Doctor for Inattentive ADD & Sensory Seeking Issues

1. We are looking for a new pediatrician in Berkeley who accepts Cigna and understands ADD Inattentive type and Sensory Processing - Sensory Seeking issues.  Our pediatrician has twice referred us to specialists who then told us they were not the right person to help our daughter - after we spent hundreds of dollars on the appointment.  Therefore we want to find a new pediatrician who we can see for everyday medical stuff who also understands these issues and can help us with referrals as needed.  I was able to find a great OT who takes our insurance on my own, but we are still missing a few other pieces of the puzzle.

2.  We need a psychiatrist to do the evaluation for ADD Inattentive type who takes Cigna insurance.  Willing to drive to see a great person who accepts insurance.  Also interested in advice on non-medication treatments for this issue.

3. I'd like to find a therapist who I can talk to about parenting a more intense child who really understands these specific parenting issues.  I tried one person already but she didn't really understand.  Again I need a someone who accepts insurance.  We are already stretched thin paying Berkeley rent so that my daughter can go to BUSD.

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You may want to see a Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician. Children's Hospital has 2 part time and UCSF also does. Not sure about the insurance piece.

No advice but can you please pass along OT’s name. 

For question #3, I recommend Marie Hopper, MFT ( She takes some insurance types and is a mom of an ADHD kiddo so will get it. I saw her in a different context for couples work that involved a lot of co-parenting issues and was impressed  with her insight and warm demeanor. She also offers a parent support group specifically on raising ADD/ADHD children.