Looking for new Endocrinologist

Hello! I'm 35 weeks pregnant and am at my wits end with my endocrinologist. I've been seeing Dr. Wong at Stanford for 2+ years for hypothyroidism and while she's been adequate, my last appointment has me looking for a new care provider. To sum it up, she told me I may have cancer, but 'not to worry because thyroid cancer is slow growing'. All of this before an ultrasound or ANY diagnostic tests! She never mentioned the word benign (which 95% of nodules are - thanks Mayo Clinic) and just wished me luck on the delivery of my first baby in a FEW weeks, and I can deal with cancer after the baby is born. She's never been terribly sensitive or had good bedside manner, but the complete lack of options, discussions, or possibility of another outcome seems reckless - on top of saying this to a super pregnant person.  Any recommendations for someone in the East Bay not in Kaiser? Thank you in advance!

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I found Dr. Kimmel in Walnut Creek after trying and rejecting two other endocrinologists.