Looking to donate Baby Boy clothes 0mths - 2years to family in need


Does anyone know of where I can donate used but great condition  baby clothes from 0mths- 2years, along with some other baby things?

I'd love to help some families out from the devastating California fires.

I'm located in Berkeley.



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Community impact lab in san leandro. they sort baby clothes and give them to moms in need. 

You can join the "Paradise Adopt a Family" group on facebook and post there - I'm sure you'd likely find someone (but also reach out to people on the page so that the burden is not just on survivors to reach out). You will also find the name of some of the organizations that will accept used items. Many of the families haven't found permanent housing yet -many are in hotels, shelters, trailers, with relatives and sadly, some in cars :( so they might not be able to take things *yet* so if you don't get an immediate recipient on that group, it might be worth holding on to the stuff a little longer if you can and re-posting.