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I highly recommend Erica Buhrman on Solano Ave in Berkeley. She is kind, thorough and thoughtful. 

Dr. Buhrmann is fantastic and highly recommended for monitoring and assessing the development needs of your little one.

She actually retired from USCF Oakland Childrens in 2016 (and shockingly, USCF Childrens are closing their Developmental Peds department).

However, she is taking new patients in her private practice near Berkeley. But it's very pricey as she doesn't accept any insurance. 

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Feb 2011

Hi - any recent feedback on Dr. Burhmann? Anything to be be especially watchful of during the assessment process? Thanks!

Dr Burhmann diagnosed my young teen son with ADHD. Over the years, I had taken him to many different therapists and MDs who for some reason couldn't see the ADD. Dr. Burhmann is very thorough and diligent in her diagnoses and she explained the test results very well to both us parents and our child. Her treatment plan--medications--seemed very appropriate with the result that my son is now able to focus with less disruption at home and school. Dr. Burhmann was careful to weigh my son at each visit and tweaked the medication as my son lost weight due to reduced appetite on the meds. While her private fees are expensive, as most medical treatment is, I feel that she is very educated, calm, kind and dedicated to her patients. I have recommended her to other friends who have worked with her and have reported positive results. I wish you luck and readily refer her to your family as well. Satisfied Mom

March 2007

Re: Our pediatrician recommended evaluation of 2.5 year old
My child has seen Dr. Erica Buhrmann for some similar issues. My husband and I found her very knowledgeable and supportive of our son and of us. She has a private practice on Solano Avenue but is also on staff at Children's Hospital. Her phone number is 510-540-5320. Anon

Dr. Erica Buhrmann in Albany (510) 540-5320. She's very nice and very available, she'll explain everything to you in words you can understand and will answer all your questions. Good luck!! Jill

Jan 2006

Our pediatrician just recommended Dr. Erica Burhmann to us for our son's ADD issues (he also recommended Dr. Ann Parker but she is not presently taking any new patients). I cannot find any feedback on Dr. Buhrmann on the BPN and would appreciate any info, positive and negative, on her. I am especially interested in her manner with children, her practices re: prescribing medication for ADD and whether she has experience diagnosing and treating other emotional conditions such as anxiety in children. Berkeley mom

Erica Buhrmann is *wonderful* - she's very skilled at assessment and has a lovely, gentle manner with children and parents, while still being forthright. She's a clear communicator and knows about lots of local resources as well. I can't imagine anyone being less than thrilled with her. Lisa

Jan 2004

Has anybody taken their child to see the behavioralist pediatrician Dr. Erica Buhrmann? I'd love to hear whatever information you have. Thanks Taking my kid soon

Erica Buhrmann is just excellent. She is working on our daughter's acute anxiety problem. I'm sure you'll be pleased with her as well. Al