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Looking for a Developmental Pediatrician in the Tri-Valley Area (Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore, Danville, Walnut Creek) or Fremont or San Jose area for a tween to do comprehensive mental health assessment (this has not been done before). We are looking at PAMF doctors for now but would also like recommendations for others as well as the waiting time is long and we want to be able to go someone as soon as possible. We want someone who can provide a comprehensive report that we can use for any services that are needed from school and/or RCEB(again wait time here). 
Does anyone has experience with The following doctors from PAMF:

1. Julie N. Youssef

2. Brian G. Tang

As there is a long wait time for appointments, we are hoping to start therapy( hasn’t done this before) mostly behavioral therapy if that helps. This is a completely new area for us and we are being cautious but want to get help as soon as we can. Can someone recommend a good therapist in the same Tri-Valley Area to start before an assessment and diagnosis can happen. 

We are also looking for a preferably male general pediatrician in Tri-Valley area who has experience with mental health patients. 


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We consulted with Dr. Youssef last fall for our daughter and she is wonderful. The first session was 90 minutes (if I recall correctly) and you go over everything about your child. She is a great listener and thorough in her evaluation. She was able to give us recommendations for other professionals in the area and helped us understand who and what we needed for our daughter. I know she has an office in Dublin; we did everything via Zoom and that worked well (we are in Danville). I would try to get on her list if you can. Best of luck!