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Pediatric Endocrinologist for Type 1 Diabetes

Dec 2011

We are thinking about switching endocrinologists for our son. He is currently being seen at Children's Hospital, but a practice East of the Caldecott would be much more convenient. Can anyone recommend a great endocrinologist with whom we could develop a relationship for his long term care? Dealing with Diabetes

Children's Hospital Oakland has a clinic in Walnut Creek. Dr. Jennifer Olson alternates between CH-Oakland and the Walnut Creek location. Sometimes for scheduling convenience we still end up in Oakland, but we try to see her in Walnut Creek. That gives us east-of-the-tunnel convenience but we're still served by Children's Hospital if we need more serious phone or inpatient help. We have a 12 year old with T1D. K

Pediatric endocrinologist for precocious puberty

August 2008

Can anyone recommend a top-notch pediatric endocrinologist, OTHER than at Kaiser? Our daughter suffers from precocious puberty, so we would be especially interested in someone with deep expertise in this condition. Three names we've been given are Doctors Bhatia, Conrad, and Olson, but we'd love information about anyone at all. Thanks very much! Anonymous

I HIGHLY recommend Susan Conrad. My son who has Prader-Willi syndrome was seen by Cathy Egli (who was great) at Children's Oakland for over 7 years, but she is returning to Kaiser.

I took my daughter to Dr. Conrad for a different issue after hearing wonderful things about her from other families. She was warm, compassionate, and very thorough. She listened to all of my concerns and although we did not leave with answers, she continued to investigate and followed-up with me even after it was clear it was not an endocrinology issue.

I have been to many excellent specialists over the years for my son's medical issues and place Susan Conrad at top of that list. Mary

Recent experience with a pediatric endocrinologist?

Nov 2006

Does anyone have an recommendations for a pediatric endocrinologist? My youngest daughter is currently being seen by a wonderful endocrinologist at Kaiser Oakland (Dr. Yvette Fan), but our insurance is changing and we have to leave Kaiser. I saw one outdated posting on the website, and wondered if anyone has any more recent experiences? Thanks in advance for your response Maggie

My son sees Dr. Suruchi Bhatia thorugh Children's Hospital. She is very warm and caring. She has offices in Oakland and Walnut Creek. She can be reached at 510-428-3654 Good luck! Joshua's Mom

Pediatric endocrinologist for 6yo's hormonal disorder

Dec 2002

My 6 year old daughter might have some hormonal disorders. I need to take her to a pediatric endocrinologist. I have read the various responses regarding Dr. John Linfoot and most refer to Dr. John Linfoot Sr. Does anyone have any information about Dr. John Linfoot Jr. in Oakland or Dr. Robert Lustig at UCSF? If so, please let me know what your experience is or was. Thank you so very much. A worried mother.

Dr. David Estritch (Estrich?) is an excellent endocrinologist in Oakland, don't know if he takes pediatric patients. It would be worth your while finding out. Good luck Ciao