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I am thinking about breast implants.  I have always liked my smaller breasts (when I was young), but they have deflated so much after having kids and early on-set menopause, that I've become quite unhappy with their appearance.  I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for plastic surgeons who can provide a realistic, conservative look.  I'm just looking to go up one size (from a deflated A cup to a B cup).   The only recommendations I can find here date back to 2008.   I've never had any plastic surgery before, and really don't know where to start looking.  Thank you.  

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Roy Hong, MD at PAMF Los Altos. He’s the “guru” to much of Atherton, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, and Los Altos. I highly recommend him for natural result.

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Hi there - I went through something very similar. Also started out A cup, didn't mind small because at least they were perky. ;) They didn't deflate after breastfeeding, but I realized that while breastfeeding I had my first experience with what most people would consider average sized breasts, and I really liked it. I went to Dr. Lauren Greenberg in Menlo Park ( after doing a LOT of research (and seeing a lot of male doctors' sites with crazy porn-star looks). Dr. Greenberg is AMAZING. Very woman-oriented, totally respected my desire to go conservative and have smaller, natural-looking breasts. She basically recreated my nursing boobs and I could not be happier. I have even had doctors and mammogram techs comment on how incredibly natural they look. I've had them 12 years and have never had any problems. Feel free to contact me through the moderator if you'd like to chat. 

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I am considering a safer alternative.  It’s a fat transfer from one are of your body to another.
my friend did it with amazing results!   https://airsculpt.elitebodysculpture