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    any one knows about her?


    HI - I had an experience with her around 14 years ago when I hired her to evaluate my son for his delayed reading.  Upon receiving the report, it seemed clear to me she had taken on a project where she had little experience and very little value to add.  It may be that she has a better reputation on areas of speciality or focus but I have only had the one experience with her. 

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August 2006

We have appts. scheduled for Dr. Josephine Lindt and Dr. Deborah Sedberry for behaviorial issues (possibly ADHD) that we're having with our 4-year-old son. Dr. Berman was our first choice, but we're on a year-long waiting list to see him. Can you please tell me what your experience has been with either Dr. Lindt or Dr. Sedberry? Who would you recommend? Our appt. is coming up soon and we're not sure who to go with. Thanks! -Anon

I have heard positive feedback on each. However, we had a very positive experience with Dr. Sedberry, who was very clear and helpful in helping us obtain a proper diagnosis for one child, and worked with us on medications. It's worth the drive to Walnut Creek. anonymous

June 2005

Has anyone had any experience, positive or negative, with Dr. Deborah Sedberry (in Walnut Creek)? She is said to have experience in diagnosing autism spectrum disorders and nonverbal learning disability. Are there other developmental pediatricians who specialize in those areas that anyone would recommend? Thank you for your input. anon

Our family had a very positive experience working with developmental pediatrician Dr. Deborah Sedberry. We brought our son to be assessed due to a sudden drop in grades in 7th grade. We thought he might have attentional problems, but her assessment teased out hints of a primary auditory processing disorder. She was able to do some assessments that made a huge difference in helping us move toward the right diagnosis. She also provided excellent referrals, and after some more in-depth assessment with specific professionals (including an audiologist), her initial ideas were proven correct. She also helped with some medication, and was open and easy to work with...and worked well with our son. I believe she used to work at the children's pain management clinic at Children's Hospital. I wouldn't hesitate to work with her again. Anonymous

After hearing good things about her, we took our child to Dr Sedberry a few years ago. She didn't take our insurance so the 1 1/2 hour visit cost $450. That included a lengthy report that she mailed us a few weeks later. While I think her diagnosis was thorough and correct, her suggestions were quite rigid and my husband and I both felt like she wasn't listening to us so we never went back. Also, she was unfamilliar with our school district (West Contra Costa) and was unable to make specific suggestions regarding school placement, etc... Feel free to email me for more details. hp