Zarrin Ferdowski, DDS

Kensington, CA

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Nov 2007

Do you recommend Zarrin Ferdowsi, DDS in Kensington? Based on information on the website (from 1999), people seem to really like her partner, Dr. Morphopolous, but he's only working 1 day/week. Catherine in Kensington

we love her. she is so sweet to the kids. she seems really thorough and is excellent at communicating, and she's very conservative (which is good in a health care provider). happy teeth

Re: Dr. Ferdowski, I am a very happy patient of hers. She does great work on my family's teeth and she seems very current on the latest procedures. Our previous dentist seemed to be stuck in the 70s. Additionally, she's very positive and warm so it's pleasant to chit-chat with her and the kids love her. Their office could use a bit of updating, but we're perfectly happy with her service and I'd recommend her to anyone. Claire

A friend of mind highly recommended Zarrin Ferdowski, and my husband recently started going to that office. He is very impressed with her, and I am planning to switch from my present dentist to Ferdowski as well. LK