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  • Where to donate baby and toddler items

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    I have a range of good quality items that I would like to donate but it seems that many organizations are still not accepting donations due to COVID. Hence, I wanted to ask if anyone has donated recently and if so, which organization did you donate to?

    Many thanks in advance!



    Bay Area Rescue Mission in Richmond 

    check out La Clinica (— we’ve donated many care items and clothing in great condition to caseworkers for families with specific needs. 

    Please consider donating 0-12 month clothes to Loved Twice. It's a wonderful non-profit (started in the Bay Area) that donates clothing to newborns in need. Check out to learn more about them, and to see what items they accept. I donated most of my sons' baby clothes to them, and it was incredibly easy.

  • Breast pump donation?

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    Are there any East Bay nonprofits to which I can donate my breast pump? I'm aware of the Medela Recycles program, but it seems like a well-maintained pump with accessories (including two pumping bras) could be more helpful if given directly to a needy family.

    RE: Breast pump donation? ()

    Often people on the local Facebook Buy Nothing groups will take them!

    RE: Breast pump donation? ()

    I am also interested in the answer! Hoping someone has a good tip. thanks. 

    RE: Breast pump donation? ()

    You could consider sharing on a local Buy Nothing group - I've seen breast pumps gratefully received in the group.

  • Best place to donate baby stuff?

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    It’s all good stuff! baby clothes, muslins, etc but goodwill on university didn’t want baby stuff so I’m wondering where it will be put to good use by moms that need it. Thanks!

    Brighter beginnings is a great non profit serving at risk teenage moms. I’ve been donating stuff to the Richmond office for over a year and they’ve never turned me down yet. Do call to make an appointment though as the door is usually locked with COVID.

    I have had good luck with 2 Facebook groups: Buy Nothing East Bay, and Oakland/Berkeley buy/sell/trade for Parents. 

    Hi! Please consider donating your gently used baby clothes to a fabulously wonderful nonprofit called Loved Twice! Loved Twice provides these items to parents and babies-in-need who are below the poverty level to help support with the first year of life. I've worked closely with the organization and I really appreciate that they support Bay Area families in need and have deep connections with local hospitals, birthing centers, and family centers. They'd be more than happy to accept your donation of clean, gently used baby clothes! Please check out Loved Twice's website here: 

  • Is there any place at all besides Goodwill that will accept very gently used infant clothing which is pre-sorted? 

    I was at the Berkeley Public Library today and they have a two sided handout entitled "How can I help? Donations"

    Here were a few places which took kids clothing:

     Bananas in Oakland (

    Berkeley Food and Housing Project (

    A Better WAy Foster Family and adoption progam (

    (bunch of other organizations listed too which took a variety of other kinds of donations)

    I love our Berkeley libraries-- so many wonderful services, such great sources of information!!

  • Hi,

    Does anyone know of where I can donate used but great condition  baby clothes from 0mths- 2years, along with some other baby things?

    I'd love to help some families out from the devastating California fires.

    I'm located in Berkeley.



    Community impact lab in san leandro. they sort baby clothes and give them to moms in need. 

    You can join the "Paradise Adopt a Family" group on facebook and post there - I'm sure you'd likely find someone (but also reach out to people on the page so that the burden is not just on survivors to reach out). You will also find the name of some of the organizations that will accept used items. Many of the families haven't found permanent housing yet -many are in hotels, shelters, trailers, with relatives and sadly, some in cars :( so they might not be able to take things *yet* so if you don't get an immediate recipient on that group, it might be worth holding on to the stuff a little longer if you can and re-posting.

  • Does anyone know how/where I can donate used baby clothes and items specifically for Camp Fire victims? I have some maternity items too. I tried a quick Google search but only found collection site info in places like Reno and up north, but I’m hoping to drop somewhere in the East Bay. Thanks in advance for any suggestions! 

    I’m not 100% sure, but I think donated items have to be new. I heard that on NPR. 

    The reason you can’t find anything is that those items are probably no longer needed. The disaster after the disaster is the mountain of items that people with good intentions donate. Either give cash or donate to an organization that is set up to handle the cleaning, sorting and distribution of those items like the Goodwill, unfortunately, the needs of folks burned out of their homes may not match the inventory of gently used but very nice baby items that people have lying around.

  • Where to donate baby stuff

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    I have lots of good quality baby items that I can't seem to sell or give away. Any suggestions of places I can donate to? I know I could go to Goodwill, but I'd like to be able to pass them on to moms in need.

    RE: Where to donate baby stuff ()

    Loved Twice— a charity in Oakland just for that.

    RE: Where to donate baby stuff ()

    I've been looking into the same. A good option found is the Women's Homeless Prenatal Program in SF.

    RE: Where to donate baby stuff ()

    You'll probably get lots of recommendations for them, but BANANAS on Claremont ( is a good place to donate baby things to help moms in need. Loved Twice ( is another option - they only take newborn clothes and blankets, while BANANAS takes a wider range of things.

  • Donating baby items

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    does anyone know of a good organization that facilitates donations of larger baby items (car seats, cribs, etc)? I was hoping to donate to a family who was impacted by a recent fire in Santa Rosa/napa but couldn't find a way to do so

    RE: Donating baby items ()

    Bananas in Oakland on Claremont Avenue takes large items and they go to a good cause.

    RE: Donating baby items ()

    I am a Public Health Nurse and I work with brand new foster families in San Francisco who are preparing to care for babies entering foster care.  Many of these foster parents are setting up nurseries for the first time and could put your donated stuff to good use.  They are not permitted to use donated car seats, but cribs that meet the newest regulations would be greatly appreciated.

    Feel free to email me directly if you're interested in donating your items.

    Thank you!

Archived Q&A and Reviews

Place to Donate Infant/Toddler Clothes and Toys

Feb 2013

I am looking for suggestions of an organization that is currently accepting donations of (gently) used infant/toddler clothes, toys, and other gear (bottles, sippies, slings, etc.). We are ready to pass along our baby gear and I am having a hard time finding a place that will take it - and the archives are out of date. Preference is somewhere in Oakland, but I can travel to Berkeley/Richmond/Emyerville on the weekends. BANANAS has been my go-to place in the past, but they were not very helpful this time around, so I'm looking for other suggestions. Thanks

White elephant sale will take it all. But you need to get there quickly - off Fuitvale, in Oakland but close to Alameda. Supporting a wonderful cause - Oakland Museum of CA. love the white elephant sale!

Donate to Bambino Thrift shop on College Avenue in Oakland (near Broadway). Their profits benefit the Oakland Children's Hospital and they are not overly selective about the items (just no stained or ripped clothing). Jen

The Golden Gate Branch Library in Oakland will be hosting a kids clothing, equipment and toy swap in April. You are welcome to donate your items now and we will hold them till the day of the event. Everyone is welcome to come (even if they have nothing to donate). So your items will really benefit parents in need. joy

2009 - 2012 Recommendations

Donating items locally - suggestions?

June 2011

In the midst of Spring cleaning and organization, I'm finding myself with a surplus of diapers, toys, unused calling cards, jars of baby food, etc. I'd really like to donate them to a local organization - perhaps a women's shelter, or a home for single/struggling mothers. I know there have been great suggestions here in the past, but I'm having a hard time tracking them down. Any recommendations for local organizations who could use these items would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

For baby gear and diapers - try Brighter Beginnings ( anon

As a social worker in Richmond I recommend the Bay Area Rescue Mission in the 'flatlands' of Richmond. They support both a men's shelter, and a women's & children's shelter which are ALWAYS in need. Unlike many of the neighboring areas, in Richmond there are very few options for the most disenfranchised of our community, and BARM time, and again makes room, when there isn't really any. They often have women with babies, and young children and not only provide food, shelter, and clothing but also direct their residents to case management to help them with education, job training, transitional housing, and sobriety programs, as needed. I take my children to donate our clothing, toys, sundries, and extra art supplies there, and the staff, and residents are always very warm, and gracious. Here is the website: and the phone number is 510-215-4555 Beryle

Where to donate baby clothes

Dec 2010

Any good recs for where to donate used baby clothes beyond Goodwill? Amy Drop off locations include Cool Tops Cuts for Kids in Rockridge.

You can also trade them for boxes of larger clothing on this site: Beth

Where to donate preemie clothes

June 2009

I have had 2 preemies, a boy and a girl, and have quite a few preemie clothes in great condition. I would really like to find a place/person that NEEDS preemie clothes. The hospitals will not take them, I tried. Any ideas? Thanks!

Twins By The Bay has a loaner program for preemie clothing. Most twins are born early and small, so your donation would be much appreciated. twin mom

Twin by the Bay has a preemie leaning program. or 510-698-6229. ginny

Donating baby clothes

Feb 2009

I have about four boxes full of baby and toddler clothes I would like to donate. The problem is, I want them to go to folks that really need them - not an organization that will sell them, or a person looking for a good deal (i.e. garage sale). I'm thinking shelter or some place that gets them to folks that need them. Can anyone request such a place? thanks! making it matter

I take my children's clothes and toys, in good condition, to Bananas on Claremont in Oakland ( Items are given directly to low income families. I take my adult clothes to the Bay Area Rescue Mission in Richmond. I believe most of those items are also given directly to families in need, those at the homeless shelter and in the neighborhood. Liz O.

Loved Twice will take 0 to 12 month baby clothes to give to low income and homeless women giving birth in local hospitals: Andi

Loved Twice is based in Oakland and a lovely organization. Check out their website for the easy drop off locations for anything you have for the 12 month and under crowd. Your loot will be donated to new moms in need who come to the attention of social workers in the hospital or other community organizations. Such a simple idea . . . rachel

2005 - 2008 Recommendations

Where to donate disposable diapers

Jan 2008

I have lots of different stages of Huggies diapers. Could someone recommend a shelter where I can donate them. Thanks for any help. Diapers Galore!!!

I volunteer at the Visitation Center in Oakland which is a daytime drop-in center for homeless and low-income women and their children. They provides a variety of services including free distribution of clothing, diapers and formula. If you decide to donate the diapers, please contact:
Visitation Center 2260 San Pablo Avenue Oakland, California 94612 Phone: (510) 444-3790 Fax: (510) 444-0539 Hours of Operation: Tues-Sat 9:30am - 3:00 pm

Where to donate large bag of new baby clothes & items

Jan 2008

I was fortunate to receive far more baby items than we needed before my daughter was born, and many of the clothes and other supplies weren't used. Now she's 2 months old and I have a large bag of new/worn only once newborn clothes and related items (new pacifiers, new bottles, unopened disposable diapers) that I'd love to donate to a new mom in need. Any suggestions? new mom

I belong to a local branch of a group called Single Mothers by Choice, and we have many members (myself included) who would be happy to receive donated baby items. I'd be happy to post info to our group listserv, and/or bring items to our monthly meetings. JB

There's a parent support organization called BANANAS, located on Claremont Ave. near Telegraph in Oakland that accepts just about any kid-related item, plus maternity clothing. What I like is that people can come to BANANAS and just pick out what they need for free. Jenny

Donating Baby Boy Clothes

Nov 2007

Hi, I have a ton of clothes from my son starting at 3 months to 18 months old. Since this is the Holiday Season, I would like to donate to a charity or organization that gives to needy families, preferably to single moms. Any suggestions?

Brighter Beginnings (formerly the Perinatal Council) does just that. They have programs for single parents, teen parents, and dads, as well as services for needy families in general. Check them out at (notice the hyphen in the URL - it's essential!) R.K.

Hi: I've contacted Lisa K. who created a program which donates gently used clothes to new moms, she works with birth centers and hospitals. I'm actually donating my son's baby clothes and clothes that are being donated at my office holiday party to this group. You can contact her at clothesforbabies[at] Mai

Donating disposable diapers & baby clothes

Oct 2006

Where can I donate disposable diapers and clothes? I would like to give it to low income families. want to help

This goes for toys too but I'm sure they could use baby clothes and diapers. Found this on a great site called ''Parent Hacks'' ( - a member of the Army Corps of Engineers collects (and buys) toys and clothes for kids in Iraq - you can ship them over. Read more here: but it's something great to consider. The address is: Edmay Mayers USACE - GRS APO AE 09331 boxing-it-up-too

I highly recommend the Perinatal Council, in Richmond. R.K.

The Berkeley Women's Shelter at 2140 Dwight Way will accept donations of diapers and baby clothes because they sometimes have women with babies in the shelter or in their transitional housing. They also help women and families find permanent housing and will give them supplies when they first move in. Most of the staff will accept donations and give you a receipt if you want one. If for some reason, the staff member will not accept a donation, just drop the items off at my church and I will get them over to the shelter. The church is St. Alban's Episcopal Church at 1501 Washington, at the corner of Curtis, one block from Solano Ave. Just put my name on the bags and I'll take them over. Nancy

Donating monogrammed baby blankets

Jan 2006

any suggestions for what to do with unused baby blankets that are monogrammed with a child's name and birth date? i'd like to donate them, but i'm not sure what would be appropriate. pam

how about an animal shelter? Chris

Project Night Night would love to have your new and like-new baby blankets, children's books, and stuffed animals! Items can be dropped off in San Francisco at:
Starbucks 2222 Fillmore SF, CA 94115
Project Night Night is a San Francisco-based 501(c)(3) that helps homeless children have sweeter dreams. To learn more, please visit Thanks! kendra

There was just a posting for something like ''Operation Nite Nite'' to give comforting blankets to homeless kids in shelters. You could also call Highland Hospital and ask for the Social Work Dept. I'm sure there are low-income mom's who'd love 'em. anon

I saw on craigslist a link to Katrina donations. there must be lots of other ways to donate to Katrina relief. I'm sure folks could use all donations - even monogrammed stuff. good luck, Evelyn

Want to donate baby clothes to a women's shelter

Jan 2006

Hi, I have a 4 month old son who has tons of never used/gently used great clothes to be donated. I know I could go to Salvation Army, but would love to find a women's shelter or unwed mother's shelter to donate them. Any ideas? thanks! heidi

The Homeless Prenatal Program in San Francisco's Mission District welcomes clothing donations for mothers, babies and kids.
Contact Carol Brennan to arrange drop off at 2500 18th St. at Potrero San Francisco, CA 94110 415 546-6756

Not exactly a shelter, but the Perinatal Council in Richmond serves low-income families with babies, including pregnant and new-mom teens. You could also check with the Women's Daytime Drop-In Center in Berkeley, but they don't always accept clothes. R.K.

I would recommend the Women's Shelter at 2140 Dwight Way, just above Shattuck. They're open every evening after 4 pm and during the daytime, they're open MTuTh 10-4, Wed. 12-4, and all day Sunday. If you live in Berkeley or Alameda, I could come by and pick up the donation since I visit the shelter 3 times a week. If you go yourself, just ask for a staff member to give the donation to. Nancy

2004 & Earlier

Donating Strollers, High Chairs, etc.

Nov 2004

Where can I donate used strollers, high chairs, etc?? Robert

Try calling the Perinatal Council. They service low-income pregnant women and families, including teen moms. Phone - 510.236.6990. Website RK

Donating infant clothes, toys & food

Oct 2003

I have looked on the website and don't see any recent postings or any specifically for donating infant clothes, toys, or food (teething biscuits, jar baby food)....also, maternity clothes. I know I could take them to Goodwill or Rescue Mission, but I was hoping to find an organization that serves pregnant women and infants in need specifically. Most of my items are a bit shop worn(i.e.used kids stores probably wouldn't buy them from me), but certainly still usable, and I would love to feel good about giving them to someone that would enjoy them. I live in El Cerrito, but would be willing to go as far as Oakland to drop them off if there is some place that would accept them. Thanks!! trying to do a good deed

My favorite organization for donations of children's and household items is ''Building Futures for Women and Children.'' They serve women and children who are victims of domestic violence and are providing transition housing at the old Alameda naval station. They'll even pick-up the donations at your convenience. See more about the organization at Joyce

Any WIC office will take them. They have a location in their office where clients can pick through things when they come in for the appt. mcmahan

A good place to donate used baby things is to Birthright. They help women who may be poor, experiencing an untimely pregnancy, and single mothers. I rememeber one being in El Sobrante. Try calling Planned Parenthood, too. Another option is to try calling the Battered Women's Shelter in Oakland, Berkeley, or Concord. They were always very appreciative of my donations, which were work clothes and dresses, but I am sure they have women there who left their situations with just their children and nothing else. One more place to call is Richmond Rescue Mission. Sometimes they dispatch drivers to come and get your stuff (which could take weeks), but I have found that is is easier to just drop things off at the center itself below Kaiser on 2nd Street. Hope this info helps. I have had to unload 4 generations of goods and 5 different household merges of things in the past 10 years. Wish I could known about this site's marketplace sooner! Kerri

Call the Perinatal Council. They serve families in Alameda and Contra Costa county. Their programs include services for teen moms, as well as low-income families, so they can probably put your items to good use. The number is 510-437-8945, and their website is BANANAS (658-7353, or accepts donations of baby supplies. You could also call the Women's Daytime Drop-in Center in Berkeley (548-2884 or see if they could use any items. They serve homeless women and children. R.K.

The Homeless Prenatal Program is a very worthy cause that could probably your things. I read an article about it in the SF Chronicle a few months ago. Here is the link: Don't know if they pick up, but I'm sure it's worth a phone call to them. Katy

you could try craigslist. i often see posts from pregnant women who are on their own or very low on money asking for hand me downs. im sure if you posted what stuff you wanted to get rid of, someone will want to come pick it up! good luck!! kate

Bananas in Oakland will take (happily!) toys, clothes, diapers, etc. It's a great organization serving kids, parents, preschools, daycares and caregivers. They are on Claremont near Telegraph. When I drop a load off there I know the stuff will get to people who need it. Jill

Bay Area Crises Nursery in Walnut Creek is frequently looking for infant and small children's things. They have a wish list here: and if you call they are often very happy to take other items. This is a wonderful group that gives respite and crisis care to families in need. Bananas will also often take baby/child items. Elizabeth House in Oakland behind St. Augustine Church will also take infant things. . They have a hotline with instructions to call at 658-1380 ext 3 They provide transitional housing to families. anon

I believe Bananas in Oakland takes all sorts of used infant stuff and gives to needy families.

BANANAS on Claremont a little east of Telegraph takes all kinds of donations of kids stuff. Lori Schack

I highly recommend donating to Bambino's Thrift Shop on College near Broadway in Oakland. All proceeds go to Children's Hospital. They have a welcoming and appreciative staff and display the clothes (and price them) in a great way. - donating and bargain shoppin' Mama

i'm pretty sure bananas gives clothing and toys away. another idea is to contact twins by the bay ( - i think) - they give clothes etc. to twin moms in need. peggyhinkle