Desperately Need Recs for Excellent Adult Endocrinologist

Hi BPN parents,

My Endocrinologist, Dr. Avantika Waring (who I absolutely love), just moved to Seattle. I have some multiple, complicated endocrine issues, and am seeking out a new Endocrinologist who is stellar at both patient care and staying on top of the most recent research - and is taking new patients! One doc I was considering retired this month, so I am desperate to find someone. Does anyone out there have recommendations? Berkeley/Oakland preferred, but I am open to docs in SF and as far east as Walnut Creek. Would prefer a doc who accepts insurance (UHC PPO), but am open to an independent provider.

Thank you in advance!

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Have you considered Dr. Eng she practices with Dr. Waring's former group in Oakland. I am a diabetes educator and have gotten good feedback about her from my clients.

I recommend Diana Antoniucci.  She is youngish so not likely to retire soon; keeps up on latest research; really listens; and is open- minded about treatment options.  I recently switched to her from Allan Pont, who got me through a thyroidectomy for papillary cancer, but  I wanted someone who had the qualities aforementioned.  I am very happy I switched.  It took a while to see her the FIRST time, but worth the wait.  

She is in San Francisco at Cal Pacific at 1375 Sutter just off Van Ness.  She is in network with UHC PPO -- which I have too.  Good Luck!