Plastic surgeon recommendation for breast augmentation

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for recommendations for plastic surgeons in the SF Bay area for breast augmentation. I am located near Albany and will travel the area for the best doctors.

Before children I was a full B cup (sometimes wearing a 32c if there was quite a bit padding) but after extended breastfeeding two children, my cup is now an AA. Ah!! It's been well over 3 months since I stopped nursing my youngest, so it's time for me to start repairing the damage as my self esteem is extremely shot. Also, I will need to have a nipple reduction... I'm unsure if it's the lack of breast tissue with extra skin or if my nipples have been permanently stretched, either way they need help. I'm assuming a breast lift as well. *Sigh*

Since I know what I looked like before, I'm looking to go to a C and trying to keep it looking as natural as possible. 

Please share stories and recommendations. Thank you in advance! 

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Dr. Lauren Greenberg in Menlo Park is phenomenal. She listens to what you want and is very attentive to making sure the results are natural. I have had both doctors and mammogram techs marvel at how natural my "enhancements" are. I am still SO happy with Dr. Greenberg's work, 12 years later.

Good luck!