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  • Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for recommendations for plastic surgeons in the SF Bay area for breast augmentation. I am located near Albany and will travel the area for the best doctors.

    Before children I was a full B cup (sometimes wearing a 32c if there was quite a bit padding) but after extended breastfeeding two children, my cup is now an AA. Ah!! It's been well over 3 months since I stopped nursing my youngest, so it's time for me to start repairing the damage as my self esteem is extremely shot. Also, I will need to have a nipple reduction... I'm unsure if it's the lack of breast tissue with extra skin or if my nipples have been permanently stretched, either way they need help. I'm assuming a breast lift as well. *Sigh*

    Since I know what I looked like before, I'm looking to go to a C and trying to keep it looking as natural as possible. 

    Please share stories and recommendations. Thank you in advance! 

    Dr. Lauren Greenberg in Menlo Park is phenomenal. She listens to what you want and is very attentive to making sure the results are natural. I have had both doctors and mammogram techs marvel at how natural my "enhancements" are. I am still SO happy with Dr. Greenberg's work, 12 years later.

    Good luck!

  • Breast Implants

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    I am thinking about breast implants.  I have always liked my smaller breasts (when I was young), but they have deflated so much after having kids and early on-set menopause, that I've become quite unhappy with their appearance.  I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for plastic surgeons who can provide a realistic, conservative look.  I'm just looking to go up one size (from a deflated A cup to a B cup).   The only recommendations I can find here date back to 2008.   I've never had any plastic surgery before, and really don't know where to start looking.  Thank you.  

    Roy Hong, MD at PAMF Los Altos. He’s the “guru” to much of Atherton, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, and Los Altos. I highly recommend him for natural result.

    Hi there - I went through something very similar. Also started out A cup, didn't mind small because at least they were perky. ;) They didn't deflate after breastfeeding, but I realized that while breastfeeding I had my first experience with what most people would consider average sized breasts, and I really liked it. I went to Dr. Lauren Greenberg in Menlo Park ( after doing a LOT of research (and seeing a lot of male doctors' sites with crazy porn-star looks). Dr. Greenberg is AMAZING. Very woman-oriented, totally respected my desire to go conservative and have smaller, natural-looking breasts. She basically recreated my nursing boobs and I could not be happier. I have even had doctors and mammogram techs comment on how incredibly natural they look. I've had them 12 years and have never had any problems. Feel free to contact me through the moderator if you'd like to chat. 

    I am considering a safer alternative.  It’s a fat transfer from one are of your body to another.
    my friend did it with amazing results!   https://airsculpt.elitebodysculpture

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Plastic surgeon to remove implants and restructure

May 2009

Can anyone recommend an experienced plastic surgeon for breast surgery involving removing a ruptured implant and reconstructing what remains? Your experiences and input are most welcome. Thanks. anon

I have had two breast surgeries with Dr. Robert Aycock -- an augmentation/lift and a repair to remove scar tissue. Both went very well and I am very happy with the results. I used the Walnut Creek office at 925-937-8377 but there is also a Greenbrae office at 415-925-1700. He and his office staff have a warm but realistic approach. He also has a web site that shows before and afters. kl
Dr. Michael Cedars on Pill Hill in Oakland did my plastic surgery and I am very pleased with the result. He and his office staff are really great to work with. Happy I went to Dr. Cedars

Looking for great cosmetic surgeon for breast augmentation

August 2008

Hello. I am interested in recommendations for a great cosmetic surgeon for breast augmentation. I am also interested to hear from those of you who have had this procedure done, as I am still in the deciding stages and would love to hear your stories, both positive and negative. Are you glad you did it? any regrets? thanks! anon

Hello: I'm in treatment for breast cancer, which includes breast reconstruction post-mastectomy. Kaiser Permanente's plastic surgeons do a lot of reconstruction surgery for patients like me and so are excellent at breast procedures such as the augmentation you're considering. My Plastic Surgeon is Karen Yokoo, MD, and I highly recommend her from my own experience and from the photos of other patients. Kaiser has a fee for service cosmetic plastic surgery offering. Dr. Yokoo is worth checking out. I would, however, recommend that you take care to make certain that you're doing this for yourself and your body - because you want it. Anon

Considering having a breast lift

July 2008

hi - I am seriously considering a breast lift (no augmentation) and would appreciate any recommendations in the east bay or SF for a surgeon to consult with. thanks! looking for a great surgeon

I had a breast lift done my Dr. Michael Cedars in 1998 - at the time I thought I wanted a reduction (purely cosmetic - not enough to be a medical issue)and saw SEVERAL plastic surgeons in the area, many of whom seemed only to care whether my check cleared. Dr. Cedars, who is located right by Alta Bates hospital on Webster, was very patient and thorough in explaining my options and was most concerned with me being happy with the results. He was also the only Dr. who approached this as serious surgery rather than a beauty treatment, which for me was reassuring - when you are totally under, it's not *really* a spa day. I was very happy with the experience (done at the Surgery Center by the McArthur Bart Station), and 10 years later all I can think is that I wish I'd done it sooner.

Having had no complications or issues, I haven't had to contact Dr. Cedars since, but I believe he's still in business at the same location. still perky

I would like to recommend Dr. Elizabeth Lee . I had a breast reduction in Feb 2007 and it has changed my life. My scarring is nearly invisible, and I'm sure the scarring from a lift would be even less. My recovery was very fast - back in the gym after 2 weeks. From my first consult I knew that I would use Dr. Lee because in addition to her fine surgical skills, she really works with you to understand exactly what you want. Her pre- and post-surgical care is very thorough and thoughtful - there were no surprises and I felt cared for and supported every step of the way. While a lift is a different procedure than a reduction, I have every confidence that Dr. Lee would do an equally fantastic job - I've heard that Dr. Lee performs lifts with very small incisions. Dr. Lee is located on Regent Street in Berkeley. Her number is 510-704-2170. Couldn't be happier
I recommend Dr. Kenneth Bermudez. My daughter just had breast reduction surgery for health reasons. She had interviewed other doctors but felt more confident about Dr. Bermudez. He practices in S.F. but there weren't that many appointments so the ''commute'' was not an issue. The office staff was particularly kind and helpful. His number is (866) 229-8155 Mom

Plastic surgeon for breast lift/augmentation

August 2006

Looking for a plastic surgeon for breast lift/agumentation.. Has anyone had any experience with Dr. Togba? Any negative experiences with other doctors/procedures are appreciated as well. Thank you Paula

Hi I could have sworn I posted a positive recommendation for Dr. Togba before but did not see it in the archives. I had a breast reduction/lift done in October. I had very uneven breast from nursing on one side and have been agonizing over the surgery for a number of years. I was nervous about the procedure, the recovery and the scars. Well, I am so glad I did it and Dr. Togba did a phenomonal job. I was back at my job after 2 weeks and recovered very fast. Scars are minimal, you can't even tell. I am so happy I went through with it and cannot recommend Dr. Togba enough, i would go back to him in a heartbeat. anon

Breast Implants/Augmentation after three kids?

May 2006

Three kids and my once perky breasts are a tired, pitiful, almost invisible sight. Thus, I have begun to seriously consider plastic surgery. In the spirit of exploring my contorversial utopian ideal I am seeking personal experiences with such operations.

Very specifically (and exclusively!) I would like to learn about particular doctors, costs, troubles, triumphs, etc. that have resulted from surgeries performed ONLY in the last three years. I have heard enough horror stories about outdated procedures to suffice.

I appreciate any contacts and/or information you can offer. Thanks a lot! Ready for change!

I was in your shoes last year. Absolutely nothing but loose skin left in the bust area. I had a lift and augmentation from Dr. Aycock in Walnut Creek. I did tons of research on the procedure(s) on the net beforehand, and his office had lots of before/after pictures to show me what I could realistically expect. It cost about $6k, and worth it. I didn't get ''big ones'', but rather a size that was close to my pre-pregnancy size. The shape is different, of course, and I wish they looked more natural, but I am still pleased I did it. I was depressed every time I saw myself in the mirror, and this was one of the few post-pregnancy ''repairs'' that was possible (since the stretch marks, loose skin, and wider ribcage aren't fixable). It did wonders for my self-esteem. I think the main thing I can recommend is to do lots of research, don't expect perfection, but rather a great improvement on what you have now, and ask your doctor as many questions as you can think of. Good luck! anon
I had an augmentation and lift done about 2 years ago. Same situation as you (everything seems to go south after a couple kids...LOL). Mine were done by Dr. Aycock on San Miguel in Walnut Creek. He did a very good job and I am 90% happy with the result. The bigger breasts make the rest of you look slimmer by the way! I understand you shouldn't go too big as it can be stressful on your back. I went from about a B to a full C. The only negative was that I had a capsular contracture on one side...some scar tissue forming on one side around the implant, so that makes that side a little harder to the touch. I understand that this is rare. I went in for a second surgery to try to correct it and remove scar tissue but it happened again. Maybe just my system? Anyway, I have full feeling in both nipples and it has not inhibited my doing sports at all. There was some concern that it could make cross country skiing (swinging the arms) more difficult. Recovery time was about a month for going back to sports. I think it is a morale lift (pun intended!) for us more middle aged ladies. Good luck! anon. mom

Surgery for teen's significant breast asymmetry

March 2006

My 17.5 year old daughter has recently been diagnosed with congenital constricted tubular breasts. We have consulted with two surgeons, one at Children's Hospital in Oakland and the other at UCSF, who both recommend augmentation of the breast that is signficantly smaller. The consultations have been driven by my daughter - she has been asking to get her breasts ''fixed'' for a couple years now and is feeling like it is time to do it before heading off to college next fall. She is extremely self-conscious about her lop-sidedness and doesn't wear close-fitting clothes or bathing suits. If anyone out there has experience with this, I'd greatly appreciate hearing what you decided and, if you went through with the surgery, how it went.

(For those of you who will tell me that all women's breasts are slightly different sizes, this is not her case: she really has one significantly smaller breast and one well-rounded, fully-developed breast. She currently only wears baggy sweatshirts and is often in tears when trying to wear something else for some sort of dressier occasion. She's also not happy with the bras that have inserts, which she does use off and on). Concerned mom

YES to surgery. This was/is me. It was so incredibly hard. I cannot describe adequately how careful I had to be to not show this to others. For quite a while I had only one breast. My breasts are different cup sizes - one is usually a C, the other an A. The timing would be perfect - before going to college. this really impacted my ability to be intimate too. all is well now though. only question I'd ask would be about breastfeeeding - now that I have successfully breastfed my son (small breast being the big producer over here!) for over a year, I would hate for your daughter to miss out on that. odd boobs
I had to respond to this, as I just had this surgery myself at age 32 for the same thing: severe assymetry from a tuburous contracted breast. After years of feeling embarassed and anxious every time I put on a bathing suit or wore a tight shirt, I'm just giddy about the fact that I don't have to feel that way any more. I should add that I spent most of my life hoping the problem would resolve itself once I finished developing, once I finished breastfeeding, etc., and it never did. I'm not sure what kind of advice you want, but I can tell you a bit about my experience. I had my surgery through Kaiser, and I did lots of research online beforehand, so I knew what to expect. The recovery was quite painful and took a couple of weeks, so be prepared. I'd plan on a minimum of one week of mostly rest, and two weeks at the outside. The other thing your daughter should be prepared for is that the surgery does not make your breasts look identical. Because the tissue was so contracted, my tuberous side is higher than the other side, though it continues to 'settle' in to a more natural look. I personally have been so happy to have roughly symmetrical breasts that I could care less about this. And don't let anyone who hasn't had personal experience with this say ''it's normal for women's breasts to be assymmetrical.'' Whenever I talked about my situation, people said this to me without an understanding of what it feels like to have a difference in actual cup size. Everyone has different ways of dealing with things, but I personally am so happy I had this surgery. love my new rack
I can't speak to the issue of asymmetry, but I do have some insight to the question of going through with the surgery for your daughter. I am a 42 yr-old mother of two girls. I had breast reconstruction (reduction) surgery when I was 16 yrs old and it was a life-changing thing for me - one of the best things my mother did for me. Suddenly, I gained confidence I never had before. I had been pretty miserable before the surgery, feeling completely out of place, and kept to myself most of the time. It is hard enough to be a teenager, but to be a teenager with a noticable difference is even worse. Aside from constant back pain and bra straps digging into my shoulders, my breasts were simply too large for the rest of my petite frame. I felt freakish. After the surgery, I went to the beach, wore tank tops, and started jogging. My life was truly changed for the better, and I finally felt good about myself.

Your daughter might have a better self-image than I did at 16, but there is no doubt in my mind that after the surgery, her life will improve. If either of my daughters are ever in the position that I was in, or that your daughter is in, I would not hesitate to proceed with surgery, barring any great risks, and provided they wanted it. anon

A great plastic surgeon to perk up my breasts

June 2005

After nursing two children and knowing that I am done having children, I am ready to do something about the flat tires that used to be my breasts. I am looking for an excellent plastic surgeon anywhere in the bay area for both a lift and implants. - in need of a lift

I would like to recommend my plastic surgeon, Karla Werninghaus at Kaiser in Fremont/Hayward (you can see her at either office). Last year I had to have a mastectomy, and I had the other breast reduced. I am very happy with my remaining breast. When I went to the breast prosthesis shop, the owner of the shop, who has seen many breasts in all states of repair, complimented the work that the surgeon had done. I am pretty sure that Kaiser plastic surgeons do outside work because it is so profitable. Just one thing: Dr. Werninghaus is not a ''people person.'' But she was very highly recommended by a nurse anesthetist who works with many different surgeons. Lovin' the one I got
I read the previous posts to this subject and they were all negative. I have not regretted having breast implants 7 years ago and would highly recommend Dr. Owsley in San Francisco. I have to warn you, he was fairly expensive, but came VERY highly recommended and had an excellent and supportive staff. Good Luck. anon
I've had implant surgery twice (I went larger the second time) with Dr. Papalian and will return to him for a lift after a few more children. He's down the peninsula but well worth the commute. I did thorough research and he's the best in the Bay Area. I think he's so good because he specializes in reconstrustive surgery after breast removal. His nurses are great and his hospital is fantastic. His number is (650) 364-6060. chesty and happy

Breast implant replacement

June 2004

I've had breast implants for about thirteen years. So far I've been very happy with them and haven't had any problems. But with thirteen years and two breasfed kids into toddlerhood they have...well...kinda changed. I think it's time for a replacement. Which is good, because I'll be switching over to saline. Has anybody had this procedure (replacement ) or even a recent first augmentation and can recommend a surgeon? I've heard something about Kaiser (our health plan) covering removal and charging for replacement, but both procedures are obviously done a the same time by the same surgeon. The archive recommendations are for breast reduction. No positive ones for augmentation. In Need of Retreads

I have been very pleased with my augmentation surgeon, Robert Aycock in Walnut Creek (925) 937-8377. I didn't go for a ''re- do'', but I was very pleased with his manner, his work, and the fact that he didn't charge for a consultation (I consulted quite a few doctors before choosing him, and they all charged). He clearly feels confident in that he will not be ''wasting'' his time with a client by only consulting, which is refreshing. I was referred by a girlfriend who was very happy with her surgery result, as well. Good luck! anon
I am a plastic surgeon in Berkeley and do a fair amount of breast surgery, reductions, augmentations and revisions with implant exchange. You are correct that insurance may pay for the removal of implants, but they are getting more sticky about authorizing this if there is no evidence of implant rupture, even if your implants are 13 years old and made of silicone gel.

If Kaiser will pay for removal of the implants, you should consider having your procedure done there; the plastic surgeons at Kaiser Oakland and Kaiser Walnut Creek are excellent. I also believe Kaiser has a mechanism for allowing you to have cosmetic procedures on a fee for service basis. Good luck with your decision. Local Plastic Surgeon

I had breast implants and a lift (after two nursing children and 40 some years of gravity) done by Dr. Robert Aycock on San Miguel in Walnut Creek. I have been very happy with the results. kl

Plastic surgeon for breast augmentation

September 2003

Re implants: Does anyone have a recommendation for a good plastic surgeon for breast augmentation? I checked the website and there aren't many. Also, i'd love to hear from anyone who has undergone the procedure - to hear the pros and cons. I've yet to find anyone who has regretted it... Thanks!

My mother had breast implants after a double mastectomy 20 years ago.I don't know if the material they use now is different than 20 years ago, but the result of her right implant has been horrendous. It split in roughly two pieces about ten years ago. One half has migrated under her armpit, where it will permanently reside. (The procedure is too long and arduous for her age and medical condition to ever have it removed) Would recommend asking what implants are made of today and their potential to split or leak. Also, how will implants affect getting a good mammogram in the future. Kelly
I don't have a recommendation for a surgeon, but do strongly regret having had implants twelve years ago. First, it dramatically changed my nipple sensitivity so it was no longer pleasurable to have my breasts touched. The surgeon had informed me that a mere 2% of women lose the sensation in their nipples. That statistic may be true, but that doesn't include women like myself whose sensitivity is not completely lost, just dramatically changed. Second, the implants make breast cancer detection much more difficult. I was later diagnosed with cancer in one breast & the implant made it much harder to get a good mamogram. I had no family history or other risk factors & was otherwise healthy, so don't dismiss this concern as inapplicable to you. When I was considering implants & asked the plastic surgeon about the effect on breast cancer detection, I was informed to just have an annual mamogram. Third, is there any possibility you may want to have a baby in the future? Implants make breastfeeding much more difficult. Some women with implants are unable to breastfeed at all; others like myself were able to breastfeed only with a lot of extra effort & supplementing with formula. Whatever you decide, do your own research & don't accept at face value what the plastic surgeons tell you.
Regarding breast implants, I know two women who got silicon ones about 15 years ago. Both women's implants ruptured, sending the silicon into their armpits and throughout their bodies. One woman just passed away about 6 months ago at the age of 46 (I don't know if her lupus had anything to do with the implants), and the other is still alive. The living one (age: late 50's) believes the silicon poisoned her body. She's had her ups and downs with her health ever since. I concur with a previous responder: do research, including talking to other women who've had it done. Maybe consider a breast lift without implants. Kim

Thinking about getting breast enlargements

Jan 2002

I am thinking about getting breast enlargements. Does anyone know of a good doctor out there, anywhere in America would be fine.

re: Breast Enlargement i'd definitely check with the american society of plastic and reproductive surgeons (asprs?) for board certified plastic surgeons in the area. i'm not specifically recommending my mom, a plastic & reconstructive surgeon, as she's in palm desert, ca, but her website has lots of lovely before and after pictures: good luck. Jessica