Any luck finding Covid appt for ages 5-11 in Alameda County?

Hi, I'm trying to find a pharmacy within 10 miles of Oakland to get my 7-year-old a Moderna (preferably) shot. Have any of you had luck with walk-ins or same-day/week availability? We're visiting unvaxxed family soon and our pediatrician's office hasn't received the updated vax yet. Thank you!

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I was able to make an appointment for my 5 and 10 year olds at a CVS in Oakland, but it wasn't same day/week. It was about 2 weeks from when I booked the appointment. I just opened the location range as wide as I could and booked the first available slot. Sorry that's not more helpful!

Try the Walmart at Hilltop Mall in Richmond.

My kiddo got it last week at a CVS in San Leandro. Had to check the CVS site a few times, appointment slots seem to come and go quickly, but it was pretty easy.

Safeway pharmacy on Solano.  If you can walk in when they are not busy, ask nice, let the pharmacist know the urgency, she might be able to.

Our pediatrician said they just got them in a day or two ago, so check back in with yours now. 

If you haven't found one yet, Costco pharmacy has them and has lots of appointments. 

CVS! Sign up online was easy enough.