Best place to donate baby stuff?

It’s all good stuff! baby clothes, muslins, etc but goodwill on university didn’t want baby stuff so I’m wondering where it will be put to good use by moms that need it. Thanks!

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Brighter beginnings is a great non profit serving at risk teenage moms. I’ve been donating stuff to the Richmond office for over a year and they’ve never turned me down yet. Do call to make an appointment though as the door is usually locked with COVID.

I have had good luck with 2 Facebook groups: Buy Nothing East Bay, and Oakland/Berkeley buy/sell/trade for Parents. 

Hi! Please consider donating your gently used baby clothes to a fabulously wonderful nonprofit called Loved Twice! Loved Twice provides these items to parents and babies-in-need who are below the poverty level to help support with the first year of life. I've worked closely with the organization and I really appreciate that they support Bay Area families in need and have deep connections with local hospitals, birthing centers, and family centers. They'd be more than happy to accept your donation of clean, gently used baby clothes! Please check out Loved Twice's website here: 

Very sweet of you to be donating. I’m moving to North Berkeley next month with my husband and one year old girl if you have any few bits that might be suitable, I would appreciate them. We are relocating from the west of Ireland and I’ll have to leave so much of her lovely things behind. Warm thanks, Sarah 

If you have FB there are a ton of local buy nothing parent groups that allow you to give to other families directly! 

Loved Twice ( will take anything 0-12 months for clothing and most soft things like swaddles, sleep sacks, hats, socks and booties. This all gets donated directly to mothers and babies in need. I believe they have a drop off location or you can mail it to them. 

Hi! I would strongly recommend joining your local Buy Nothing group on facebook, they are sorted by neighborhood and there are several in the East Bay. I use it often to get rid of baby things, and have also used it to get baby things temporarily for the next size up.

You can also post on Nextdoor with free items as well. I find Buy Nothing to be more successful and it has helped me get to know other neighbors with kids or expecting kids, especially during the pandemic (I'm a new mom).

Take care!

If you are on Facebook or have someone in your household that is, you should post on Free or Buy Nothing East Bay Families: Lots of things go very quickly there! 

This is a great place to donate baby clothes.

There’s local buy nothing groups on Facebook like the Albany buy nothing and East Bay Buy Nothing groups. Put it on there and it will get taken and out to use. 

Hi there, you could post it in the Marketplace here or in your neighborhood's Buy Nothing Facebook group.  The upside is that the baby stuff you're giving away would go directly to someone who wants it and will use it, the downside is that it might not go someone in financial need.  

Have you tried the Buy Nothing communities? There are several groups in Oakland depending on your location. Search "Buy Nothing Oakland" on Facebook to join one. 

Thank you so much to the respondents on this one - I hadn't heard of Loved Twice and they look like a phenomenal organization. I've boxed up 4 boxes of 0-12 month clothing, swaddles and more to donate to them, which has me feeling good about posting the rest of my baby gear on FB Buy Nothing groups.