How to modify the birthdate on my child's vaccination card?

A month before my daughter's 12th birthday I brought her to a clinic to get her a 12+ vaccine.  To do so I told them that she was born in 2008 rather than 2009.  I did this because we were going to see my 80 year old mother for Thanksgiving and the waits at that time for the 5-11 vaccine were too long.  Now, of course, she's got a card with an incorrect birthday on it and I'd like to 'clean it up' with the state so that her vaccination card reflects her real age (and her passport, in case we want to travel abroad again one day).  Does anyone have any experience doing this or recommendations on the best way to approach it?

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I didn’t purposely provide inaccurate information for my COVID vaccine, but one of my shots never showed up in the state database for whatever reason. To fix it, I submitted a request for correction through my personal health record on My Chart under the COVID section and another through the CA Vaccine website. I don’t know what happened in the background, and I never found out what was wrong, but it was fixed within a week of my requests. No one notified me, I just logged in and checked, and it had been done.

You can try that.