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  • Hi,

    Looking for a Developmental Pediatrician in the Tri-Valley Area (Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore, Danville, Walnut Creek) or Fremont or San Jose area for a tween to do comprehensive mental health assessment (this has not been done before). We are looking at PAMF doctors for now but would also like recommendations for others as well as the waiting time is long and we want to be able to go someone as soon as possible. We want someone who can provide a comprehensive report that we can use for any services that are needed from school and/or RCEB(again wait time here). 
    Does anyone has experience with The following doctors from PAMF:

    1. Julie N. Youssef

    2. Brian G. Tang

    As there is a long wait time for appointments, we are hoping to start therapy( hasn’t done this before) mostly behavioral therapy if that helps. This is a completely new area for us and we are being cautious but want to get help as soon as we can. Can someone recommend a good therapist in the same Tri-Valley Area to start before an assessment and diagnosis can happen. 

    We are also looking for a preferably male general pediatrician in Tri-Valley area who has experience with mental health patients. 



    We consulted with Dr. Youssef last fall for our daughter and she is wonderful. The first session was 90 minutes (if I recall correctly) and you go over everything about your child. She is a great listener and thorough in her evaluation. She was able to give us recommendations for other professionals in the area and helped us understand who and what we needed for our daughter. I know she has an office in Dublin; we did everything via Zoom and that worked well (we are in Danville). I would try to get on her list if you can. Best of luck!

  • 1. We are looking for a new pediatrician in Berkeley who accepts Cigna and understands ADD Inattentive type and Sensory Processing - Sensory Seeking issues.  Our pediatrician has twice referred us to specialists who then told us they were not the right person to help our daughter - after we spent hundreds of dollars on the appointment.  Therefore we want to find a new pediatrician who we can see for everyday medical stuff who also understands these issues and can help us with referrals as needed.  I was able to find a great OT who takes our insurance on my own, but we are still missing a few other pieces of the puzzle.

    2.  We need a psychiatrist to do the evaluation for ADD Inattentive type who takes Cigna insurance.  Willing to drive to see a great person who accepts insurance.  Also interested in advice on non-medication treatments for this issue.

    3. I'd like to find a therapist who I can talk to about parenting a more intense child who really understands these specific parenting issues.  I tried one person already but she didn't really understand.  Again I need a someone who accepts insurance.  We are already stretched thin paying Berkeley rent so that my daughter can go to BUSD.

    You may want to see a Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician. Children's Hospital has 2 part time and UCSF also does. Not sure about the insurance piece.

    For question #3, I recommend Marie Hopper, MFT ( She takes some insurance types and is a mom of an ADHD kiddo so will get it. I saw her in a different context for couples work that involved a lot of co-parenting issues and was impressed  with her insight and warm demeanor. She also offers a parent support group specifically on raising ADD/ADHD children. 

  • I haven’t kept current on options for Developmental and Behavioral Pediatricians in the East Bay. I know that Brad Berman retired (or semi-retired). I know of Deborah Sedberry. Any and all recommendations would be greatly appreciated. 

    My child goes to Dr. Mariana Eraklis in Orinda. She is very good, but be parpared that she is expensive and does not take insurance so you have to submit yourself.

    I highly recommend Erica Buhrman on Solano Ave in Berkeley. She is kind, thorough and thoughtful. 

  • Hello - 

    We will me moving to the East Bay in early 2017, and are looking for an excellent developmental pediatrician for our toddler (who has some developmental delays) and infant twins. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



    Marianna Eraklis in Orinda, (925) 254-4000.  She's been wonderful with both my kids.

  • Developmental Pediatrician

    Sep 15, 2016

    Hi! I have a 3 year old son diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  My medical insurance plan is changing and need to select a new Developmental Pediatrician.  Anyone has any experience working with the following:

    • Erica Buhrmann - Developmental Pediatrics - UCSF Benioff Oakland
    • Susanne Martin Herz - Developmental Pediatrics - UCSF Benioff Oakland
    • Audrey Brumback - Pediatric Neurologist - UCSF Benioff San Francisco

    I welcome all feedback

    Thanks in advance

    My daughter is a NP, graduating with honors at UCSF and I forwarded her your post.  Her reply below:  Hope it helps out.

    "I know Audrey personally - she was a resident when I nursed on the floor.  She is crazy smart, a little quiet and reserved in her bedside manner, but very sweet.  I'd absolutely trust her."

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Behavioral Pediatrician Needed for ADHD Diagnosis

June 2011

I would welcome recent recommendations for a behavioral pediatrician for my child, who may have a borderline case of ADHD. We are looking at the Hyperactivity, Attention, and Learning Problems (HALP) clinic at UCSF, and would be particularly interested in hearing from anyone who has used that clinic. We would also be interested in behavioral pediatricians in the East Bay. Many thanks! Concerned Mom

Dr. Alterman in the Psych Department in Richmond is excellent. If nothing else, do your best to get into his seminar for ''strong willed'' children, it will be an amazing benefit for you and your family.

Developmental Pediatrician for ADHD

April 2008

Our 7 year old has been diagnosed with severe ADHD. We are seeking recommendations for developmental pediatricians as we begin to look at drug treatment options. Who have you used? We\x92d love a SF recommendation, but the East Bay is also very convenient. We understand that finding the right meds is a process and requires collaboration. What have your experiences been? We\x92re not looking for advice about non-drug alternatives -- we have been using great behavioral specialists for several years (and will continue) who agree it's time for drugs. thanks for your advice

We've been taking my 11 yr old son to Dr. Josephine Lindt in Albany for over four years. I've been very happy with her care. We suspected ADHD by the time my son was around 6 yrs old and at first saw another behavioral pediatrician, Dr. Lawrence Diller in Walnut Creek. We had an extremeley poor experience with him and finding Dr. Lindt was a huge relief. On top of the ADHD diagnosis, she also immediately spotted signs of dyslexia and dysgraphia that no other professionals had even suggested. After follow up testing with an ed. therapist, we were able to start getting him much needed help for reading and writing. We have switched medication many times over the years. Sometimes a med will work well for a few months or more and then with a growth spurt the dosage will need to be upped. Othertimes it has been more a matter of making him too ''flat'' or just not working to help him focus or settle down. Dr. Lindt has been very easy to work with in that regard--checking in by phone and being patient to keep on top of things until finding one that works with the fewest side effects. Medication has made a very positive difference for my son--academically and socially. Best of luck on your journey. Mom of a great boy

Need to consult with Child development specialist

April 2007

I'm looking for a child development expert to consult about my three year old, who seems to be regressing and having a lot of anxiety. I'd like to learn whether or not this is all normal behavior and how to help my child cope. Can anyone recommend a psychologist type with a calm presence and sympathy to attachment parenting? thanks

How is your child regressing? Is it develomental or emotinal or both? If your child is regressing in his/her development you should definitely have your child assessed. If it is developmental you should see a Pediatric Developmental Specialist or Pediatric Behavioral Medicine Expert. Dr. Brad Berman (Walnut Creek), Dr. Wachtel (Children's Hospital), Dr. Winters (CHO), or Dr. Tina Gabby (Marin). Be prepared for a long wait list. Good luck to you. anonymous

I can whole-heartedly recommend Anita Barrows, Ph.D. as a child development specialist. She is supportive of attachment parenting and knowledgeable of the developmental stages of children, what is normal, what may need attention, and how to go about addressing the needs of a child. She has a very calm presence and is down to earth. Her office is near Berkeley Bowl, phone number: 540-8330. Anon.

Our pediatrician recommended evaluation of 2.5 year old

March 2007

Our 2.5 year old son's pediatrician recommended that he be evaluated by a developmental pediatrician because he does NO imaginative play. He has good language skills and is bonded to us. We would prefer to pay out of pocket at this point. Know of anyone good? We live in Berkeley but will travel for the right person. Anon

I highly recommend our developmental pediatrician Dr Brad Berman . His office is in Walnut creek and phone number is 925-279-3480. I have to warn you that the wait to get an appointment is long and he is expensive - but well worth it. I have also seen Dr Erica Buhrmann, in Albany, but do not feel she helped us as much - her number is 510-540-5320. If you would like to e-mail or call me I'd be happy to give a more detailed answer. Laura

My child has seen Dr. Erica Buhrmann for some similar issues. My husband and I found her very knowledgeable and supportive of our son and of us. She has a private practice on Solano Avenue but is also on staff at Children's Hospital. Her phone number is 510-540-5320. Anon

Dr. Erica Buhrmann in Albany (510) 540-5320. She's very nice and very available, she'll explain everything to you in words you can understand and will answer all your questions. Good luck!! Jill