Female pediatrician for ADHD teen?

My teen daughter has ADHD and does not feel supported by her current pediatrician. Any recommendations for a female pediatrician (preferably based in or near Berkeley) who understands ADHD and its effects on teen decision-making and overall health? We have HealthNet insurance. Thanks.

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Dr. So or Dr. Franks at Berkeley Pediatrics have been great for my teen daughter. I highly recommend them.

Not sure if insurance will cover this but my 16 yr old son & I see Josephine Lindt a developmental pediatrician on Solano. She’s supportive & helpful.

My twin daughters have been seeing Dr. Petra Landman since their premie days almost 20 years ago. One of my twins has ADHD. My girls have also seen the other female physician in that practice at 2500 Milvia in Berkeley. Unsure if they accept your insurance since mine’s different. Dr. Landman is excellent and I highly recommend her and her colleagues. 

Best wishes.