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    After skipping a couple appointments during covid, I'd like to get my 3 year old back to the dentist. The two places I've called (POW and Aloha) told me that "most" of their staff is vaccinated, but that they couldn't confirm that the person working with my kid would be. We've been very careful and luckily healthy so far, so I'd rather not put my kid at risk, especially now that vaccines are available. Has anyone had more luck finding a dental office where everyone is vaccinated? 

    I don't know if all of their staff are vaccinated, but we were happy to see our kids' long-time practice, Uptown Pediatric Practice in Downtown Oakland, celebrating vaccination of some of their employees on social media. Their website also details all of the practices they have in place to prevent the spread of COVID, and we felt very safe there. We see Denise Bass Allen but have occasionally seen their other dentists and they're great too. I don't think they or other practices can formally disclose vaccination status of specific staff, though.

    My kids go to the Oakland office of Alameda Pediatric Dentistry. I’m pretty sure they’re all vaccinated. When my 16 yr old asked if it was ok to take off her mask, the hygienist said, yes. We’re all vaccinated. They’ve been twice during the pandemic and it’s been fine. Th office takes all the precautions. 

    Zarrin Ferdowsi in Kensington is excellent and very careful, so I expect that all of the staff are vaccinated. Their COVID precautions have been top notch. (510) 525-2881.