Endocrinologist for Thyroid and Hashimotos

Good day, all the archived comments are older- so asking again.  Does anyone have an Endocrinologist that listens and doesn't just run a small lab panel and hand out medicine?  Not interested in anyone at Stanford in Emeryville or at the Colby Dr. Offices.  Willing to travel, but the good ones I have been referred to by friends seem to not be accepting new patients, and finding someone who understands Hashimotos appears to be as difficult as finding a Unicorn in downtown Oakland.  I am just looking for someone with a shred of empathy who is willing to work with me to optimize a care plan.  So many folks have Thyroid issues, there must be someone out there willing to help!

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I was diagnosed with Hashimotos and worked with Dr Murad at Berkeley Endocrine clinic for years and really liked him. https://www.berkeleyendocrine.com/physician

I did end up having radioactive ablation, so I'm not sure if that's the path you want to take, but he was kind, listened, and discussed options with me. 

I have a complex endocrine issue and have received excellent ongoing care for over a year from Dr Grace Eng at Stanford in Emeryville. She is a good listener and has been so helpful to me.

Check out the Sutter Institute for Health and Healing in SF. I've had Hashimoto's for 20 years and I've had the best treatment there. They have a variety of clinicians on staff that cover all aspects of healthcare. FWIW I also saw a very prominent endocrinologist at USCF for Hashimoto's when I was pregnant and I had the same experience- labs and medicine only. Then he kicked me out when I wasn't pregnant anymore (he was nice about it!). I don't think most endocrinologists care that much about Hashimoto's.

Without hesitation I recommend Dr. Beth McDougall, of the CLEAR Center of Health in Marin. https://clearcenterofhealth.com/beth-mcdougall-md/

She correctly diagnosed my thyroid issues ten years ago after other doctors missed them and changed my life. She has continued to support me through the hormonal ups and downs that came with years of fertility treatments, and now she is helping me get into balance again now that I'm done having kids. No doubt she'll be helping me through menopause in the near future! 

You do need to pay out of pocket to see her, however they will provide you with a superbill you can submit to your insurance for whatever reimbursement your insurance allows. Mine was great in the past, but not so much now, alas. Note that you do not need to do testing at CLEAR. They can give you a slip for LabCorp or Quest for better insurance coverage. It is just the consultation you need to pay for, and you likely won't need to see her too often. If financially okay for you, then it is 100 percent worth getting a consult with her. Her expertise, problem-solving, and bedside manner are beyond price.

I've posted before, but Dr. Christian Tuan, in SF, has been my go-to doctor for 15+ years. We have entered middle age together! He's in SF, but right by 24th St BART. He's really data driven and has always taken the fluctuations I experience in response to medication dosage really seriously. If you haven't explored adding Cytomel (liothyronine), might consider that. I love that Dr. Tuan looks at all the numbers, not just TSH, because Hashimoto's requires more nuance. 

Hello, I love my endocrinologist in Berkeley: Dr Murad at the Berkeley Endocrine Clinic (https://www.berkeleyendocrine.com/

He listens well and is very kind.  Highly recommended!

YES this was a huge challenge I experience - I have Graves and was diagnosed at the start of when I started family building so had lots of management throughout 4 pregnancies and postpartum care. Unfortunately, I went through 3 doctors before finding my unicorn, Dr. Subramanian down in Mountain View. I had really terrible experiences with Dr. Omar at the Colby location, Dr. Chakravorty at the Sutter Dublin location and Dr. Mani at Stanford Emeryville.

What I love about Dr. Subramanian is she genuinely listens to my concerns and opinion on own care. She will make recommendations based on current research and evidence and has little to no ego so is not threatened by questions that may seem like a challenge to her recommendation. She is always willing to take the extra time to educate (not shame) which makes it easier to be a participant in my healthcare. The obvious downside is the distance (I will schedule appts midday so to miss the morning and afternoon traffic going there) and like all endocrinologists she can have long waitlists. I'm not having any more children but when I was seeing her during pregnancy she would often squeeze me in since visits were somewhat tied to gestation so she will go the extra mile on scheduling if its medically necessary to see her sooner. She is with Sutter and is literally the only reason I haven't switched to Kaiser even though it would be cheaper for my family. Good luck with your search and I hope you find your person even if it's not Dr. Subramanian!

I was recently diagnosed with Graves (the opposite of Hashimoto as hyperthyroidism). I was seen by Dr Ali Hamraz (with Audrey Arzamendi) in WC Bass Endocrinology. I found him to be explaining things, to be open to my questions with empathy, and to be available for a quick chat & suggest that walk ins as I was getting new results.

I have been seeing Dr. Clare Moynihan who is with Stanford but her office is in San Pablo.   I had a total thyroidectomy and the dosage of medication wasn't working, so she increased the dosage twice and tested me for Celiac because she suspected that I wasn't absorbing the medication and wanted to solve the puzzle of my hypothyroidism.  She also has a strong foundation in Genetics and finally increased the levothyroxine to the magic number and my lab results came back normal.  She listens and takes as much time as necessary to hear your concerns and asks great questions.   I highly recommend her.   

I recommend trying Dr. Elizabeth McAnich at Stanford in Palo Alto to see if she meets your needs. She basically saved my mom’s life when her thyroid went haywire. Good luck! Finding good care is way harder than it should be.