisco for years. He is really amazing and knows his stuff and definitely looks at food and environment as well. The downsides: (1) he does not accept insurance (except Medical/Medicare, I think)so everything is out-of-pocket and you then get reimbursed by insurance (2) unless you luck out, he's booked very far in advance. I remember waiting six months for my first appointment. That said, I would not go to another endocrinologist. He's really the best. Ruth

I've been seeing Dr. Nathan Becker (350 Parnassus in SF) for many years. I have an extremely difficult to treat thyroid. I've seen other endocrinologists, and he's the only one who seems to be aware of all of the options. In addition, he pays more attention to symptoms than blood test results. If my symptoms suggest going one way and my tests suggest going the other way, he'll consult with me and we'll usually treat my symptoms. His office is next door to UCSF Med Center. His phone number is (415) 681-7707. Good luck!! Laurel

East Bay endocrinologist for Type 1 Diabetes

Oct 2004

I am in my 30s and have had Type 1 Diabetes for quite awhile. I currently see Dr. Randall Ammon, who is very good, but I can't stand his office staff and thought about looking around at other doctors. Does anyone have any recommendations for good endocrinologists in the east bay (non-Kaiser please)? I looked in the archive but only saw postings for special conditions. Thanks East Bay Diabetic

i am also a long term type 1 diabetic in my 30's. i used to see dr. ammon, but switched to dr. joseph prendergast in redwood city (it's not east bay, but just over the san mateo bridge). it's a long way to go, but i've been really happy with his care and he and his staff can do a lot over the phone and with email. you can reach them at 650.368-1411. joshua

excellent endocrynologist for a possible thyroid problem

August 2004

Can anyone recommend an excellent endocrynologist or internal medicine doctor for a possible thyroid problem? I'm also wondering if it matters whether you go to an endocrynologist or an internal medicine doctor if one has hypothyroid problem. The last recommendations for thyroid doctors on the network were from 2000 and I'm wondering if anyone has had any recent recommendations. Looking for an excellent, proactive, and experienced doctor in the area. Thanks a lot! fatigued mom

i highly recommend dr. rachelle halpern!! she's in lafayette: 925.283.0177. i've been hypothyroid for about 20 years, used to see someone else at ucsf who would tell me that i have children so of course i was tired. dr. halpern does more extensive bloodwork, changed my prescriptions, and i have felt better for years now. good luck! peggy

My regular doctor referred me to Dr. Randall Ammon (endocrinologist) specifically for thyriod problems. I have only seen him once, but he seemed very knowledgeable. He is in Orinda at 1 Country Club Plaza, 925-254-3805. Burr

I have seen Dr. Linfoot in San Ramon first because of proximity from my work, but I was unhappy with him and his assistant. He didn't seem to have a lot of time to share with his patients and his assistant didn't appear to have a lot of experience to make independent judgement. I am currently seeing a doctor (Dr. Masharani) at the UCSF endocrinology group and I am very happy with him. For routine T4 check-up during my pregnancy, we talked on the phone to adjust the dosage so that I don't have to drive to San Francisco every 4 weeks. JH

Specialist to handle my post-thyroid cancer treatment

June 2004

I am seeking a specialist in the area of endocrinology and/or nuclear medicine to handle my post-thyroid cancer treatment (thyroidectomy and RAI) followup. Due to circumstances beyond her control, my previous doctor, who had administered my RAI treatment, was forced to close her practice suddenly, and I am feeling up the creek without a paddle at this point, as my first ''clean'' scan is coming up soon, and my internist has been of little help in recommending a replacement. Specifically, I need someone affiliated with Alta Bates who who is a dedicated specialist in the area of thyroid cancer--and who can monitor my TSH levels and handle my upcoming scan in August.

Ideally, this physician would also be open to the possibility of administering Thyrogen before my scan as an alternative to the traditional approach to having to go ''hypothyroid'' several weeks before the scan, which is very uncomfortable, to say the least, especially as a full-time mother of a very active two- year-old boy.

I have heard about John Linfoot at Summit, but that is about the only lead I have to go on, and I'm not sure if he is even a thyroid cancer specialist. And apparently, the nuclear med dept. at Alta Bates in Berkeley does not have a thyroid cancer specialist either. If anyone can recommend a doctor in this area of specialty, including provide specific info on Linfoot, please let me know. Thank you. Tricia

I have been a patient of Dr Linfoot for 8 years, though I don't have thyroid cancer, he is monitoring me for it. This is, perhaps, not helpful, but he is board certified in nuclear medicine and endocrinology. In the least, he is thorough and patient and seems to really keep up w/ what is current in the world of glands. MG

Earlier Recommendations

Sept 2003

Hello, My partner was just diagnosed with Diabetes, type 2. We already started an intensive diet that is very good and has had much success with Diabetic patients. However, we are now looking for a local specialist (covered by our insurance Pacificare) that can help her manage this problem. Her sugar level is not very high but she has many of the symptoms of Diabetes. Any input from someone having had experience would be very helpful. Thank you. A Concerned Partner

I am type 1 diabetic and I see Dr. Randall Ammon in Orinda. As far as I know, he is the ONLY local diabetes specialist in the area. Not much of a bedside manner but he is knowledgable. If you hear of any others, I'd be interested in hearing about them.... am

January 2003

Having recently found that I need to have a thryroid nodule removed to be biopsied, I am looking for recommendations for excellent endocrine surgeons. Through a referral from my primary care physician, I'm working with Dr. Steven Stanton, so would also appreciate any feedback on him as well. Thanks. esther

Steven Stanton is a general surgeon. He removed a small cyst on the small of my back in July 2000. I initially found him dismissive, but at the recommendation of my doctor's front office (East Bay Family Practice--Marge), I gave him another chance. I'm glad I did. He did a great job and was very receptive to my questions (just rubbed me the wrong way the first time). But if you want an endocrine surgeon specifically, he may not be the surgeon for you. (shrug) Maybe there are no ''endocrine'' surgeons...? Anyway, I had a good experience with him. Jennie

January 2003

Re: Endocrinologists at Kaiser

I am not a Kaiser member, so I cannot recommend an endochrinologist there; however, I had a thyroid scan (through Healthnet, Hills Physicians) last fall and it was done by a radiologist, who provided the report to my Primary Care Doctor. She, in turn, referred me on for a sonogram. So, you may not need an endo immediately. There is a website for thyroid cancer survivors which includes doctor recommendations. You might try checking there. I believe the website is www.thyca.org. Good luck! Ann


My mother has just been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. She lives in a small town and I'd love her to see a top notch doctor for a second opinion and for consultation about treatment. Does anyone know of a good endocrinologist who specializes in thyroid conditions?

I was diagnosed with a hyperthyroid condition shortly after the birth of my second child five years ago. Over this duration of time, I have been under the care of Dr. Randall Ammon, who has been excellent in treating and monitoring my hyperthryoid. He is an excellent endocrinologist, well respected among colleagues. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Ammon. His office is in Orinda (phone 1-925-254-3805). Liz

I have had a long-standing thyroid problem which, although not hyperthyroidism, was VERY difficult to treat. I saw virtually every Bay Area endocrinologist, most of whom were quite unable to deal with my particular issue. However, then I found Nathan Becker, in SF, across from UCSF at 350 Parnassus (415-681-7707). He knows everything there is to know about thyroid disorders (and diabetes and other endocrinological things, I suspect). He's expensive, and doesn't take insurance, but if you really want to know what's going on, he's your guy. If she goes in for a visit, ask her to tell him I sent her. Good luck!

I also have been a patient of Dr. Randy Ammon, and have found him quite good -- much better than the doc I started with. 925/254-7450 Susan

I would also recommend Nathan Becker. He is considered one of the best thyroid specialists in Northern California. And although he does not take insurance, his office will provide you with all the necessary receipts and paperwork to help you get reimbursed by your insurance company after-the-fact. Marilou

I highly recommend D. Ammon of Orinda. He is very responsible and dedicated. Also, when I had an appointment, I have never had to wait for. I cannot say enough good things about him... Daniela