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RE: Breast reduction surgery ()

I had my reduction done a year ago with Dr. Michael Cedars in Oakland.  The results have been fantastic both aesthetically and functionally --- a serious reduction in shoulder and neck pain.   He is a lovely person too --- direct and kind.  He gave the most comprehensive informed consent I have ever gotten anywhere --- he let me know the names of everyone who would be in the room for surgery, which of them would be touching me when I was anesthetized and for what purposes.   Unlike other surgeons who mark you up the morning of surgery, he has you come in the day before for a very long appointment, and he measures and marks super carefully because he doesn't want to be rushed the morning of.  Lastly (and this might not matter to you but it did to me) he just did not have that creepy plastic surgeon vibe that often carries with it sexist ideas of the female body.  I believe his bachelors from MIT is in engineering and he certainly presents as more of a smart and kindly engineer or architect than as part of some unrealistic beauty industry.  Nonetheless he knows patients are attached to pretty results and at least in my case he delivered them. 

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May 2009

Re: Insurance/cost/surgeon for a breast reduction/lift?
I used Dr Michael Cedars (now in Oakland on Pill Hill) for a reduction almost 20 years ago. He was phenomenal. I actually did get it fully covered by insurance and they helped me make a case. I had additional support from my GP and my chiropractor. However, I think insurance companies have gotten significantly worse since then and it would be much harder to get them to pay nowadays. Happy to go smaller

May 2009

Re: Plastic surgeon to remove implants and restructure
Dr. Michael Cedars on Pill Hill in Oakland did my plastic surgery and I am very pleased with the result. He and his office staff are really great to work with. Happy I went to Dr. Cedars

July 2008

Re: Considering having a breast lift
I had a breast lift done my Dr. Michael Cedars in 1998 - at the time I thought I wanted a reduction (purely cosmetic - not enough to be a medical issue)and saw SEVERAL plastic surgeons in the area, many of whom seemed only to care whether my check cleared. Dr. Cedars, who is located right by Alta Bates hospital on Webster, was very patient and thorough in explaining my options and was most concerned with me being happy with the results. He was also the only Dr. who approached this as serious surgery rather than a beauty treatment, which for me was reassuring - when you are totally under, it's not *really* a spa day. I was very happy with the experience (done at the Surgery Center by the McArthur Bart Station), and 10 years later all I can think is that I wish I'd done it sooner.

Having had no complications or issues, I haven't had to contact Dr. Cedars since, but I believe he's still in business at the same location. still perky

March 2008

Re: Finally thinking seriously about breast reduction
Hi I went to Dr. Michael Cedars for plastic surgery almost three years ago. I thought he was so great I decided to work for him almost a year ago. Dr. Cedars has a great ''bedside manner'' and is an excellent surgeon. He does alot of breast reduction surgeries and really works hard to make you happy. He is head of Plastic Surgery at Alta Bates Hospital and was head of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Children's Hospital Oakland for eight years. He's a wonderful doctor. P

July 2003

Re: Considering breast reduction - any recommendations?
After years of hesitation and self-torture, I did it: at 50, I had a breast lift and reduction. I researched for the right surgeon all over the place, in depth. Found, I believe, the very best: kind,wonderfully professional, sensitive,a great sense of female psychology. Beautiful hands, beautiful eyes. Not a prima Dona, a true gentleman. Don't even look elsewhere. He is right here in Oakland: Dr. Michael G Cedars, (510) 763-2662. Now, almost a year later, my breasts look quite fantastic. I look slender, and younger. dh

March 2002

Re: Considering a breast lift
Dr. Michael Cedars did my breast reduction back in 1994. He is affiliated with Alta Bates and has offices in Berkeley and Orinda (I think -- somewhere out there). At the time he was ''the'' plastic surgeon around -- the one all the doctors' wives went to. He was absolutely great. The results of the surgery are fantastic, and he was very sensitive to my modesty issues. He even badgered the insurance company until they paid for it. Good luck!

Feb 2001

Re: Pierced Ear Repair
Just had my ear fixed after it finally tore through after many years of too-heavy earrings. In order to keep the same hole, there is a reconstructive process which costs the same as stitching it up and making a new hole. It cost $90 for consultation & $350 for the proceedure. In and out of the office in an hour. Dr. Michael Cedars in Oakland (just moved from Berkeley) 763-2662. Lisa

March 2001

Re: Cyst
When my son was in 2nd grade he was hit in the face with a tennis racket. His nose could be described as being in two pieces. Our wonderful pediatrician arranged for him to go to Michael Cedars and be repaired. He is 19 now and I can honestly say that his nose is perfect. There is no scar. In addition to doing a great job, he was very nice to both my son and I (and I at least was a little stressed). Dibsy