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The Rec Room is the family friendly spot you've been looking for. Kick back and relax or plug in and work while the kiddos play, learn and have fun!

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RE: 2-year old birthday venue ()

The Rec Room in Berkeley is popular for toddler birthday parties, though a bit spendy. Parents appreciate it because it's a contained area and they can relax and chat with each other while the kids play. There's also Kids Gym. Rain or Shine used to be an option but they're closed. Albany Bowl is an economical idea -- you can rent a few lanes and have bumpers for the littles. Lawrence Hall of Science also does birthday parties in the cafe, which has a nice view.

RE: Where to donate baby stuff ()

I find a lot of parents looking on the “buy nothing [nrighborhood]” group on Facebook! I belong to the “buy nothing north oakland” group and there are always families in need. The rec room in Berkeley on Adeline is a community play room for toddlers and they also would love toys and other baby items.

The Rec Room on Adeline in Berkeley

Maybe the Rec Room in Berkeley?

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Jan 2016

Has anyone been to the Rec Room Cafe near Ashby Bart? The website says it has food, classes and a play area but there's no reviews. V. T.

we've been there a number of times since they opened and have loved it each time. our daughter is 2.5 and has PLENTY to do there-- there's good sight-lines in the space so you can sit at a table and watch your kid play, a dedicated area for crafty stuff, lots of activities (we've been there for readings as well as music). the two ladies that run it are both mothers and they're really wonderful and friendly. there's LOTS of snack options in the space and they also check in with you to see if you want to order in lunch from the local cafe. especially since it's gotten cold, we've been loving heading over. there's also a section in the front area that's dedicated to infants. so happy for kids' space in s. berk!