Pierced Ear Repair

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May 2005

I have double pierced ears and the first set of piercings are very stretched out. One side is much worse than the other, as the lobe on that side is not as thick. If I continue to wear heavy earrings, it is quite possible the holes with break throught the bottom of my lobes. I am considering having the first set of holes completely stitched up and closed. Has anyone ever heard of such a procedure? I checked once about 10 years ago and the Doctor told me it was a complicated procedure and quite costly, so I put it on the back burner. I am most bothered by it when I wear my hair up and my ears just look kinda funny with totally stretched out holes next to my earrings that reside in my second piercings. Has anyone heard of this kind of surgery? If so, how much would something like this cost? Any does anyone have any recommendations on who to go to for something like this? Juliap

I had Dr. Michael Cedars repair my right earlobe 2 years ago with excellent results. I can now wear any type of earring. It cost around $450 and was not covered by insurance because it was considered a cosmetic procedure. I highly recommend him! Unfortunately I have lost his contact information, but am sure he is still practicing in Oakland. When I had my earlobe repaired, he was in the same office as Dr. Katie Rodan, of Pro Activ fame. Good luck! Suzi Feb 2001

Had my ears pierced many years ago, and over time one hole has stretched a bit. I was told that it's now a simple out-patient procedure to have a stitch or two put in to tighten the hole-- but the two MDs names I was given say they do not do this for folks who are not their regular patients. Any suggestions? (The only MD I see on a regular basis is my GYN...) Thanks, Sooz

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