Where to donate baby items for Camp Fire victims?

Does anyone know how/where I can donate used baby clothes and items specifically for Camp Fire victims? I have some maternity items too. I tried a quick Google search but only found collection site info in places like Reno and up north, but I’m hoping to drop somewhere in the East Bay. Thanks in advance for any suggestions! 

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I’m not 100% sure, but I think donated items have to be new. I heard that on NPR. 

The reason you can’t find anything is that those items are probably no longer needed. The disaster after the disaster is the mountain of items that people with good intentions donate. Either give cash or donate to an organization that is set up to handle the cleaning, sorting and distribution of those items like the Goodwill, unfortunately, the needs of folks burned out of their homes may not match the inventory of gently used but very nice baby items that people have lying around.