Best spot for a 2 year old birthday party in Oakland, San Leandro or Berkeley?...

Hi all!

Any suggestions on the best places to have a 2 year old birthday party in the late afternoon, in May? I know a lot of great, outdoor spots but most are only available on reserve. I think I’m too late in the game for that since my daughter’s birthday is in less than a month. Any suggestions on less well-known spots that could be fun? Thanks!!

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Not outdoors but check out Habitot.  Had my 2 year old's birthday there last year and it was a blast. 

The Rec Room on Adeline in Berkeley

Definitely try Habitat! Not only is it tons of fun for Littles, but it's also a great cause to support. Habitat often has free events for needy families (homeless, foster, special needs, etc.) that ensure all kids have equal access and makes underprivileged families really feel special. So I would absolutely encourage any family to support them!