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  • The reviews are pretty old, I was wondering if anyone has any recent experiences with her?  Looking to have my a-typical mystery toddler assessed.  She seems to be one of the only ones that insurance will cover.  

    We found her knowledgable and informative and thoughtful. Our child was a pre-teen rather than a toddler, but you could always try a consultation and see what you think. I liked her a lot.

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Not sure if insurance will cover this but my 16 yr old son & I see Josephine Lindt a developmental pediatrician on Solano. She’s supportive & helpful.

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April 2008

Re: Developmental Pediatrician for ADHD
We've been taking my 11 yr old son to Dr. Josephine Lindt in Albany for over four years. I've been very happy with her care. We suspected ADHD by the time my son was around 6 yrs old and at first saw another behavioral pediatrician, Dr. Lawrence Diller in Walnut Creek. We had an extremeley poor experience with him and finding Dr. Lindt was a huge relief. On top of the ADHD diagnosis, she also immediately spotted signs of dyslexia and dysgraphia that no other professionals had even suggested. After follow up testing with an ed. therapist, we were able to start getting him much needed help for reading and writing. We have switched medication many times over the years. Sometimes a med will work well for a few months or more and then with a growth spurt the dosage will need to be upped. Othertimes it has been more a matter of making him too ''flat'' or just not working to help him focus or settle down. Dr. Lindt has been very easy to work with in that regard--checking in by phone and being patient to keep on top of things until finding one that works with the fewest side effects. Medication has made a very positive difference for my son--academically and socially. Best of luck on your journey. Mom of a great boy

August 2006

We have appts. scheduled for Dr. Josephine Lindt and Dr. Deborah Sedberry for behaviorial issues (possibly ADHD) that we're having with our 4-year-old son. Dr. Berman was our first choice, but we're on a year-long waiting list to see him. Can you please tell me what your experience has been with either Dr. Lindt or Dr. Sedberry? Who would you recommend? Our appt. is coming up soon and we're not sure who to go with. Thanks! -Anon

We were in the same position two years ago (trying to get in to see Dr. Berman, but needing to see someone sooner) and we also chose Dr. Lindt. She came highly recommended, so we felt lucky to get in to see her.

She evaluated our son over the course of several appointments (I think 4 1-hour appointments, but I could be wrong). He had a complex profile and we had already been through rounds of other testing (audiology, eyesight, speech/language evaluation). After she meet with him she scheduled a follow-up meeting with us.

She basically told us that she really couldn't give us an exact diagnosis and told us that it could be several things (ADHD among them). She recommended to us that we try him on some drugs to see if it helped, which was somewhat shocking to me since she had just told us that she could not give him a diagnosis, and that we go for a complete neuropsych evaluation. We opted to do the neuropsych evaluation the next year, which ruled out ADHD, and pass on the drugs. Now, several years later, our son clearly has dyslexia and we are working with him and his tutors and he is doing great. No more behavior issues at school (which were mostly in the category of impulse control).

One other piece of information: Dr. Lindt. never wrote up a report for us, so you might want to let her know up front if you will be needing that. I assumed she would provide us with a report since her services were not cheap, but that was not the case.

Overall, we were not happy with her services. I would strongly recommend either getting in to see someone for a neuropsych eval or waiting to get on Dr. Berman's list if you can wait that long. Good luck Anonymous, please

We had our son evaluated by Dr. Lindt. We were not happy with her services. We went to her with the suspicion that our child had Asbergers. After 4 visits, she said she thought so to...this was basically all she said. She did gave us a list of private Occupational Therapist, speech therapists, psychologists, and social skills group coordinators, all of whom were very very pricey. The final visit was brief and uninformative with nothing written or detailed as to how she came to her conclusion. I later found out that the school district could evaluate our preschooler for speech needs and OT needs. She did not give us this information (she didn't know this basic service??) Anon

Oct 2001

Has anybody had any experience with Dr. Josephine Lindt, a developmental pediatrician? Our 5 year old appears to have some sensory integration issues; we're trying to get a clearer and more well-rounded evaluation than we've gotten to date, and also advice about an appropriate school setting for September and about activities/therapy could help him. Thanks for any information about Dr. Lindt, or other relevant specialists. Deborah

We have two children with developmental issues (one severe, one not so) and Dr. Josephine Lindt has been their specialist for a few years now. We like her tremendously. She is perceptive, highly skilled, warm, and loves the kids who trust her and quickly established a great rapport. She is excellent at diagnostic work, evaluations and advice on educational programs. She is also absent of the egotism that some doctors exhibit. When she doesn't have the answer, she finds it, or consults with colleagues. Being unfamiliar with your son's particular difficulties, I don't know whether sensory integration issues are one of Dr.Lindt's specialties, but I do know that she would give you an honest answer if you ask. We have no complaints about her, and only praise. I'd give her a try, at least to interview her and see if it's a good match. Tobie

We have been seeing her for over a year now for my child who was diagnosed with ADHD-inattentive type. Initially she saw us for one or two meetings (the parents) and then spent a few sessions with my child. Our child is now on medication which made all the difference in the world at school. We call in for refills, leave a message and the prescription comes in the mail. But she has not checked in with us in over a year, and I was just reminded by a MD friend that blood pressure should be checked every 6 months while on this medication. I did actually speak to Lindt last time we needed a refill and she was going to have someone call me about an appointment- no call. Now that I have been reminded about the blood pressure check (I figure we can monitor the weight ourselves) and I'm more than a little ticked.

Feb 2000

Does anyone have any input on Joan Chomack, a speech therapist, and/or Deborah Sedberry or Josephine Lindt - both of whom are behavioral pediatricians? Thanks! Melissa

I would highly recommend dr. Lindt. I interviewed a few behavioral pediatricians on the phone and she resonated very well. I was glad to see I didn't make a mistake when I finnally met her. She is attentive, caring, kind and respectful. she has helped us a lot. Good luck!