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After back pain and feeling uncomfortable in my body for approximately 30 years, I've finally decided to take my deep desire for a breast reduction seriously but the most recent recommendations for surgeons on BPN are from 2010. Any recent recs for serious reduction (DD/E - small B!) who take blue cross/blue shield? I am in the East Bay but willing to travel for the right surgeon! I have also never had surgery so words of encouragement would also be helpful! 

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I had my reduction done a year ago with Dr. Michael Cedars in Oakland.  The results have been fantastic both aesthetically and functionally --- a serious reduction in shoulder and neck pain.   He is a lovely person too --- direct and kind.  He gave the most comprehensive informed consent I have ever gotten anywhere --- he let me know the names of everyone who would be in the room for surgery, which of them would be touching me when I was anesthetized and for what purposes.   Unlike other surgeons who mark you up the morning of surgery, he has you come in the day before for a very long appointment, and he measures and marks super carefully because he doesn't want to be rushed the morning of.  Lastly (and this might not matter to you but it did to me) he just did not have that creepy plastic surgeon vibe that often carries with it sexist ideas of the female body.  I believe his bachelors from MIT is in engineering and he certainly presents as more of a smart and kindly engineer or architect than as part of some unrealistic beauty industry.  Nonetheless he knows patients are attached to pretty results and at least in my case he delivered them.