Looking for endocrinologist who treats Hashimoto's--East Bay or SF


I've had Hashimoto's for the past seven years and we recently changed insurance from Kaiser to a PPO. I am now looking for a great, highly recommended endocrinologist who has experience treating Hashimoto's, who will be open to doing periodic antibodies testing, and who will consider outside the box treatments (like dietary changes). I will travel to SF (curious if anyone recommends any of the UCSF endocrinologists?) and live in the east bay. Thanks! 

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I really like Dr. Grace Eng. She's a Stanford Doctor based in Emeryville. I highly recommend her. https://stanfordhealthcare.org/doctors/e/grace-eng.html

I highly recommend Omar Murad in Berkeley, right off Telegraph near the hospital! He's very thorough, kind, really takes his time with patients and the office is professional, efficient, etc. He responds to patient questions via the online portal reliably. I've been under his care for thyroid issues for three years (Hashimoto's was ruled out) and we do regular testing--I'm sure he would be open to whatever you'd like done (I've made some special requests myself.) We've also discussed bodywork for stress (high cortisol) levels and lifestyle choices, and he pays a lot of attention to the emotional well being of his patients. Five stars! 

Dr Christian Tuan is a wonderful, thorough, and kind endocrinologist. Really exceptional doctor. (415) 695-7661. SF office. 

I have been struggling with Hashimoto’s for almost two years now. One thing I have learned, and had confirmed by a close relative who is a Stanford trained doctor, the medical establishment is not interested in, nor equipped to cure Thyroidosis of any kind. Their only arsenal contains drugs like Synthroid and Liothyronine, (or even desiccated thyroid) their only treatment plan is either increasing or decreasing dosage. Hashimoto’s is a very common syndrome, yet the medical establishment is shockingly unprepared to deal with it. Most endocrinologists will not prescribe nutrition or supplements.

Unfortunately, established pharmaceuticals just treat symptomatology, and often not very well (the list of Hashimoto’s symptoms can be quite extensive), and the long term health consequences of these powerful drugs has not been well studied. Hashimoto’s is, in fact, an immune system disease, whereby your immune system attacks your thyroid. Why? In order to find a root cause, one has to find a practitioner who is willing to do the in-depth detective work, and then has the experience to treat the underlying issue with, either supplements, diet, medication or a combination thereof.

I have gone through two highly respected endocrinologists:  one wanted to keep increasing my drug dosages, the other wanted to keep reducing them. I kid you not! Now I am starting work with an ND or Naturopath (whom my husband calls “not a doctor”) and keeping my last endocrinologist on hand just in case. (fyi California is one of a handful of states where ND’s are considered and can be called doctors)

A few things to keep in mind when working with an ND:  insurance may not cover the cost and you have to be willing to take lab tests and alter your diet: supplements are definitely not covered by insurance.

There is a great deal of information on line, some of it conflicting. Izabella Wentz has a site with good information, if you ignore her constant inducements to buy things.

Since I have no experience yet with the ND, I can’t recommend him, but I would be happy to stay in touch with you. I have even considered a support group for Hashimoto’s sufferers. I wish you all the best of luck.

My husband has seen Dr. Robert Ruschakoff at UCSF for over 15 years now for Diabetes 2. He is an outstanding endocrinologist. I am not sure if he still takes new patients, but if you can get in do. 

Hi - I've had a wonderful experience for at least 10 years now with Dr. Eric Buxton. He used to be at UCSF but I believe he now just practices out of Marin, near Marin General.

He's smart, thoughtful, well informed, listens well. I used to live in Berkeley and traveled to see him. Now I'm in Sonoma and continue to make the trip. I have recommended him to many of my friends over the years and they have all had excellent experiences.

Good luck!